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Hi everyone This video I’m going to teach you And for all of those who are new here I’m completely American 100% up from Indiana like I can I can only play for so long. I did a year in Paris But I met somebody and was in a relationship with them for six years who was French Parisian And so now I’ve been going back and forth from Paris to Los Angeles, and that’s how I speak French. Let’s do Know your friend to go to sounds it’s like this oh Got it? language is not just word word word word word it’s expressions. It’s what’s happening in between the words. It’s the hand movement It’s everything Know you’re oohs from your ous is a very French sounding sound in English. We don’t have it That’s why it’s hard for us Have you already seen the movie? You all have already seen form your mouth like you’re about to go in for the worst kiss of your life, and then push out the That means ass I’m sorry. This is probably in French classrooms take for example the sentence “Do you have everything?” – and – – ah – you’re an American you might be pronouncing them the same way And you gotta you gotta can’t you came Know the difference between ‘si’ and ‘oui’, it’s in response to a negative question “Would you like some wine?” Say you declined the wine The waiter’s gonna say “you don’t want any wine?” Then you change your mind and you’re like “oh wait yes I DO want some wine It’s no longer ‘oui’ cos you’re in response to a negative question “You don’t want any wine?” yes, I do so ‘si’ and ‘oui’ both mean yes, but in English it’s the same words, YES “D’you want wine?”
“You don’t want wine?”
“Yes” See how in English it’s like we should have another word because it’s confusing otherwise ‘si’ is “yes I do” As Americans we are made fun of for always saying ‘like’, it’s a helpful word, okay?! ‘Genre’ is the word for ‘like’ “oh I don’t know, like we can go to the cinema” “we can…” “like we can go for a glass of wine” add to your sentences Oh, did you see Black Panther? “yeah it’s a good film, right?” “Ah it’s you that likes Black Panter yeah?” It could be in response to a question instead of ‘huh’ like the American way, “huh?” “um, excuse me? “Have you subscribed to Damon and Jo?” “urgh, yeah, DUH!” ‘Bah’, it’s the attitude in French that makes French such a, like, sexy and powerful language Instead of just responding to things politely And conservatively like “oh yeah!” “no” “yah” “no”, throw in the ‘bah’ before “Bah, oui!”, “ah bah non” Like they’re sure of everything they say And be sure of what you’re gonna say I’ve seen this happen many times at dinners People will get really riled up, and then two seconds later they’re like giving each other kisses and walking out the door I once took a phonology class here in Paris one thing that I remember from the class was that English speakers when they speak another language we’re so used to using our consonants like ‘P’s and ‘B’s ‘plumber’ see how like there’s like air coming out of your mouth or ‘Turtle’ air coming out of your mouth. In other languages especially French, it’s a lot more light Notice how it’s not “la TAble” Not “la PLume” There’s a difference between the way we pronounce consonants in English and in French in French just like tone it back, which is a general rule for Americans coming to France Like, I’m only like this in this apartment. When I’m out there I’m like Also real quick we made that one video called “How to sound cooler in French” It’s still very accurate those little things like instead of saying like “we live in the US” It’s better to say “I don’t speak French” say ‘Uhms’ are so American Gotta get rid of it, it’s now ‘eurgh’ “What? I don’t understand” “Yeah, I don’t know” Our mouths are like this when we’re speaking English in French It’s all through the pursed lips “I speak French” “I come from the US” “Actually, I come from a state called Indiana which is a state in the middle of the States” “There’s nothing there” “Except for nice people” ‘A’s are ‘eh’, ‘oh’s are ‘o’ The vowels are what always give you away in another language And, in French they’re all cut short In English we tend to just, like, throw it away like “oh my god” “Let me go get a Chipotle burrito” In French cut it short the word ‘and’ It’s not ‘ay’ it’s ‘eh’ “I speak French aaaaaand” “Spanish” I want to finish this video by saying who cares if you have an accent in fact if you have an accent It’s probably gonna make you that much more of an interesting Conversationalist because if somebody hears your accent They’re gonna ask where you’re from and then you have an entire story of how you learn French What you’re doing in France or another french-speaking country Imagine if you just spoke the language completely fluently? like how less Interesting would that be Accents are freaking adorable They’re cute, they’re sexy Like, accent is what makes you cool Like, yeah you’re not French, but you learnt a language So let me tell you about that As long as you can get yourself understood You’re good Comment below what other tips you have to sound more French Comment below other things that you have To speak good French Kisses


  1. For the “u” my french teacher says to say “eeee” but make the kiss mouth as if you were saying “oooo”

  2. That's EXACTLY that ahahaha. Je suis française et je confirme tout ce qui est dit… 😂 Bravo !! Et merci pour cette vidéo.. Je suis impressionnée par ton français !! 😱👌🏻

  3. You English and Americans and I don't know where do you come from, anyway, have to do the difference between "le/un" et "la/une". It doesn't seem like very useful but when you'd like to order a pain au chocolat or a baguette, it's better to say "Je voudrais un pain au chocolat" or "Je voudrais une baguette" rather than "une pain au chocolat" or "Je voudrais le baguette". Then you can cut negation words "ne" or "n' ", words like "il" (Il y a beaucoup de monde = Y a beaucoup de monde). Last thing, it would be cool and sometimes useful to sound more french to learn some "gros mots" (that's how we call this) like "putain" (fuck, but not totally, you can use this word in every situation, like "putain, y a trop de monde") "merde" or everything else.

  4. Franch man : Je suis un homme
    Engilsh man : I'm a man
    Quebec : Je suis l'homme
    Thing word Canada or county other

  5. Oh god you’re really good at this
    I’m not French I’ve been learning French for 2 years and I know nothing but this help me really

  6. "Genre" ce n'est pas du très beau français, c'est très familier et ça n'est pas utilisé par tout le monde.
    Purée ! Le français n'est pas parlé qu'à Paris, il est même parlé HORS de France.

  7. Oh god your French accent in English is absolutely perfect. You sound like the most awful French person that doesn't make any kind of effort to speak English!

  8. French contractions! J’suis , t’as, j’n’sais pas (pronounced shay pa), and other grammatically incorrect but culturally correct phrases.

  9. This is my most favorite video on youtube!!! All of my family lives in France but I am just that one American girl so REALLY helped and I could relate to so much of the stuff in this. The part about the accents really hit hard because I have always felt embarrassed speaking in French to them because of my american accent. Thank you soooo much for this video!!

  10. Je parle le français! Ma mêre viens de Québec et mon père parle englais donc je parle les deux langues. Sa me tanne tellement que les anglais pense que les français sont bizarre et des pedophiles…Nous sommes des personnes normal comme vous! Mais bien sur que ils ne comprennent pas. By the was at the end when you were saying “Ayyyyyyyyy” Its actually spelt “Et” wich means “and” but we say it like if its “euh”

  11. En France on utilise souvent "je ne sais pas" mais avec notre manière ça donne "chepa" 😂😂 un truc à ne pas rater

  12. C’est pas mal ! Bravo parce que c’est très dur. En tant que parisienne, je suis d’accord sur le fait que l’accent c’est cool et plus intéressant ! Mais on dit plus de « euh » genre « Je euh voudrais euh du pain s’il vous plaît » voilà byyyye

  13. Je pense que le plus dure pour les américains qui apprennent le français c’est de donner des genres aux objets. En tant que française je suis assez contente de savoir pas cœur que c’est une table et pas un table ou etc😂

  14. My tips:
    Gotta know when to cut your vowels short:
    Est-ce-que – > esske
    _ de -> __'d (eg beaucoup de _ now becomes bo-cou'd ___)
    Learn how to make the r sound in your throat, also the j sound— it sounds terrible when people just substitute "dj" or j!
    Source: french immersion school for 8 years

  15. Being a person who speaks English and french perfectly, I FEEL GOOD! VIVE LA BELGIQUE !!! ( et les frites starfoula) 🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪

  16. ok listen dude scrolling down this comment section
    i have 2 mother tongues, french and english and this is making me laugh so freaking much
    et pour toi le mec qui a fait cette vid bravo 👏 tu parle très bien pour un débutant

  17. I'm german but started learning french with 7 years so for 10 years now and i actually lived there for some time and went to school there and was surprised how good my french actually was haha and after that i made a degree. and i have to say that this is a rlly good video and ur so right with the accents but i have a german accent in french and english and i hate it bc i want to improve it as much as possible…

  18. Lmao😂
    Un question👆 When I say C'est bon et when I say C'est bien? I mixed the languages🤦‍♀️…
    Je suis allmand😒😂 I'm not sure but my host parents in France say C'est bon do you take if you eat and C'est bien do you take for everything else. But my mum is French teacher in Germany and she said bon is the adjective and bien the adverb.🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ I NEED HELP! JE SUIS CONFUS!😂😂

  19. The french mmmh if i want to qualify with one word is : MainFuck
    There is no sense , all the things are Women or Men for example "table" is a women things. Je suis français et j ai compris t as video j ai bien rigolé.

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