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How to Setup your first AMS Book Ad Campaign

How to Setup your first AMS Book Ad Campaign

In this lesson I want to show you how to
set your very first AMS campaign now the purpose of this is not to get bogged
down in the details but instead to show you exactly how simple it is to get your
first campaign going as well as what’s going to be asked of you if you would
like to learn more about AMS advertisements and creating profitable
campaigns go ahead and click the link below in the descriptions where you can
access my full course on AMS advertisement for books it’s a hundred
percent free and will give you everything you need to know about AMS
and creating profitable campaigns to start go into your KDP account and find
the book you want to advertise on AMS then select promote and advertise then
you’ll need to click on create an ad campaign you’ll need to resize into your
KDP account and then select what type of ad you want to create to start we’ll
select the sponsored product ad now scroll down and give your campaign a
name I personally like to call my campaign the name of the book using an
abbreviation a specific detail about what I’m doing and the date later on
when you’re advertising many ebooks or testing different things this naming
structure will help you to quickly see which campaigns are which thus making
managing your ads much easier next you’ll need to give yourself a daily
budget this is the max amount of money you are willing to spend per day in this
campaign now select if you want this to run continuously or if you want to set
an end date will want to select manual targeting in manual targeting we get to
select our keywords whereas with automatic targeting Amazon selects them
for you based on your books metadata I highly recommend you do manual because
the automatic targeting is very problematic and isn’t as good as what
you will be doing later in this lesson in the section below
we can now choose our keywords there are two options ad suggested keywords and
add your own keywords in the ad suggested keyword section you can look
at which keywords Amazon thinks pertains to your book and click on the ones you
want in the add your own keywords you can
manually add words or phrases here as well you can also upload a file for mass
addition as well later on I’ll show you how to manually find profitable keywords
and we’ll be using this feature a lot in the future before you move on though we
need to set up a default cost per click by doing this Amazon will make every
keyword in our campaign start with this cost per click or CPC but don’t worry
once we’re live we can go ahead and change them however we see fit once
you’ve set the cost per click and have selected your keywords go ahead and
click Add and you’ll see your added keywords with their associated cost per
click listed below in the section called added keywords now that we have our
keyword selected we need to write our custom ad test this is your elevator
pitch and cannot be greater than 150 characters later in this course I’ll
show you how to craft a profitable ad text but for now let’s enter something
and move forward next you’ll need to input your credit card information if
you already have a credit card attached to your account it will show up here if
not then just click add credit card and fill in your information if at any time
you need to leave and can’t finish just click save as draft
once you’re good to go with your campaign click Launch campaign and
that’s it you’ll receive an email from Amazon letting you know that you’ve
submitted a campaign and that it is currently under review by their
moderators this takes anywhere between one to three days and once approved
you’ll be live so now that we’ve set up a sponsored ad for a book let’s go ahead
and create a display ad to set up your product display ad we’ll want to click
the product display ads button and then select the book that we want to set up
the ad for next you’ll either choose by product or by interest selecting buy
products your ad will only show up for the product or book in this case that
you select by selecting by interest it allows Amazon to put your ad on any book
they think is associated with your general book personally I like to create
campaigns for product display ads that are directly geared towards a direct
competitor we’ll talk about this more in later video but for now let’s select by
product now that we’ve done that we need to enter in the search term which will
bring up a list of other books that rank for that term once they show up go ahead
and select the books that you want your ad to show up for once you’ve done that
verify whether or not you want Amazon to automatically extend your ad to include
other related products such as other books that are frequently bought with
the books that you just selected if you don’t want to do this uncheck the box
next we’re going to give it a name again the title of the book a note about that
campaign and the date then give it a good cost per click bid which will be
extended to all of your ads and finally set your campaign budget for this the
minimum budget is $100 next select how long you want this campaign to run and
whether you want to spend your budget as fast as possible or stretch it out
over that time period once we’ve done that we need to fill in our headline and
our text copy the headline allows you only 50 characters while the text
section allows you 150 you can now preview your ad in the different
dimensions and when you’re ready click Submit campaign for review again you can
expect anywhere from a day to three days before Amazon will get back to you with
your approval or rejection of the ad and there you have it you’ve now created a
sponsored ad and display ad in under 10 minutes from this lesson I hope you’ve
seen how easy it is to get going if you’d like to learn more about AMS
campaigns be sure to click the link in the description and get full free access
to my complete course on AMS for authors Cheers

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  1. Hi Dave,
    When we advertise books on AMZ, are these ads promote Paperback copies and ACX audio book of the same ebook?
    Can we create a campaign for CreateSpace book and Audio Book separately?

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