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How To Setup Facebook Business Manager – The Ultimate Free Facebook Ads Course

How To Setup Facebook Business Manager – The Ultimate Free Facebook Ads Course

hey guys in this video I’m gonna be
teaching you how to create a facebook business manager if you don’t already
have one and that’s coming up right now what’s going on guys my name is Gabe
Ekemezie I’m your internet marketing guide and welcome to my channel on my
channel I talked everything entrepreneurship and I hope you build a
business brand and lifestyle that you deserve so if this is your very first
time on my channel feel free to go ahead and subscribe and if your regular
welcome back and I want to welcome you to part one of my ultimate Facebook Ads
course and now this course is gonna be dedicated to teaching you absolutely
everything you need to know about Facebook Ads this kind of course and the
depth I’m gonna go into is what people pay thousands of dollars for including
me but I’m just gonna give it to you for free all of the videos part one through
part five are also gonna be down in the description below so if you want to skip
more to the advanced stuff which I don’t recommend then go ahead peruse see what
you want to learn and you know dive in put enough talking let’s dive right into
today’s video which is how to build a facebook business manager so the first
thing you’re gonna want to do is you’re gonna want to make sure you’re logged in
to your Facebook account and if you don’t have a Facebook account you gonna
have to start there and create one but I’m assuming most of you guys have a
Facebook account so this is my personal Facebook page and what you want to do is
once you’re logged into your your personal Facebook page what you want to
do is you want to go to business dot facebook.com/ now once you are in
business dot facebook.com/ this page is gonna show up now if you’re not logged
in already there’s gonna give is gonna be a button here that says login so
that’s why you want to make sure you’re logged in already but once you’re logged
in you want to hit this blue create account’ button so you want to put in
your business name I’m gonna just you know make up a random name Tim shops
your name Tim Willis that is a fake name guys it’s not my name
and your business email I’m just gonna do a Tim at all right and then you want
to fill it fill out this information some to add some business detail so you
can go ahead and do that just going all right once you’re done hit submit and
then it’s gonna say you are come from confirm your email address so you want
to go ahead and do that now once you go ahead and confirm your
email it just is gonna bring you to this page and that’s basically the bare
skeleton of your brand new Facebook Ads business manager so that’s it for this
video very short and sweet to the point in the next video of this ultimate
Facebook Ads course I’m gonna show you how to kind of add different elements
into your business manager how to add pages accounts and people into your ads
manager so that you can get it up and running to run Facebook ads but just
decide no guys a facebook business manager account is not necessary to run
ads on Facebook if you were just getting started
and I’ll explain a little bit more of that in the next video so I hope this
video is helpful for you if you liked it give it a thumbs up don’t forget to
subscribe to my page my only fee for this course is to share it with anybody
that you know who was interested in learning Facebook ads who is an
entrepreneur a solopreneur maybe runs an agency whatever share this course
because it’s gonna be very helpful leave a comment down below with any questions
or comments that you might have and I will see you guys on the next video

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  1. Thanks Gabe,you are doing a wonderful job here,after watching your facebook ads videos,i gained more confidence that its in me

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