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How To Setup Facebook Ads Business Manager 2020

How To Setup Facebook Ads Business Manager 2020

Hello, my name is Chris Palmer And in today’s Facebook tutorial You will learn how to set up your facebook business ads campaign This will be from beginning until end from start till finish This will be a multi video course it’ll be broken up into sections. So let’s not waste any time So the very first thing you will need to do is go to Facebook.com forward slash view forward slash and this is where you will want to create an account so as soon as you get started, this is the page that you will be brought to you will want to Go ahead and fill out your account information as you would after you hit the next button you Will be prompted to put in your email and then verify your email so you can go ahead and take care of that now Once this is complete you will have access To the Facebook business manager up in the top left hand corner is a button right here. This is where everything is managed from this is where you will Basically, take care of everything Facebook Ad related for business I’ll show you a couple things But let me just get into a different account. I made this as a test account for this Facebook Ads business account set up tutorial for 2020 Alright, Now the very first thing that I’ll show you because I feel that this is the next step in the process is You go up to the left hand corner. There’s three lines also known as a Hamburger drop down menu you can go ahead and throw some pickles on this click that button if you scroll over to the left hand side where it says business settings and the very first thing that I would set up is Going to be your payments. So if you look after hitting business Settings And you scroll down there’s a button right here where it says payments You will want to set up your payment method Now this is where I want to heed warning. All right, I highly recommend against using PayPal if you have to go ahead now if you plan on managing other people’s Accounts. All right if you plan on running product Trust me from experience. The chances of you getting an account suspended are relatively high so if you have numerous cards and you can sign up with a credit card or Maybe a prepaid credit card or a virtual credit card something along those lines Because if you’re managing numerous accounts and something gets suspended It’ll take away all the accounts that are connected to that card. So one account one card take it from there and That will take care of this process. So after you have set up your Payments, okay the very next thing that I would like to show you the very next piece after you have created and Set up after you set up your payments the very next thing that you will need to do in my opinion is Set up a business page to run ads from this is a page that is Completely separate from your profile page and it’s an absolute must to run service and offers from so once you are done setting up your Payment processing the very next piece will be a click on the hamburger drop down button in the left top hand corner the three dots You will head over to the ads manager. Click on the ads manager Once you click down the ads manager This is the screen that will pop up and then you will want to add a page now you can run ads from your personal page, but Keep everything separate and here’s why Competition is going to look at your page. All right Now you could go and look at anyone’s ads. So generally, you may want to have something that’s similar to business or similar to the product name or similar to the service name because you don’t want your competition to look at your ads find your funnels and Basically, take your work Now that may be a little advanced for some but trust me run an ad page Separately from your own page or your business page, but again, you know, that’s really up to you I’m just giving you my advice. All right, so add a page to your own at someone else’s page This is if you’re running Maybe some clients, add accounts or maybe you’re running ads for someone else This is where you would request access to their page so you can have access to their whole business manager But for now, we’re gonna create a page So this is the screen that’s going to pop up. This is where you can choose Exactly. I mean, it’s pretty self-explanatory The type of page that you want to build for this example we’ll do local business or place and then you will set up a page just like you have and I’m sure I’m assuming that you already Have a Facebook page. So that’s gonna wrap up this part of the video series Please stay tuned the very next video will be on pixels and Facebook pixel creation. I’ll walk you through the entire process I hope that you’ve enjoyed the video If you have give me a thumbs up, if you have not give me a thumbs up anyway And I’ll see you in the next Facebook ads video. Have a wonderful day

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