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How To Setup And Use Facebook Dynamic Product Ads Step-by-Step (2019) | Shopify Dropshipping

How To Setup And Use Facebook Dynamic Product Ads Step-by-Step (2019) | Shopify Dropshipping

Hey everyone in today’s video I’m gonna teach you how to set up and automate dynamic product ads for Facebook remarketing in 2019 Let’s go Alright, so what are dynamic remarketing ads for facebook? So they are ads that are just what the prospect or customer sees based on the individual session on your website So with the Facebook pixel, it’s going to store every webpage that they went on their site Especially product pages and then it can dynamically remarket to them based on that. Okay. It’s stored in your Facebook pixel and it delegates that all automatically and it’s a very high converting ad because It shows them a hundred percent a unique experience for them. Okay? So, how do I set up dynamic remarketing and I’ll show you that now so you need to have a catalog for your business manager? Okay, so we will set up a catalog for the business manager There’s two ways of doing this one the Facebook sales channel or to a free app called flex afire Shopify free app, okay And both of these push a catalog to your store Okay And you need to check that your catalog is also then bound to your actual Pixel so that it can then can join it and make DP Ed’s otherwise they’re not going to spend so there’s two ways for us to get our catalog into the Facebook business manager the easiest way that I Recommend is your Facebook sales channel? Okay so on your Shopify You’re gonna have sales channels and you can add as many of these you like if you add the Facebook one Okay, it’s gonna show up here all you then need to do is Basically, you just log in to your Facebook account. It’s gonna ask for authorization you bind it to the relevant page Okay, so you just behind it to dog lovers page and then that page is connected to your business manager So it knows that and it’s gonna push it straight to your business manager Okay, if the Facebook sales channel does not work for you. There is the option of flex afire There are the rare times where the Facebook Styles channel unfortunately does not work So if that is the case, what you do is you use flexpay, which is free app and you copy this RSS feed and we’re gonna make a catalog within Facebook itself So I’m going to show you that now so under your business manager you go into catalogs Okay, we go under catalogs once it loads And we go create catalog Ecommerce choose products. We want to choose who owns this me and you can give it a relevant name It really doesn’t matter as long as you know what that is We go view go into product data sources and you choose use data feeds. Okay we go next and Basically, we want to go Sat on schedule and you put you just pace your feed in there. Don’t worry about the username password. Leave it at daily Your currency which should be USD and start upload and that’s it Then it’s going to take 20 minutes half an hour to an hour. Just let it do its thing It’s going to upload the feed and it’ll do it every day everyone. Hope you’re enjoying today’s tutorial on Facebook dynamic product ads for 2019 Don’t forget to subscribe to my videos and hit that notification Bell and comment down below crush it to going the chance to win one of two coaching calls for 15 minutes with myself Rickey Hayes Let’s get back into so what is the best time to set up DPI ads now that we’ve connected it and it’s running okay, so I I Don’t I don’t setup DPA ads at least until I generally get one to sales a day on a store. Okay, or you’re earning? $30 a day on ads, okay and the reason you want to do that is even if you’re not getting sales DPI ad can get you a sale or two a Day that can mean that you’re not losing as much money from your cold traffic testing What are the settings for the DPA ad I’m gonna show you how to do this? So when you first start you want to do a hundred and eighty a view content – 180 day purchase set It’s a worldwide 18 plus men and women automatic placements one day click on a $5.00 budget So let’s find out how to do so now we’re going to make the DPA campaign. So to do that we click create just type in DPA remarketing We want to choose catalog sales And we choose our catalog. So I’ve just found all three it doesn’t matter It’s for the test and then we want to give it an ad set name. So I just go broad DPI remarketing and you want also you’ll have to make a New ad set as well, but we can do that later on. So we’re going to go save draft And that will show up ignore that you want to then go and click into it and go into the ad set because we’re now Going to set up the actual settings for this Okay, so we want to sit at five dollar budget You can see how you want to set to all products so that you’re choosing your entire catalogue Especially at the beginning you want to change this. So I said 180-day VC minus 180 a purchase So make sure you choose that option because we want to get all the traffic possible You want to set it for the next business day or next day? Sorry in your ad account time zone as well as a little tick Tip and hack make sure that you set it to world wide At the start if you don’t change this It’s only gonna go to your home country and most of the time you’re not going to be marketing there Okay, so change to everyone in this location change nothing else leave that broad leave gender open We don’t change anything there. We leave automatic placement on and we just changed it to conversion one day click Alright, and that is how we now set up a DPI ad So what ad copy do I choose for dpi ads? Okay, I’ll get that question asked a lot so when we do this We want to make it interesting and engaging To get them to come back and I’m gonna show you how to do this in a moment but I just use basic copy because it’s DPA ad we want to keep the word Wording broad because we’re not targeting for a specific part. We’re targeting for everything on our actual store Okay, so I put the words. Hi there. We see you’re interested in our collection of items or products But didn’t complete your purchase. We’re sorry to see you go return now and claim temps and off using discount code my 10 Code expires in 24 hours or until stock runs out just be a little bit creative. Okay Alright, so let’s make the actual ad so itself so we go into the ad set now we just go edit Let it load alright and you can see how it does most of the work for us, all we have to do is Update the text Okay and you can be a little bit creative with what you want there update the text and I also as a little hack recommend changing this to temps and discount code my ten Because a lot of people don’t read the description they’ll just see the image and if they see the discount code underneath the product name It’s really important to have that so they associate with it that’ll help with your conversions on that DPA ad Okay, and that’s all you need to do just make sure you have it as the shop now button Which it should be by default for a dpi ed and let it roll. Hey, everyone that concludes today’s tutorial on Facebook dpi Ed’s in 2019 don’t forget to Like share subscribe and comment down below crush it to go in the competition to win One or two coaching calls in my next video announce decay and I’ll contact you personally and we’re gonna absolutely love it. Okay Thank you so much for your time

34 thoughts on “How To Setup And Use Facebook Dynamic Product Ads Step-by-Step (2019) | Shopify Dropshipping

  1. Hey Ricky, when do you advise setting up DPA ads? Have only had shy of 1,000 visitors to my new DS store. Is there a threshold when its advisable (i.e. 5,000+ unique visitors, etc). Thanks man!

  2. Dont forget to comment below CRUSHIT and once we get 30 comments 2 people will receive a 15 minute coaching call with myself.

    On another note, what is everyone's thoughts on the latest content?

  3. Just got off a consultation call that I won with ricky, and just gotta say he helped me a fair bit trying to boost my conversions, and some better ad ideas.. cheers again mate

  4. why is the volume of your video so fcking low??? all of your videos! I even turned up my laptop volume to maximum can cant still hear you…did you even watch the content you post on your youtube channel at all? or it's just posting video to earn money????

  5. damn good tutorial, man. Thank you! i've never done a dynamic ad for my site just because ive been putting it off but i see all the other brands using them. Great start for me thanks to you!

  6. Hi Ricky,
    My catalog images are 1080 x 1080px ratio 1:1.
    But when setting up a DPA the images appear stretched or cut off along the bottom depending on their placement.
    How can I fix this?
    Thank you

  7. I don't use Facebook for my personal life, I just want the build an business account so I can use the advisement for my shopify store. Is that do able? Or do I have to have a personal account aswell?

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