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How to Set Up Your Facebook Funnels | Facebook Ad Funnels 2019

How to Set Up Your Facebook Funnels | Facebook Ad Funnels 2019

– All right, guys. Welcome to another Facebook Live. We’re getting some great
interaction and comments and we’re gonna continue doing this because we reach a lot more people and we’re enjoying doing it live, so I hope you guys are enjoying it too. So one of the questions that
we’re getting quite a bit that comes up over and over again especially in our free group, the Pay Per Lead Ninjas, if you haven’t joined, then you should do, we’ll post a link to that
group as well at the bottom in the comment section but the question that
we keep getting asking is how do we set up the funnels, okay? We’re talking about
Facebook funnels here, okay? It’s not so much the funnels,
it’s more the structure of the ad, who does what, okay? So how do we set it up in Facebook when we’re selling leads
on a pay-per-lead basis? Because if you’re selling
leads on a pay-per-lead basis, you do not want your client to see how much you’re generating the leads for because that’s your profit margin, so it makes sense to hide that from them. And this is the way we do it. We have a couple of ways of doing it which I’m going to explain now. So if we look at the way a
traditional account is set up, you’ll have a fan page, okay? Which you advertise from,
that’s the business I guess and then you have an advertising account which is within your
Facebook Business Manager. And we own both of those properties, okay? We never advertise from
the client’s fan page and we never advertise from
their advertising account because it gives them
visibility of the ads and how much we’re spending and what our cost per lead is. Just don’t do it, okay? So let’s look at one way
of doing things, okay? So if we have a fan page, and then we have an
advertising account, okay? Sometimes that advertising account points to an advertorial which then goes through to either, so either to a client’s website, by the way, red is client and
blue is what we own, okay? So sometimes we’ll own the fan page, we’ll add the advertising account, we’ll own the advertorial or the quiz on our URLs that we own, okay? And then we’ll send the
traffic from the URLs we own to a client’s website and we actually do the landing page for the client as well and attach that to their website as a sub domain, okay? And then we’ll also, after
they’ve filled in their details on the client’s website, the one that we own via Unbounce, we’ll send them to a thank you page that we build as well because having a
well-designed thank you page will definitely help
increase contact rates and all sorts of cool stuff like that, so you wanna have control over
the thank you page as well. Another way to do it is fan page to advertising
account to a quiz that we own that goes to the client’s website as well, so within a quiz you can
ask lots of questions, you can do calculations and you can send them
to the client’s website which gives them a result, we call it a results page, so congratulations, it
looks like you qualify for a car finance loan, you can borrow this at
this interest rate, okay? We can pull through
that data from the quiz to the client’s result page that is branded to them, that is on their website on a sub domain and then we’ll take them to
the thank you page as well. Okay? So if we’re, this is great because you can use the client’s brand and they might already
have a lot of trust. The problem is that that’s linear. You can only supply leads
you generate to one client. Another way we do things which is really exciting for us and this is a mistake that I made when I was having some
success in pay-per-lead stuff is that I tried to go into six or seven different verticals at one time with six or seven clients and that didn’t work. What I didn’t realize I could build a lead generation website and then distribute the
leads to different clients from that one lead gen website and that was a game changer and this is how it looks. So a Facebook fan page we own, an advertising account we own, an advertorial or a quiz that we own and a lead gen website that we own that’s a URL that we own
that’s a brand, okay? And what happens is the
traffic goes through either the advertorial or the quiz, hits our lead gen website where it’s either a landing
page or a results page or something like that and then we, people convert and they go to the thank you page for that particular brand, okay? The advantage of this is we can put people
onto a nurture sequence, we can look after text message marketing, we can do whatever we
wanna do with that lead. And the great thing is that you can use lead
distribution software to distribute the leads
on a round robin basis to I’ve put client A, client B, client C and client D here but that could be 20
clients if you wanted it to. There’s no limit to how
many clients you can have. So if you figure out
how to get cheap leads and cheap quality leads, you can drive them through a funnel on a brand lead gen brand that you own and then distribute the
leads accordingly, okay? And this is kind of
cutting-edge stuff, all right? This is what allows you to get time back, what allows you to make more money because if you use a lead gen website, you only need one advertising account and you only need to run
ads through one fan page. It’s just so much more time and it’s so much easier to be able to service
five, six, seven clients from that one website and that was a game changer for me. So, I hope that explains the
way that we do things here at Flexx Digital, my agency and what we teach within our program. Yeah, it’s pretty simple really when you look at it but the main thing is
that we keep visibility of our advertising
accounts and our fan page. And sometimes we keep visibility for ourselves along the whole funnel because we have a lead gen site that’s ours that we own, okay? And a lot of the times
our funnels are hidden behind the front page of that website. So, I hope that helps. If you have any questions,
ask in the chat box. Yeah, ask away, I’d love to hear from you and if you need to book a chat with me, then we’ll also post a
link below this video where you can have a
strategy session with me to see if you’re a good
fit for our program and if what we’re teaching here is suitable for your as an individual whether you’re a freelancer
or you’re an agency. I hope you enjoyed this video today. We’ll see you on the next Facebook Live which will be next week. Bye.

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