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How to Set Up Messenger Facebook Ads Easily With Manychat

How to Set Up Messenger Facebook Ads Easily With Manychat

– Hey there, bot stars,
today I’m gonna break down the ad beta inside of ManyChat. It’s so easy to run
ads into your chat bot, you don’t have to know any code, ManyChat makes it easy for you. Are you ready to break it down? Let’s do this! (snaps) Okay friends, in this
video, I’m gonna show you how to set up ads using
the Growth Tool Ads Beta. Oh yeah, we’re gonna
get it all beta with it. So, we’re gonna go over to Growth Tools, we’re gonna click on Ads Beta, and we’re gonna go create a new ad. Now, you’re gonna select the ad account that you want to use,
now, if you only have one ad account, you’re only gonna see one. I go ahead and select mine. So, here you have a choice, you can either create a brand new post,
a brand new campaign, or you can select an existing campaign, and what they mean by existing campaign is you can select a post from your page that is already active. Now, I’m gonna go ahead
and go with a new campaign just to walk you through all the steps. You wanna name your campaign here, and you can set your
spending limits if you want, I’m just gonna leave this empty. Now we have to create our new ad set, so let’s go ahead an click that. And we wanna name our ad set, and then we are going to use our audience, this is where you do your targeting, just like in the ads manager,
a little less control here, which is why I prefer ads manager, but we’re gonna go ahead
and do what we gotta do. So, I can do age, gender, location, I’m using a custom audience,
a look-alike audience, so I’m not gonna worry
about anything else, but you could certainly
go in here and do that. And then I’m going to go to next. Now I am going to set my budget, do I want a daily budget or a lifetime, I’m just gonna do a lifetime budget for now of $20, just as a test. Alright, and then when do
I want the ad to start, let’s start it today, and
we’ll end it on Thursday. So, run it for about three days, two and a half days, it says one day, it’s actually like two days, but whatever. And now we are going to design our ad, so you have a choice
between video or image. I highly recommend you stay
away from video right now, the messenger ads are glitchy right now, and the video seems to be one
of the triggers of glitches, so just go with the single
image if you’re worried. You can test the video
and if it ends up working, go you, but if you’re
finding that it’s glitching, it’s not running correctly,
go back to the single image. So I uploaded my image,
now I’m going to add the text of what I want to use for my ad. Paste that right there,
there’s my ad text, and then my headline is
gonna read something like get details in messenger,
click learn more for details on my call to action is
going to be the learn more. And everything looks good, as it comes up, there it goes, and we’re going to go next. Now, this is gonna be
the very first message that people receive, this cannot have any kind of custom
stuff about that person, so you can’t use their
first name or anything, but it’s only for that first message. So, I just said, “Are
you ready to learn more “about this course and how you take “your chat bot building up notch?” And then I’m gonna add
a button that says yes, and we are going to have
that go to another flow, and it’s a flow that I
have already built out. Alright, so now we’re
all set and ready to go, we’re going to send this to Facebook. Alright, so I have
successfully created this ad, and I’m actually going to
go here to, go to add list, and it shows me here that it is in review. I can also go into my ads
manager and refresh this, and you will see it pop up
in my ads manager as well. And there it is, right there, in review, and then once it goes
active, it’ll be out there in the world doin’ its thing. So, there you have it,
now you can start running ads right into that chat
bot, you don’t even have to jump into Facebook’s ad manager unless you wanna see what statistics are goin’ on, the insights on your ad, and I hope that this was helpful. If you enjoyed this video,
don’t forget to comment below, give me a thumbs up and subscribe. And if you wanna learn
more about chat bots, be sure to check out my
growing Facebook community Baby Got Bot, the link is
down below in the comments, and of course if you’d like
to see more of my tutorials, check out the links right there for all of the tutorials I’ve
put here on the channel. Thanks so much and have a rockin’ day!

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  1. My flow already starts with the welcome message. I have to create another welcome message in the ad? They click it and then see the welcome message again?

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