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How to Set Up Facebook Business Manager for Agencies (2017 Guide)

How to Set Up Facebook Business Manager for Agencies (2017 Guide)

Hi guys, Nick here from Campaign Creators HQ. I am marketing technologist here I’m also the head of the PPC Department. I would like to welcome you to a new series that we’re going to be doing is called Nick’s Ad chat. We’re talking all things PPC optimization, set up, copywriting, ad design, all of that. Really excited about it. Going to be going through some things that I felt there’s not enough information on online or Facebook support doesn’t cover enough. Facebook or Linkedin support and going through those and hopefully saving you guys a lot of time talking to talking to customer service people or doing some research online, so we’re going to go through some of those topics. This is going to be really good for people doing agency work, PVC agency work or individuals that are just working on a bunch of different clients. And I really help you guys out. So today, we’re going to talk about Facebook ads and specifically setting up your business manager account to accommodate those things different ad accounts, different Facebook pages also assigning different roles to different employees in your company and really just setting it up exactly the way you want it. It seems really simple, but once you actually get into the platform, and you see all the different options that you have it can be a little bit tricky a little bit complicated so I’m just going to go run through those things real quick and get you started, so let’s jump into business manager right now and… Okay, everyone. Now that we’re here. Let’s open up business manager. It’s going to open up this dashboard screen here, but once you’re here if you haven’t created a business manager account yet, it’ll prompt you to do so. All you have to do is click on “create an account” and enter the name of your business, connect it to the page that you’re going to be primarily using, fill in the rest of your information. And you’ll be good to go. But if you have filled one up, filled one out and created one already, you are a part of another one you will see them all listed here. And I guess I wanted to go through first off. What exactly is business manager? In a lot of ways, it’s exactly how it sounds. It’s Facebook platform that lets businesses manage and share access to their ad accounts. We’ll go through what an ad account is later. With their employees without the employees having to share personal information and connect with each other on Facebook with their personal pages kind of just keeping advertising nice and professional and tidy. But I will say this in addition to business manager accounts, or business manager profiles, you also have your personal ad account and you can access this from this drop down menu over here. I’ll show you mine, and this is just another way that you can run ads. For any of the pages that you’re connected to pretty useful. The only situation that I would really recommend you use this though is one if you are running ads on your own, so it’s just going to be you managing those ads and two if you’re only going to be running ads for one Facebook page and any other circumstances even if you’re anticipating having other people manage ads into the future might as well just set up a business manager account. It’s just so much easier to manage a certain things and keep everything nice and organized and it’s going to help you out in the long run. But it’s here if you need it. If not, we’re going to do business manager. So we go back to this page here and I’ve created a test business manager account just to kind of keep the confidentiality of all of our clients intact It’s called campaign creators tutorials We’re going to click on that one here and see what’s going on, this first page will show you a bit of a top down look at all of your ad accounts, all of your pages, how everything is doing, you can see the ad accounts here in blue and just below those you can see the pages that are connected to your business manager account listed there as well. I’ve created this page “Nick’s donuts”just as a test. You can see the spend over the last couple of days, the trends how things are going the reach, impressions. At the top here you can see ad account overview that will give you a little bit more detailed information breakdown of your ad accounts lots of the same same information you can add a couple filters up here. If one really interesting one useful feature here is the export feature one click to download the CSV file for you. Really useful if you’re going to be showing it to your manager to your boss just showing you how much has been spent on the actions frequency, the reach, the cost per click or the cost per mil. Again, very top-down stuff. Now at the top left here where it says “business manager” if you click, you’ll get another drop-down menu. And first off you’ll just see your frequently used tools the ones that you’re using most often but if you scroll down and click this here as well, you’ll see all these other things and Yeah, there’s a lot of options there’s a lot of things to play with and we’ll get to those eventually the one tool that we’re going to be focusing on today though is “business manager settings”. So we’re just going to click on that here, and this will open up this page. In a lot of ways, repeating the same information as was on the previous page, but the cool thing here is that you can actually configure it and so this first little option here is People where you’re going to add new people, new employees to access your ad campaigns or ad accounts and access your information, so you can see my name is listed here. You can see that my role is an Admin so I can configure all of these settings here And then it will also show the pages that I’m connected to and I really like how this is set up you can scroll over and it’ll show you how much access you have so I’m an admin obviously so you can see what I can do on the page. You can actually configure it here as well, take away my privileges if you want to bump me down to a moderator role or an editor role, you can do that all right there. And then down below you can see the ad accounts that I’m connected to, so this is the one that we’re running for Campaign Creators right now. So I’m also an admin there. If you want to add more people to your account, really easy, just click this button here add new people type in their email I won’t do it now. Decide what they are to your company? Are they going to be someone that’s working side by side with you managing all the settings and adding new people themselves Or are they just an employee that you’re going to assign certain roles certain tasks to? So you really do just fill out their email select which what’s their role in the next screen assign them different ad accounts different pages, and then once you go through all of that, you hit accept it’ll send them an email and right from there. They can gain access to your business manager account So it’s really really easy really straightforward and very useful. Moving down, I’ll show you this little tab here. Pages, so this is where you’re going to manage the pages that are connected to your business manager account. So if you add a page here, and you’re given at least page advertiser access, you’ll be able to run ad campaigns on that page as that page so right now, we have our primary business page which is obviously a fake page Nick’s Donuts, and then we also have our Campaign Creators page so we can run ads for both of those pages, this is where you’re going to add if you’re taking on a client that wants you to run ads for them This is where you’re going to add that page so you can run ads for them and If you want to do that, you go up to this little tab here this little drop-down It gives you a couple of options. If you’re claiming a page this is what you should do at the beginning when you’re first setting up your business manager account And it’s basically making a specific page your primary business page which for us is Nick’s Donuts and if you’re going to request access to a page, this is more likely than not if you’re going to be requesting from a client and so one way you can do this is you just go if you open up this little this tab here, you can type basically any Facebook page out there. So let’s try an Apple. Apple computer yeah. We can put in a request we can put in a request with Apple to be their page admin. Obviously they’re not going to accept it, but it just kind of shows your ability to request access from pages any page that’s out there, So really really useful, so as soon as you send in this request Whoever is the admin of that page will receive a little notification and their settings tab and then they can accept you as an advertiser for that page. One really useful thing that I typically do if you want this process to go a little bit faster is ask the client to give you admin access to their page in advance. And that way as soon as you click this request access for that page, it’ll automatically give you admin access because you’re already an admin on that page. So just a little tip there. That’s pretty much it for pages. I do want to spend some time on this one. This is your ad accounts. Tab and one thing I was initially really confused about they had some really lengthy conversations with Facebook support and well, I was really just thinking what exactly is an ad account because you’ve got your pages, you’ve got your business manager, which is managing the ads, and I was kind of like what exactly is an ad account what purpose does it serve. The answer I normally give is an ad account is essentially anything that you want it to be and in a lot of ways, it’s purely logistical. And so I guess the most common thing for people to do is to create a new ad account and only use that ad account for a specific for ads that you’re running on a specific page. So for example, we have Campaign Creators ad account and what I will do with this ad account is I’ll only run ads specifically for Campaign Creators, but that isn’t to say that you can’t use it for something else. I could name this ad account Campaign Creators website conversions, for example and only be running website conversions on that I could give it a name a partner account and this be the account that I’m sharing access with my partners or with another agency that I’m working alongside with and they’ll only have access to ads within that ad account if you want to split a client’s workload between two employees, and you don’t want them to see what they’re doing which what each other are doing You can assign a one ad account to one employee and the other ad to another employee So these are all options that you can do really ad accounts Or just ways to organize your campaigns any way that you like and only runs your ads of a certain type on that ad account. One thing I’d like to point out as well here is you do have a limit to the number of ad accounts that you can create and to access the number of your limit for ad accounts you have to jump right up here into business info. It’s just listed right here this since this is a test account, tutorial account, I haven’t actually increased this limit, but on our other Campaign Creators business manager account, this number is actually a thousand and the way that I got that number so high literally just reached out to Facebook support and just asked “hey can I get can I increase my attic, ad account creation limit, obviously we’re an agency running for a lot of different clients it just helps with organization” They said “nope not a problem” and increased it. So if you want to get that number increase, just get in touch with Facebook support and they’ll be more than happy to do it, but I’ll go back to this. This page here. If you want to create a new ad account, click this little drop down menu here. In addition to creating a new one, you also have the option to request access to an ad account so this is great. For example if your client has already been running ads in the past and they want you they’re really cool with you having access to it and looking at previous stats how different ads are running and what worked what didn’t all they have to do is provide their ad account number which is found here and a number of other places And then all you have to do is open that up, type in that ad account ID, they’ll obviously receive the request and have to accept you, but after that you’ll have access to that account. That’s actually how we set this one up. I’d also like to briefly just go through these top menu items here. Just show you how to configure everything. In this first tab, you’ll have projects. This is something I don’t typically use too often, but basically just adds another layer of organization to your business manager account. So it’s really useful if you want to group all a bunch of different ad accounts into one group So you click up here create a new project just for example, If I’m only going to be one I know this group this project already exists but if I want to group a bunch of different ad groups or a bunch of different pages into this new project, all I have to do is click next, select the the pages that I want to group inside here, next select the ad groups and then create the group the project and then it’ll collect all your statistics in there and keep everything nice and tidy for you. Like I said just another added layer of organization. Second here, I briefly touched on this partners if you’re going to be working with another agency or you’re going to be hiring out another employee with that already has a business manager account a freelancer what not this can be really useful So you can share access to that ad account to a specific ad account with your partner. Next tab you’ve got payments, pretty self-explanatory This is where you add your payment methods your credit cards really simple. Open up the add payment method fill out your information continue all good to go. Obviously, you can assign specific ad accounts to specific payment methods So if you have one client that wants to receive an invoice and have you bill yourself You can do that if they want to give you a credit card that you’re going to use and just bill them directly You can do that as well. Next you’ve got business info already showed you this here. Like I said, the ad account creation limit shows you primary page One extra thing here is you can also permanently delete your business manager account here So don’t mess with that button. Next you’ve got preferences, so this is where you’re going to tell business manager to send you notifications for specific things and these notifications will pop up you’ll not only get an email, but you also get a notification up here. So you can configure all of that now that here. Final one you’ve got requests so like I was talking about with the partner thing if someone else has requested you to be a partner or have requested access to a specific ad account this is where those notifications will pop up and you can accept or deny them, but that’s pretty much everything. Hope I answered at least a couple questions really enjoyed going through all of this. That’s it for today, for first episode of Nick’s ad chat

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