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How to set up Custom Audiences for Messenger Facebook Ads – ManyChat Tutorial 2019

How to set up Custom Audiences for Messenger Facebook Ads – ManyChat Tutorial 2019

Hey, what’s up, bot star? Are you interested in
learning about messenger ads? Well, you’re in the right
place, because all week, we’re celebrating ads week, right here
on the Baby Got Bot channel. Which means you’re going to want
to hit that Subscribe button and the bell because I am
coming at you with all things messenger bot ads. Messenger ads,
sponsored ads, whatever, it’s going to be bananas. And we’re going to start
today with custom audiences, because custom audiences
are the foundation for a successful
messenger bot ad. Why? Well because you
want to get people who are already nice and
warm coming into your bot and engaging. They’ll be more
likely to convert, and that’s where the magic is. So in today’s video,
I’m going to walk you through how to download specific
people in your messenger bot audience inside of Manychat, how
to upload them into Ads Manager over on Facebook, and how to
turn that list into a custom audience that you can use
no matter what type of ad you’re running in Facebook. Then stay tuned for later
this week because I’m going to show you how to build
out JSON ads and visual JSON ads using Ads Manager
and using Manychat. Plus, I’m going to do a whole
video on sponsored messages, which are messages that
you can pay to send out to all your
subscribers and anyone who’s ever messaged your page. So if you’ve been wondering,
how do I reach more people? How do I get more
people into my bot? How do I make some money? And how do I convert? Well, friends, this is ads week,
and we’re launching right now. So under Audiences, go to
Filter and click on Condition. Now you can filter
your audience and how you want to create your
custom audience based off tags, opt-in, sequences,
any kind of custom fields. Anything like that that you
want to really narrow down your audience. I’m just going to go
with a tag, and I’m going to go with my chat bot
interest people for this. Now you can add more tags. Just keep in mind where it
says All of the Following, and if you add
several, that’s going to decrease your number
because it’s narrowing down. And if I click here,
it’s going to say Any of the Following,
which is going to make your numbers bigger
as I add various things. Once you’re ready, you’re
to go to Bulk Actions and click on Export PS IDs. And download the CSV. So your first step is
to go into Ads Manager and click up here where
you see the hamburger menu. We are going to
create an audience, and we’re going to
create a custom audience. We are going to do it based
off of a customer file, and I’m going to do it based off
of a file that doesn’t include the lifetime value. Now we’re going to select
the source as from customers and partners, and we are
going to upload our file that we got out of Manychat. You can name your
audience right here. And Next. Now you’re going to go
where it says Do Not Upload, and you are going to
go to Page User ID, and then you’re going
to enter the page’s ID. Now where you get this
is you go to your page– your Facebook page–
go to the About section and scroll all the way down
to where it says page ID. Grab that and head back
over and enter that. And then add one page. And then Upload and Create. And then you just let it upload. Now from here, you can
create a look-alike audience or you can create an
ad, and you’re all set. So there you have it. Now you know how to
download the right people from your messenger
subscriber list and upload them right
into Ads Manager. Now don’t forget to subscribe,
because all this week, we are focusing on
Messenger-based ads. And these are going to help
launch your success strategy for your messenger marketing. Next up, we’re talking
about sponsored ads and JSON ads, both the
traditional JSON ads as well as what you may have
heard as visual JSON ads. So that’s going to
be very exciting, right here on the Baby
Got Bot channel this week. It’s ads week, y’all. Oh, I’m so excited. If you enjoyed today’s
video, hit me with a thumbs up, and of course, if you
want to dive even deeper into Messenger marketing, come
on over and join the Baby Got Bot Facebook group. It’s totally free,
it’s totally awesome, and we do a ton of
exclusive trainings and I answer your questions. So check out the link down
in the description below. In the meantime, check
out all these other videos I have going on that
could help you out, and I’ll catch you
on the next video.

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