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How to Set Up A Video Youtube Ad Campaign | Youtube Campaign Setup Step by Step 2019

How to Set Up A Video Youtube Ad Campaign | Youtube Campaign Setup Step by Step 2019

hey what’s going on YouTube it’s John
here with non stop video and in this video I’m gonna show you guys how to set
up a YouTube in-stream ad which is basically those little commercial ads
that pop up right before you watch the video so here’s a quick example I
clicked on this video sponsor and this commercial came up after five seconds
you can usually skip the commercial by clicking on tips and that’s basically it
right there so I’m gonna show you guys how to set up one of these ads right
here on YouTube which is called again a YouTube in-stream ad so the way to
create one of these ads is by actually creating a Google Ads account so Google
Ads account is just a Google AdWords account inside of here you since YouTube
is connected with Google although YouTube ads and everything you do on
YouTube has done through Google Ads account so all the ads that you want to
shoot on YouTube you do it through the Google ads platform so the first thing
you do is go ahead and log into your Google ads once you have your account
all set up you know what you’re gonna do is come over and click on campaigns then
click on create a new campaign there’s a little plus icon right here click on
that icon new campaign and what you’re gonna do next is click on website
traffic after that you’re gonna click on video right at the end next just click
on continue so we could get started so the first thing you’re gonna do is give
your campaign a name so for right now I’ll go ahead and use example but you
usually want to give it a name that has to reference with your ad so maybe I’d
put for example a basketball ad with the date on it so today is actually made the
fourth so just want to let you guys know maybe the world be with you alright so
put the date on there and something you can also add in is the
device you’re gonna be targeting so if you only want this ad to show on desktop
if you only want it to show on tablets or on mobile I usually add that into
alright next is gonna be the daily budget so that’s up to you right there
you can start with anywhere between five to ten bucks if you’re doing our
youtube in-stream ad it is pretty expensive so I start anywhere between 10
to 20 bucks the delivery method you’re gonna leave it alone it’s gonna be on
standard next is the start and end date to your
ad so if you want the ad to start as soon as you’re finished with the
campaign just leave it alone or if you want to add to run starting next week
next week Monday through Friday then you can fill that in right there but I
usually want the ad to start running right away so I just leave that alone
after that it’s a bid strategy you just want to leave that alone right there
through max conversions next is gonna be the network’s you just want to open it
up and make sure it looks like this this is unchecked this is grayed out and this
is this is unchecked also so just leave that alone if it looks like this after
that you have languages so that’s just depending on your ad or whether it’s in
a different language and you also have locations so the locations are gonna be
targeting it it’s usually left on default for United States but you can
start adding in all the locations for example United Kingdom if I also wanted
to target the United Kingdom I would click include Australia other countries
you want to start targeting just click on custom and start adding them United
States Canada United Kingdom Australia other countries you want to target if
you just want to stick to the US you can just click on us leave it alone or US
and Canada just click on that and leave it alone
so for now we’ll just leave it on us next is gonna be the content exclusions
so first you just want to leave it on standard inventory leave that alone
right there next you have content exclusions so the first one is standard
eat inventory leave that alone the way it is next is
excluded content so you’re gonna open this up right here and exclude yourself
from all these content sexuality profanity all these things that you
really don’t want to be showing on so start marking those up right there then
close it and after that its exclusion types and labels so open that up and you
don’t want to be shown on games or live stream videos embedded video so make
sure you check these and mature audiences you don’t need to
be shown on mature audiences so make sure you check that you only want to
leave these four right here unchecked so close that up and then
click on advanced settings this is very important right here open up your
advanced settings and for now it’s asking you for devices we’re gonna leave
that alone and later on I’m gonna show you how to target specific devices so
just leave that alone and go down to frequency capping so what I usually like
to do is set a frequency cap for the video being shown for the ad being shown
so I’m not showing the same add to the same exact person over and over and over
and over again I like to show as many people as I possibly can
so what I usually do is click on three I usually pick between between three and
five so I’ll stick with three for now three per day three impressions per day
and then frequency cab for views output three per week I’m sorry per month so
the person only gets the impression three different times and three
indicators view at three different times per month so that even if they did see
it they’re only gonna see it three more times and even if it was impression to
them if they got it as an impression they’re only gonna get it three times so
we’re not showing our ad to the same exact person over and over and over
again we’re trying to reach as many people as possible so make sure you set
a frequency cap to three per day and three per month on mewhen next is ad
schedule now again this is on you right here whether you want to start showing
it right away or whether you want it to show only between 12 – 4 12 – 9 all that
if you just want to show your ad throughout the entire day especially if
you’re just testing it out I would leave this alone and go down to creating the
ad group so this is gonna be your first ad group right here just go ahead and
give it a name and so what I usually do is for the ad group I’ll give it a name
based on my targeting so if I was targeting specific keywords if I was
targeting a specific channel a specific type of audience I would give it the
name of the ad group I’d put that name inside of the ad group
so for example I put keywords so I know the exact ad group and what I’m what am
i targeting inside this ad group later on I’m gonna show you how to create more
ad groups and start targeting different audiences
so next go down again this is gonna be based on your ad you want to do research
before you set up your ass so you know exactly who you’re targeting so you’ll
click on the age group you know maybe you only want to show it to people that
are from the ages of 18 or 44 so I don’t check all these maybe you only want to
show it to people that are parents and only people that have a household income
of 40 to 50 percent so I don’t check all these now again this is all based on
your audience research before you set up ahead you want to make sure you do your
research on your audience so you know exactly who you’re targeting maybe you
only want to show it to males so I don’t check both of these right here all right
so then close that up right there next click on audiences and this is gonna be
your custom audiences for right now we’re gonna leave this alone but later
on I’ll go ahead and show you how to set this up for right now we’ll just use
keywords so I’ll just start typing in keywords things that have to relate with
the offer you are posting so for example if I was posting our basketball ad maybe
I’m Chuck maybe my offers showing people how to jump higher it’s a special offer
that people could buy a course it shows them how to jump higher any time
somebody types in the keyword basketball on YouTube or jump higher or you know a
basketball game I want my ad to be showing saw adding all those keywords
right there so basketball or maybe Bulls basketball
teams Lakers so adding in all the basketball teams anything that has to do
with basketball so when somebody types that in the search bar on Google they’ll
see a video and right before they see that video my ad promotion will pop up
now again you do have topic you do have placements but you want for every ad
group you only want to be doing one of them so you have audiences
keywords topics and placements for every ad group here’s our ad group we gave it
our name and so again you have keywords topics placements audiences all these
right here that you could be targeting for you only want to be picking one at a
time so maybe on one of my ad groups I’ll target topics on another ad group
our target placements on a different ad group I’d target audiences and that’s
your ad group right here so here’s your ad group name so for example right here
like I click on like i typed in keywords right here that’s what I came down here
and I only stuck with keywords maybe if I wanted to target topics different
topics I’d put topics inside of here so I know
what this ad group right here is targeting so make sure you own so make
sure you only choose one of them so you’re either gonna choose placements
topics audiences later on I’m going to show you guys exactly how doesn’t work
with the different ones before right now for setup purposes we’ll stick with
keywords and leave it alone so finally it’s gonna be adding in the video so
this is the video that you want to show right before somebody watches the their
own video right so this is the ad video this video right here just this is gonna
be the video that you type in right here so what you have to do first is create
our YouTube channel for it upload that video to YouTube and then grab the URL
of that video and type it inside of here so I’ll just use my own video for
example so again this is gonna be the ad video the ad copy of the video the video
that’s gonna show up right before people watch the actual video they want to see
so make sure you grab you upload it to YouTube first grab the URL of it and
type it inside of here so then you’re just gonna start filling in all the
details of your head the final URL so if somebody sees the add video they like
what you see they want to click on it and learn more this is the website
they’re gonna vote so type in your website and as you see here once I fix
it up on here it shows me the ad copy exactly how it will look like so I type
in mind the name of my website and I on the ad copy over here so call to
action it says call to action over here if I type and learn more it changes on
my right-hand side so I could see exactly what my ad copy is gonna look
like next and the headline of it doesn’t give you a lot of all characters to play
with only 15 so that’s up to you right there as you can see here I act it in
and on my right-hand side it shows me what it’s exactly it’s gonna look like
and I have the option to view it on mobile or desktop to see what it’s
looking like and then the last thing is gonna be a campaign banner so if you
come up here you’ll see that my ads showing obviously and up here’s a
campaign banner if I want to add a banner it’s optional I could come down
here upload my own image and YouTube is gonna show that image in the banner side
to right here right up here now that’s optional you don’t have to add it in so
if you’re if you don’t want to add a banner right now you could just leave it
alone it’s just a show mix it just helps people see your brand more if you add in
a banner but it’s completely optional it’s gonna be only shown on computers
only awesome as you can see after that just give your ad a name and you’re
basically done click on save and continue and that’s it you’re all done
you’ll see a little overview of your ad right here it says congratulation your
app your campaign is ready and just click on continue to campaign and here
it is you’ll see it right here now I want to talk about the different
targeting this is something very very important and this is this is basically
the biggest maker break of any ad for any platform is who exactly you’re
targeting your audience that you’re targeting because let’s say you start
targeting people from 18 to 25 it’s not working out then you obviously want to
switch it up and start targeting people from 30 to 40 or maybe you’re targeting
a specific group a specific video and it’s not working out you want to start
testing out different targets audiences and see which one is giving
you the best reaction and see which one’s giving you the best conversions
and also the devices you want to first target desktop only then target mobile
separate your targets so you can see which one’s giving you better results is
a mobile is a desktop maybe it’s both for them that’s another thing you want
to start separating now so what you can do is first is here’s the ad set right
here’s the ad set that I just created an example on topics you can just click on
it click on edit copy then click on paste it’s gonna pull up the same exact
ad group and campaign all you have to do is click on paste at the bottom and
you’re all done so here’s the first one and here’s number two as you can see it
says number two right here so on this one and the first one maybe we could
target desktop only we could target mobile only and on the second one we
could target the other one the desktop or the mobile or on this one we could
target keywords and on the second one we could target topics or audiences so I’ll
give you guys a quick example so we’ll click on this one right here the first
ad group we’ll click on that one and right here it’s set to target
keywords right so here are the first hit keywords but what I also want to do is
only target desktop only the people that are on the desktop so I’ll click on
devices down here at the bottom I’ll come down here and the way you have to
do it is since I don’t want it to show on mobile or tablets or TV screens so
this is a very important because you don’t want your ads showing on TV
screens if it has nothing to do with TV so I’m sure you know a lot of people are
viewing YouTube on their own television at home through their smart app you
don’t want your ads showing on there so just click on the little pencil right
here click on decrease by a hundred percent so now it’s not going to be
showing at all on any TV screen and you want to do the same thing for mobile and
tablets click on the little pencil click on the crease and type in a hundred
percent click on save and that’s it all right so now our ad should only be
shown on desktop computers so again that’s something you’re gonna want to do
in every single ad group some ad groups you’re gonna target only computers other
ad groups you’re gonna target only mobile if you have tablets or TV screens
if you want to but I usually only stick to mobile and computers for obviously
online ads and like I mentioned the only other thing is your audience targeting
so you got keywords you got audiences topics placements demographics and so in
this ad group right here we’re only gonna target keywords but we’ll go back to our ad groups so all you have to do
is go back to your ad groups and so for this one though we were targeting
keywords right so I would put in keywords and we targeted also only
computers right so maybe the second one we’re gonna target topics and we want to
target mobile click on save all right so now you have a different name so you
know exactly what ad group is targeting one so see this ad group is targeting
keywords and computers this time this ad group is targeting topics and mobile so
you wanna click on on this ad group right here you want to go down to
devices and only target mobile so you’re gonna click on that click on decrease
for computers 100% for tablets decrease it by 100% TV screens 100% just like I
showed you before and then for a keyword since we’re not targeting keywords
inside of here we’re gonna go ahead and turn off all the keywords inside of here
or you could just delete them so we’ll go ahead and click on edit and
click on remove alright so now that we removed the keywords we could come down
to placements targets audiences so we’ll go with topics you want to add in a new
topic and just start adding in the topics or what your ad has to do with so
it could be on Internet technology computer communication so all the topics
maybe you could type in a URL or phrase and then afterwards just click on save
and you have new topics right here that your ad is gonna be targeting or maybe
you want to click on paid placements now for placements your video is actually
gonna show on a specific placement meaning it’s gonna be on a specific
video or on a specific channel so all you have to do is click on the little
pencil up here and start adding in the channel maybe you’ll type in the name of
the channel maybe the actual video or even the website so for example I could
come down here to YouTube channels open that up and then type in ESPN so as you
can see here it pulls up all the ESPN channels and I only want my and to start
shown on ESPN channel so I’ll add that one in maybe I’ll do ESPN on MBA like I
mentioned it was a basketball ad right for example I’ll add that in right there
come down here and click on save so now it’s gonna be showing only on these
channels right here so again like I mentioned you want to make several
different ad groups and in every single ad group you want to target either
placements topics keywords separate each one of them so that way you’re targeting
different audiences and seeing exactly what works best for your head and so
once you’re done with all that if you want to see what your ad actually looks
like if you want an example of it all you have to do is click on ads and
extensions right here you’ll see your ad pop up if you click on the pencil you’ll
click on preview click on desktop and go down to the bottom and click on
preview ad so it’s gonna open up another YouTube window where it’s gonna preview
what your ad will look like see as you can see here it’s showing my exact video
with my website I could skip it I could click on it but it’s basically just
giving me a very good example of what my ad just looks like if somebody random
was seen it so I hope you guys enjoyed this video that’s exactly how you setup
a YouTube video ad I know it was pretty dang long so I hope you guys did enjoy
it and I hope that you got some value out of this video if you did definitely
hit the subscribe button down below I appreciate it come out with daily tips
and tricks videos on affiliate marketing and online marketing overall so make
sure you subscribe down below I hope you guys enjoyed it and I’ll see you guys on
the next video

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