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How To Set Up A Google Adwords Account In Under 10 Minutes

How To Set Up A Google Adwords Account In Under 10 Minutes

Hi, Mike Mancini here with PPC video
training.com. Thanks so much for viewing our video on how to setup a google
adwords account in under 10 minute. On these videos it’s designed for anybody
to really do it whether you have technical experience or not, but we go
through it very very quickly. I know you’ve got businesses to run, you’ve got
lives to live, you’ve got kids. You know there are a number of different things
that come into our lives that don’t give us a lot of extra time this is not one
of those things. There is not a lot of fluff in this video. It gets right to the
point with that set the best way to go through this is as you see a step pause
the video open up another window take the step that we just spoke about come
back resume the video and go back and forth like that that will end up getting
you through this video as quick as possible another thing as we set up this
AdWords account there are so many different settings that you can do on
AdWords this is to get you a basic account set up no we’re not talking
about an Express account and we’ll get into that in a second we’re talking
about an actual advanced AdWords account with the basic settings and things like
that this is to help get you started so without further ado let’s get rolling to
set up a google adwords account you first need to have an actual google
account and yes a gmail account is a google account if you don’t have one
just go to google com this is only going to take a second you see this
information I’m going to go ahead and fill it out quickly so I’m going to
pause the video while I do that once you get down here go ahead and click on next
step agree to the privacy in terms you have to scroll down to the bottom of it
welcome we’re all set up you can click on continue once you’ve set that up what
you’re going to need to do is you’re going to want to go to AdWords google
com it’ll ask you to log in again you can just skip this we’d like welcome to
google adwords this is the first screen that you’re going to see what is your
website we’re going to use our website PPC video training com here and here we
go here is where Google is going to suggest that you start out with Google
AdWords Express we do not AdWords Express there are not enough
settings on it AdWords Express is designed to get you into the AdWords
program the problem is is that we cannot target enough with it it’s not meant for
people to scale their businesses with it’s just for something for wanting to
get started with I highly suggest going and clicking this link switch to AdWords decide how much you want to spend set
your daily budget let’s just say we’re going to spend three hundred dollars a
month obviously I’m just using that as a number which would be ten dollars a day locations I just want to target my local
area let’s say I have a local service business I don’t service all countries
and territories or even just United States or even the entire state let’s
say I service minneapolis minnesota i can just type in minneapolis i go here i
click on add if you want some more advanced options you can go to advanced
search and you can see the map here and you can click on different areas on the
map by going radius harder beginning you can drop a pin right here and go out
five miles in fact let’s do that minneapolis i want to go out five miles
search once you get that you can click on add good when you’re done click done
and save networks search Network Display Network we want to do the search Network
display network or graphic adds the search network is only when people are
doing searches on Google and its partner sites it’s very targeted alright next
we’re going to select our keywords so it auto populates keywords in here that
were taken off of our website so it knows what our website is about and it
assumes if that’s what we’re going to be advertising so quickly go through some
of these ads and see if that’s exactly what you’re advertising for now I have a
pay-per-click video training business so AdWords might be a little bit broad
probably not going to do that one affiliate marketing no google ads no
online marketing a little bit too broad google adwords no no PPC that’s right up
our alley that might still be a little broad but for sake of time we’re going
to fly through this online advertising yes
per click no you get the point Edward support what does PPC know and then I’ll
add a few more in here PPC training pay-per-click training pay PPC videos
pay per click videos now I’m not going to put a ton in here and I don’t want
you to go crazy with this I wanted you to come up with the top 10 keywords that
you’ve got if you’re under 500 bucks I don’t want you to come up with any more
than 10 right now PPC is a little bit too broad I normally wouldn’t have this
in here in fact I’m going to take it out you want search terms that people are
actually looking for you if you’re a plumber you don’t want to write take
every keyword that has to do about plumbing you want plumbers near me
plumbers location where you’re at like plumbers Minneapolis things like that
you want to miss targeted as you can get them click on save bit AdWords
automatically set your bids to help you get as many clicks possible I want i’ll
set my bids manually I don’t want to pay more than I only have a ten dollar a day
budget I want to be realistic and say I don’t want to spend any more than about
three dollars a day I click now it’s going to give you the opportunity to
write your ad landing page this is where you’re sending the people the number one
mistake I see would with people set up accounts is they always send people to
the front page of their website look at it this way if i’m selling blue trucks I
don’t want to send people to the front page of my website where I’ve got red
cars and and black trucks in and maroon motorcycles I want to send somebody to
exactly what they’re looking for if they’re looking for blue trucks and they
type that in and they click on my ad they’re going to a page on my website
about blue trucks you take em exactly to where they’re looking for the headline
so what we’re going to do is we want to include some of our key words in our
headline so we’re going to say PPC training videos
and the headline to trained in pay-per-click we have up to 30
characters to work with on each headline but you can see I’ve actually managed to
get the head like the keywords in there twice PPC and pay-per-click description
so video training to learn pay-per-click marketing beginner to advanced it’s got
keywords in here it’s got PPC or pay-per-click it includes at least so
includes a keyword capitalize the first letter of every word include specific
prices or promotions we don’t have any of those right now and use a clear call
to action start now and click on save we have our first ad save and continue now
we just have to end our billing information I’m in the United States I’m
central time I can enter I’m gonna enter all my information in here quickly
obviously I’m going to blur that out but bear with me a moment all right all the
information is in here click that you agree to AdWords terms and conditions
click finish alright you got your AdWords account set up go to your
account and that’s it your AdWords account is active right now once these
ads are approved it’ll take a few hours it will be up and running what you need
to do to pause it is click on the little green dot and click on paused ok
everything is paused let’s take a look at our timer perfect ok when somebody
goes to your website and let’s say we’ve sent these people from our campaign to
our website and this is just one of the products that we have but this is a free
product but let’s say we’re charging for this or let’s say we’re just sending
people here to our email list wherever you’re sending people you need to make
sure that they have a way to get in touch with you I can’t tell you how many
times i’ve looked at people’s campaigns and it sends into a page but something
is broken on that page where they can’t purchase or they can’t do what they’re
supposed to do if i have a service business i will have my phone number
here i will also have a forum for people to fill out and to be
able to track this stuff to make sure we know if this is working or not you can
go up here to tools and click on conversions add a conversion at our
website pick a name so we’re just going to say plumbing because that’s maybe the
campaign that we’re doing how much is each conversion doesn’t really matter
you can say each time it happens it’s worth a dollar or 20 or maybe it’s a
hundred dollars to your business you don’t have to assign a value that’s fine
done every conversion yes I usually choose a 90-day window sometimes it
takes people a little bit longer to make up their mind just leave everything else
the same category is it a sale I’ll sign up a lead what is it let’s just say it’s
a lead done include a conversions just keep that and keep the last click model
save and continue this code needs to go on the thank you page for this so if
somebody comes here and they fill this out and they click on get the text ad
generator they’re going to go to a Thank You page that is where this code needs
to be placed that way it will count that as a conversion so a quick way to do
that is if you have your conversion code let’s say people are going and once
again they’re getting this product once they fill this in and they click this
button they go to a Thank You page this is our thank you page where they can
find the product that they just signed up for or that they just purchased this
happens to be a WordPress website when I’m editing my page here’s the text
itself but on a wordpress site you can just go over here to text go down to the
bottom and you can paste that conversion code right in here and then update on
other website platforms there’s usually a place where you can paste that code so
that’s how you start a google adwords account and get it up and running in
just under 10 minutes hi I’m Mike Mancini found our PPC video training com
now while we’ve just shown you how to get your account up and running what we
haven’t had time to show you is everything else you should know to get
the best results you can out of your AdWords campaign just
because you not have an account set up you need to not only make sure it runs
correctly but that you’re not wasting any money with it just because of this
setup does not mean that it will be profitable you need to make sure your
ads are getting clicked and that’s just one part of it once someone clicks your
ads that is step one but they not only need to click your ad they need to be
taken to the correct place and be convinced to take the appropriate action
whether that’s to fill out a form make a purchase or even call your business all
of this is part of the customer journey but maybe your website isn’t ready what
if you don’t have a landing page what if you have a really really bad website or
not even a website at all well we still have a solution for you please join us
as we launch a new small business training product designed to help those
who want to continue their journey that they just started here today and this
includes with people who presently have a website but also those who don’t have
a website at all or maybe just have a really poor one you see we need beta
testers we need to launch our product to a select few who be willing to test out
what we have before we do a full launch to the world but let me put your mind at
ease this is not some false scarcity tactic I’m releasing it like this
because the program is brand new and before I release it to the masses I want
to get together a small beta group of early adopters who want to experience
the program and make it better and yes you will be getting a finished product
not only will you be getting the full product but new and improved revisions
as well so that’s right lifetime access so if you are interested please go to
PPC video training calm and sign up to be an early bird adopter there are only
a limited number of spots that will be released to the public and this launch
will be happen before the end of 2016 so you can give your business a boost for
the new year this program will take you through different things like everything
that you just learned in the quick start video but much much more in-depth how to
get the best keywords for your campaign and no more is not necessarily better
how to find what your competition is doing and how to duplicate
the best and quickest ways to set up a landing page with the elements that you
need to complete the sale how to track your campaign especially if your service
business how to scale your advertising and you also receive tools like AdWords
campaign worksheets for Microsoft Excel that will help you quickly and easily
set up your campaigns a text ad generator for writing multiple ads at
once sample text ads for different industries so you can see what’s worked
in the past and what is working multiple checklists and action plans and
everything else in between once again when we have filled the spots they’re
full will not be offering any other spots until sometime in the late spring
of 2017 so if you want your business to get a jump on 2017 please go to PPC
video training calm and sign up today to get early bird access and be one of our
beta testers also please subscribe to our YouTube channel below to get other
great free video tips tricks and tutorials thanks so much for watching
and we hope to see you soon you

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