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How To Set-up A Facebook Campaign In 15 Mintues – Building an Online Business Ep. 33

How To Set-up A Facebook Campaign In 15 Mintues – Building an Online Business Ep. 33

So I ran a bunch of traffic but I have no
idea what happened. What’s up guys? Jason here, aspiring entrepreneur and welcome
to episode 33 of Building An Online Business From Scratch, where I am showing you A to
Z and everything in between I’m doing to put together a online webinar sales funnel
and build a digital consulting practice, so in today’s episode we’re going to be talking
about how to set up a face book ads campaign, so this is going to be basic tutorial, face
book ads 101 so if you’ve already set up a campaign before, definitely check it out
for the first couple of minutes in the tutorial, you can skip if you already understand the
face book ads influence and for those of you who are setting up campaigns for the first
time, we’ve set up campaigns in the past you haven’t really seen the results that
you’re looking for or wanted, this video is definitely going to help you out, make
sure number 1 you structure them correctly and number 2 you chose the correct campaign
type because that can play a big role in how you’re campaigns perform as well so part
1 here. How do you structure your campaigns? Really simple, each campaign should be one
action, so that action will either be opting into a list, purchasing a product, you know
or signing up for an event, whatever that action is make each campaign one action, so
for example let’s say we have a webinar sales funnel like I’m setting up, campaign
number 1 is going to be all about getting people to sign up for the webinar, then the
remarketing campaign, ill set up a second campaign and that campaign will specifically
target people who maybe came to the webinar, maybe didn’t purchase or sign up for the
webinar, didn’t come and so that remarketing campaign is going to be all about getting
people who didn’t, who didn’t purchase on the webinar back to the sales page or back
to the webinar again, that’s an action, I wouldn’t put my remarketing ad groups
in my first campaign that all about getting people to (02:00) sign up so it’s a simple
example but hopefully it kind of shows that each campaign should be an action so campaign
1 sign up for the webinar, campaign 2 remarketing to get people who saw the webinar who didn’t
purchase to come back and look at the webinar again or look at the offer again and this
will apply to whatever product you are selling, so once you have the campaign, then you have
your ad groups and you ads and this is something that is really through off allot of beginners
and that is one ad per ad group. I know it seems weird but wait what’s the
point of an ad group if you only put one ad in it, I’ll tell you what it is so, when
you set up your ads face book will automatically optimize your ad group for that ad so if you
have one ad group and 3 different ads, face book chooses which ads is going to be shown
the most, you don’t choose so when you go in and start looking at your statistics, you
look at your ad group statistics and you say hey you know ad group A would totally outperformed
ad group B, but you’re not, you won’t really know why because you’ll go into ad
group A or ad group B and you will look at the 3 different ad’s and you will notice
face book ran all the traffic to these 2 and not to this one, so you don’t know if this
one works or not so what you want to do is set it up so each ad group has 1 ad and then
this is where it gets really key, you test one variable at the time, so you are either
testing 1 or 2 things, we are going to be testing the audience or we are going to be
testing the message. So here’s, and this can get a little tricky
so stick with me I promise this is going to make perfect sense by the end of the video,
so here’s what I mean, when you have your campaign the action get people to sign up
to the webinar, great, ok ad group 1 is going to be audience 1, ad group 2 will be audience
2, within those 2 ad groups I’m actually going to have the same ad because I’m not
testing the ad, I’m testing the audience, now let’s say a week from now I know ad
group 1 out performs ad group 2, perfect, so now I’m going to leave ad group 1 running
and I’m going to make ad group 3 but this time ad group 3 is going to have a different
ad, but the same audience, see now I’m testing the messaging which is the ad, whatever, whenever
you change an element of an ad you are testing messaging whenever you change the audience
you are testing targeting and so we run it another week, look ad group 3 did better than
ad group 1 so ill pause ad group 1 and will make ad group 4 maybe ill test a new audience
or you know I will test another ad but throughout that process you’re continually building
your continually optimizing and building and you’re always testing either a new audience
or you are testing a new ad and it forces face book when you have one ad per ad group,
it forces face book to run that ad so at the end of the week you know definitively that
ad worked better as opposed to oh I had 3 ads in 1 ad group and this ad group out performed
that ad group but I’m not quite sure which ad did better, it’s get really mucky and
it get really hard to see what your results actually are and part of why we only test
messaging and we only test targeting is because face book will actually give us a breakdown
of demographics and devices and placement so you don’t really have to worry about
segmenting and testing those because as I’ll show you in another video with analyzing when
you’re analyzing your results face book will tell you what age group worked best,
they will tell you what device worked best, they’ll tell you which placement worked
best, right inside, mobile newsfeed, desktop newsfeed, audience network and its almost
always going to be mobile newsfeed but at least you will know so that’s why those
types of elements you don’t really worry about face book doesn’t necessarily tell
you is which audience you’re targeting is working the best which is why you have 1 ad
group with 1 audience then you kind of force face book to say only run traffic to this
audience with this ad and then you definitively know whether that combination works or not
and you can test it against a different combination so hopefully that makes sense hopefully the
overlay graphics helped a little bit with that so now let’s dive into the face book
influence and check out how to make this work. Ok so we are in face book ads manager right
now so I’m going to go ahead and come up here to create campaign and I’m just going
to create a mock campaign for driving people to a website to essentially just get their
name and email so to go over quickly we have brand awareness, local awareness reach, local
awareness if you are a brick and mortar business ok if you are not a brick and mortar business
and whatever, reach is something that’s essentially get your ad in front of as many
people as possible and then brand awareness is kind of the same thing like I’m not really
sure what the value or difference is in these and 9.99 times out of 10 I don’t recommend
clients doing this, I think I’ve run a branded awareness campaign once and that’s simple
because you can’t really have a cold action, it’s just kind of like a post that sits
there and says hey look at me and then that’s it, so what we are going to be focusing on
here is you are going to be looking at traffic or conversions now you don’t want to use
conversions until you know your landing page works so you already need to have your face
book pixel set up, you will have driven a traffic campaign, your face book pixel sort
of registered x number of users you know at least 50 or 100 and then you can go make a
conversion campaign that’s an advance thing but don’t start off with this because you
are going to burn a lot of money. So we’re going to be focusing on traffic
here you can also go for engagement, get your app installed, just have people view your
video, you want to remember though that face book counts a video of you as 3 seconds , so
you’ll defiantly want to make sure that you really really do want to run a video view
and that’s really just another version of brand awareness so for driving traffic we’re
going to click the traffic campaign and I’m just going to call this test because we’re
actually not going to be saving this guy or making this particular one live, I’m just
walking you through the process of setting this bad boy up and then of course some cool
things to do with naming. Right now that it’s loaded, let’s go through
so first, first and foremost you are going to be audience, now I did a spate video on
creating an audience I highly recommend you create and audience before you go into this
process, I’m just going to go ahead and select an audience here, baam, and what’s
nice about that is you select the audience and then you are done, so definitely check
out the uTube channel for how to set up on an audience, I definitely recommend doing
all that hard work before you come in and make your ad, so you definitely going to want
to edit placements, number 1 you don’t want, you pretty much don’t want audience network,
I myself and clients we just get terrible results with audience network, instagram unless
your specifically running ads for instagram take that off then we are going to go to face
book and unclick instant article so face book feed and right hand column and so face book
that’s going to, this is going to be desktop feed, mobile feed and then right hand column
on the desk top as you test, you will see which placement works best, most likely mobile
is going to work best and then you can set your daily budget so you can set it by day
or you can set it lifetime, personally I set it daily and that way if an ad is working
then I can continue to run that ad because it working as opposed to a lifetime budget,
the ad ends and face book has to reset and go through the process of optimising and figuring
out your ad is relevant to people so it’s best to just have it on a daily
budget and pause it or stop it when you don’t want it to run anymore so it’s definitely
a manual process you can’t, this isn’t a set it and forget it type of thing. Now the other thing I do want to mention though
is if it’s really important that your face book ad run at specific times of the day then
you have to do lifetime budget and I’ll show you why, so if you click lifetime budget
you say your start and end date and then you come down here to your ad scheduling hit more
options and you say run ad on a schedule and click that and then you can select that, now
if I went back up here and said oh actually I want a daily budget it’s not going to
let you do that, I’ll say no only available with lifetime budget, so definitely something
you want to keep in mind, run continuously I’m just going to keep it running continuously
and be responsible for turning it off. Bid, I’m still up in the air on whether
or not manual is the best, I just tend to leave it automatic and if something costs
too much or its too high I let face book tell me hey this is how much it costs to reach
your audience and then I get to make the decision ok yeah I will pay for that or no I need to
fix my ad or I need to fix my targeting. No when you come down here to the naming I
kind of have a code that I like using, I say what the product is, the action that the campaign
is designed to do so if the action is, the action can either be cold traffic, new leads
or you can name it based on the campaign type say conversations, traffic, brand awareness
or my personal favourite is just saying the action you want them to take on your website,
so it will be something like opt in, webinar registration, you know new account creation
and whatever that action is purchase if that’s it is or you know remarketing to, remarketing
and then you know website visitors or remarketing sales views or whatever you want to say or
whatever the action that they are supposed to take in on the site or an action they’ve
taken on the site and then the audience code so notice up here that I actually name my
audiences something, so I would come up here and name it JW, id copy this and paste it
here and then I’d say add, copy one image 1, now I know that seems like jeez Jason why
the heck are you making this so complicated, and this is why, when you’re testing, when
I go and make the next ad group to test, I’m going to be changing one or two variables,
I’m going to be changing what this says or I’m going to be changing what this says
because remember we are always testing either the messaging or we are testing the audience
so when I come in here and I say ok the next one I’m going to test is image 2, then when
I’m looking at my results I can see ok product, what’s the product, what’s the action,
ok same, same, ok the audience is the same, oh always testing image 1 vs. image 2 and
its really easy as opposed to clicking around trying to remember which one was testing what
so image 1 and then we’ll continue. Now you get to create the ad and we’re only
going to create 1 ad for this particular ad group, so id normally do single image or I
do a video, if you are just getting started just do single image, keep it simple. You can select free stock photo’s, I highly
recommend doing some research though and coming up with your own images, so I’m going to
browses library of my image, images and I’m just going to pick 1 here, one of the webinar
ones and click done, there we go and then it will give you a little preview so I’m
going to pause the video real quick so you don’t watch me type all this stuff up. Awesome so here we go, couple of things I
want to point out here, when you’re typing up the text is what’s going to show up at
the very top of the image then you have your headline, then headline, if you have a really
long headline this is actually a mistake on my part so if I was spending more time I would
actually either type more text in here to make, to take full advantage of the real estate
because you will notice, ops, too much real estate, too much real estate, too much real
estate, here we go, we will back it up a little bit, let it load again so if you take advantage
of all the space because what happens is if you have a second line you are going to lose
some of your text, you’re description space on the desktop news feed so you will notice
here oh now I have 2 lines of text, because a second can be a really big deal because
when you look at the previews of other ones that stuff just doesn’t even show up but
you definitely want to go through these previews and make sure that the messaging that you
need to show up actually shows up enough so the ad makes sense, so you will notice here,
copy paste the simple proven also pretty that’s a pretty sweet place for the description in
because it’s kind of like a cliff hanger as opposed to how to build instant influence
and grow your audience. If audience was more important than influence
which it is id come in here and I would switch it, how to grow your audience and build your
in and that actually works allot better for the previous so we will go back over here,
how to grow and build you influence, ok great and then how to grow your audience and build
your, so that’s just one example where you want to make sure your most important copy
shows up in the right places on all these previews so I switched around the headline
so that the audience which is more important than influence at lease shows up on the other
ad formats, now you can come down here and click learn more, you can change the called
action, this again is still up in the air, I read things that say hey learn more is the
best and I also read things that say because everyone uses learn more it doesn’t work
to well, now download now is the best thing, um so you’ll definitely want to split test
that but it’s kind of, it’s kind of binary or in salary at this point because it’s
not a huge part of the ad, the image and what you say up here is 95% of your success and
this is kind of just being nitpicky so if you have run a couple of test and you’re
looking like hey I don’t really know how to improve my ad then maybe play with this
but really inters of testing your messaging the top text here and your image are going
to be 95% of what you’re playing with and because most of your traffic signals most
likely going to be coming from mobile the description down here you could probably just
use the same on every ad that you run, so once you’ve done that I entered the URL,
I choose the page that I want the traffic, I’ve chosen the page that I want the ad
to be associated with so if you manage multiple pages or you manage client pages definitely
make sure that you are selecting the correct page and then you can go ahead and click place
order and you’d be good to go so I’m going to go and show you this campaign that’s
already set up and once your campaign is live, I’m going to go to a paused one here because
I didn’t want to click the place order button, but you can click your campaign, you can come
in here and see all of your ad groups so you will notice here I’ve followed that naming
convention and its really easy for me to see what’s being tested, in this particular
instance I was testing audience A, B and C and when you’re testing once you’ve set
up your first, once you’ve set up you’re first um, ad group you can go ahead a click
this duplicate button so that influence you really only going to do it once per campaign
and then you can come in here and you can actually edit everything that you set together
with the first campaign so you’re first ad group sorry, first ad group. So you leave the campaign, you don’t need
to edit that but we will come down here and we’ll edit the ad set, we’ll go ahead
and remove copy here and then we will rename the ad group what we are testing, so we can
either test a new audience and you see here I was testing an audience and where it was
showing up or we can test new image, so I’m just going to click image 2, I’m going to
leave the audience alone but you can change the daily budget again and you can change
the audience targeting as well, so I’m going to go ahead and click save and continue and
then I’m going to go to the ad and I’m actually going to edit the ad because we are
going to be testing image 2 so ill come in here, it already pulls up the ad that I have
currently running and I’m just going to change the image as my new split test, so
I’m going to go ahead and remove the word copy from the title and change the ad title
to image 2 as well and ill come down here and select a new image, so I’m going to
go ahead and select image, this happens to be a video ad and let’s say this was what
I’m going to be calling image 2 so go ahead and hit select and then let it load and baam,
there’s image number 2 and I click save and continue. So now I have quickly set up my split test
by just duplicating the ad set that I already have, I still have one ad per ad set and once
this thing loads, oh there we go, you go ahead and hit place order and now you are split
testing a completely new ad set and that’s all there is to it to setting up face book
campaigns. Thank you for watching I hope you found this
video informative and actionable, if you got some value out of it, you can go ahead and
hit that like button and subscribe for more business building and marketing tactics and
strategies just like the ones covered in this video. Over on my uTube channel I’m going from
A to Z and everything in between on how you can put together a online business by documenting
my own journey so I definitely encourage you to check it out, if you have any questions
about face book advertising, go ahead and drop them in the comment section below, I
read and reply to every single comment, I’d love to get your questions answered and make
sure you are set up for success with your face book advertising so until the next video
or episode, keep building the business you love, take care.

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  1. LOVED the beginning where you break it all down and explain how it works but when you hopped into the computer i became very lost, i was hoping you'd show us how to break down after the first campaign

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