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How To Set Successful Goals For 2020

How To Set Successful Goals For 2020

What’s up, guys? I’m Elise Joan,
Fitness Expert and creator of Beachbody’s brand new
Barre Blend program. Today, I’m leading
a yoga session for the crew at Fitbit. And with 2020
just around the corner, I’m including a goal-setting
meditation session to help you get the most out
of your New Year’s resolutions. So let’s go,
bring on that new decade. Okay, guys, welcome. I would just love you to bring all of your attention
to you right now. We have
a brand new decade, 2020. And what is so cool about that is that we have
these next few weeks to really move
into the decade powerfully. Let’s go ahead
and come on up to stand, and we’ll start moving. Do you know that
there’s actually a day, January 17, that is national drop
your New Year’s Resolutions Day. By January 17,
like 90 percent of people have dropped
their New Year’s resolutions. That means 16 days, okay? We can do better
because we’re going to set powerful
yet achievable resolutions that are within our power
and creativity to manifest. Love yourself more,
value yourself more. Be proud of yourself more. When you know that you
are worthy of good decisions, that you are worthy
of feeling good and being in good health, you are more likely to stick
with those resolutions. Can you take a moment here
to let go of tension? Can you take a moment here
to release something from 2019 that maybe
doesn’t serve you anymore? How do you want
to feel on January 17? How can you set yourself up
for success? Small intentional
choices every day. You don’t have to share
but you look so enthusiastic. Don’t let what other people
think of you, define who you are. It’s awesome.
I always love… Just Elise’s energy
is really just like infectious. She’s so joyful. I love actually this… The attention stuff
she does behind it, like, I’m surprised
at how much that’s affected me and like what a difference
it makes in my day. I think it’s nice
to like reflect on what has happened in the past and also kind of put words
into writing, like what you have in mind
for next year. It’s like, I want to be braver. So that’s something
I really want to work on. I spent a lot
of the years focusing on my physical well-being and not as much focusing on more emotional,
mental well-being. I think that’s something
I’m gonna bring in New Year. I’ll definitely be doing
more Barre Blend in January. I can’t wait. This was such
a fun event today, and it was so cool to demonstrate some
of my Barre Blend moves live for all of these amazing people. It’s all about sticking to your resolutions
and intentions. That is why in my Barre Blend
affirmation deck, I love five cards playing, and these are for you
to fill out. So what will you be in 2020? I know you’re ready, and I can’t wait to see you
at the Barre and support you
in all of your resolutions.

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  1. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. Setting goals is not about the accomplishment itself. It is also not just about becoming the person required to attain those goals.

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