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How to sell using Google AdWords online advertising google adwords help

How to sell using Google AdWords online advertising google adwords help

How to sell using Google Adwords Hi everyone. So today we’re going to talk
about something a little bit different. Today we’re going to be talking about how
you make money from e-commerce and specifically how you can do this without
having to, well, effectively break the bank. To do this we’re going to be using
a new service called StoreYa. Now what StoreYa does is takes the
guesswork and heavy lifting out of How to sell using Google Adwords trying to run online ad campaigns on
Google AdWords and Facebook. What StoreYa have cleverly done is
created an algorithm that once fed with your website can figure out which pages
would be best served via adverts. StoreYa’s algorithm helps you to get the very best
value for money. Instead of having to basically blindly throw adverts out there
hoping that certain pages will get the clicks or worse still having to
sit there and do hours, even weeks of research hoping to pinpoint a really hot
keyword that happens to also be a page on your website which also happens to be
low competition and high-volume, the golden unicorn so to speak. Now StoreYa system does everything automatically. You simply give it your
website URL and off it goes. How to sell using Google Adwords They were optimized for Google AdWords
Bing and Facebook. Because of their clever algorithm they’re also really good for small
businesses. You don’t have to have a huge number of pages or even a high-volume
website, doesn’t rely on your targeting data in that sense, What it does is it analyzes all of that
data out there about which adverts are operating against which keywords, what the volumes are like and it finds
those golden unicorns, those little nuggets of perfection, that it knows it
can spend a small amount of money to bid on, the clicks won’t cost a huge amount and there’s a higher likelihood of it sending engaged visitors to your website
and hopefully to your offer pages. Now How to sell using Google Adwords the algorithm does three very clever
things. It has an automatic bid optimizer. This checks real-time bidding to find
the most cost-effective keywords for your campaign at any given time. This isn’t about set it and forget it,
this is about continuously and automatically changing it up to make
sure you get the best. Dynamic adverts and keywords as part of the algorithm means that Google, Facebook and Bing will do a better job of matching your content to
their user base and delivering those all-important impressions and views. And
finally their learning machine. this is very clever. Instead of simply
using a scattergun approach of throwing How to sell using Google Adwords adverts at Google, Facebook and Bing, the system works out which the most appropriate channel would be. If for
instance bidding on Google would be better than bidding on Bing for a
particular keyword pair and landing page then it will go ahead and do that. Alternatively if Facebook’s the best
option for this particular advert it will place its ad bids there, making sure
you are always optimized for ad placement around the web. Now you might think that there’s going
to be a bit of a barrier to entry here you’re going to have to fork over a large
amount of money to get started using StoreYa. Now that’s the interesting thing here, they’re offering $25 getting started package where what they’ll do is add $75 of
advertising credit to your package so essentially you get $100 of ad campaign through StoreYa for just a How to sell using Google Adwords $25 initial commitment. That represents
an incredible value for money offer for any small business. Just $25 for $100 worth of advertising credits across the three
leading networks. With the system automatically making
sure that $100 of credits is being used appropriately to maximize
your investment and time on these ad networks. SettingStoreYa up is really simple and straightforward. Sign up on the website and complete the form. You
need to put in your website address and that’s where StoreYa will get your pages
to then place directly into adverts for you. Now depending on what type of business
you are, if you’re just an online business then you’ll just need to tick the
first box against the advertising How to sell using Google Adwords section, marked ads purpose. Just select the checkbox for I want to
send traffic to my website. However if you’re a localized business
or business that relies on trade coming through telephones, you can also use StoreYa to generate
calls to your business. So for people like plumbers and hair
dressers this could be a brilliant way to not only reach more people but reach
more people who are ready to book now on the phone. Once you’ve completed that
registration form you are all set up and ready to go. The StoreYa system will take over at this point and just sit back and watch the traffic
flowing in. It’s always a good idea to make sure you
have Google AdWords set up so you can monitor the visitors hitting your website and make adjustments if you need to. Things How to sell using Google Adwords like landing pages, or to product offer
pages. Also you can provide that data directly back to StoreYa so that they can
monitor your data. They’ll then provide that to a very helpful analytics dashboard that gives you a
quick overview of the number of visitors they’ve sent to your website so far. I’ve been testing out StoreYa for the last couple of weeks and I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the visitors it sent to my website. Visitors tend to be a lot
more sticky than just your usual organic Google visitor or a visitor coming in from
Twitter or Facebook. These adverts tend to convert much
better as well. How to sell using Google Adwords Overall I’m very impressed with what
StoreYa are offering. It seems like a great way to test out online advertising for a
small business and obviously with the return on investment you get, the small
amount of money you pay on StoreYa each month is more than made up for by
the amount of money you earn from new customers. Overall I think StoreYa have come up with a really clever idea here. How to sell using Google Adwords It does work and it helps small
businesses to jump into online advertising without a huge amount of
risk. This is got to be a great win for
everybody in my opinion. So do go over and check out StoreYa. If
you’ve got a small business or if you know friends or family that have, just
point them there and see whether paying $25 for $100 worth of online advertising and the opportunity to test the waters as it were and hopefully
commit to StoreYa in the future, essentially to turn a small amount of
money into a much larger amount of money each month through online advertising. Obviously it doesn’t work for every type
of website out there but those websites How to sell using Google Adwords that have a clear offer and something to
sell to end users will find StoreYa a really beneficial product. Head over to
their website now to learn more at Storeya.com.

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  1. Very interesting video 🙂 at some point I was trying to figure these things out but got so confused that I just droped the idea. So thanks 🙂 was very informative

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