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How to Sell on the Phone in Today’s Market

How to Sell on the Phone in Today’s Market

Selling on the phone, an old fashioned mode of communication, is actually more relevant today than it was even a few years ago. With sales people relying
on email and social media to get prospects, the phone has become a beautiful
opportunity to get in front of high quality prospects. They’re getting fewer calls. And it’s still just as frustrating as ever to get prospects on the phone, but there are actually
strategies for that as well. Seriously. Don’t write this fantastic
old school tool off. All of your competitors are emailing, which means that your prospects
are more available by phone. So get on it. In this video I’m going to show you how to sell on the
phone in today’s market. Check it out. Number one, have a script for
all of your prospecting calls. There is nothing more
frustrating to a prospect than to have a sales person
bumble through a sales call without a clear objective and just meander all over the place. Have a script that lays out exactly how you will open the call, what you’re going to ask and
how you will close the call. No more winging it. When you have a good prospect
actually get on the phone, you would be a knucklehead
to just wing that call. Script the hell out of your calls. And even calls that are cold calls, you know referral calls,
script them all out. Number two, take risks. For some reason we sales
people live in fear of calls. Like somehow the prospect will be able to reach through the phone
and just stab us in the eyes. But they can’t touch
us, they can’t hurt us. And you know what? If you screw up a call so what? Big goddamn deal. It doesn’t matter. The prospect won’t even
remember next month anyways. Be willing to take risks with your calls. And if the prospect is being wishy washy, call that person to task. If they tell you to call back next month, ask if that’s just a nice
way of getting rid of me. Number three, don’t just use the phone. Now that may sound weird. The phone is a spectacular
tool for salespeople, but it works best in conjunction with all of the other tools. When you call a prospect
and you don’t get through, leave a voicemail, send an email, send over a package, then call again. In fact, planning our your
entire prospecting campaign is going to make your calls
that much more effective. It’s going to help you get to the point that your prospect is
going to know who you are by the time you actually
get them on the phone on that eighth call. This is how you get people on the phone and talking to them. Number four, call high. If you are going to make
hundreds or even thousands of calls per month, investing countless hours in the activity, when you do actually get
someone on the phone, do you want them to be the decision maker or just some lemming that’s gonna have to ultimately pitch you to their boss? It’s time to call high. Whoever you’re calling now
is probably lower level than you really should be calling. If you’re calling managers
start calling directors. If you’ve been calling directors start calling VPs or CEOs. The higher you call the more you maximize your return on those calls. Call high and get uncomfortable. Number five, call early,
call late and call often. Now that we’ve established
that you’re going to call high, the question is how do
you actually get through to that person? And the solution is simple. And by the way, I want to
make a disclaimer here. 99% of viewers will ignore this tip, but the 1% who implement it
will make a lot of money. High level prospects work from
7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at least. In fact many work more
like 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. The data shows us that almost all CEOs work a few hours on Saturday. But when did gatekeepers work. 9 to 5. Maybe 8:30 to 5:30 if they’re
the workaholic type admins. The bottom line is that when you call your high level prospects early and late and even on Saturdays, they are there. And best of all, their
gatekeepers are not. So there is how to sell on
the phone in today’s market. I wanna hear from you. Which of these ideas did
you find most useful? Be sure to share below
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48 thoughts on “How to Sell on the Phone in Today’s Market

  1. Hey Marc, i love these videos. I'm new to sales and also the sole representative for the company. Yikes. What tips would you give for trying to get in touch with the decision makers in the first place? Also, how well would you say these tips hold up for international sales? Especially in east asia…

  2. Hello Marc, u r messiah for sales people like us. I want to understand the prospect gives a meeting likes the product and still avoids from next time u call. What should i do now? Why the person who have shown interest in us is now shying away from our services

  3. Firs of all thank you for this valuable information, i find all if them important but among all i think scripting and engaging with decision makers are the most important for maximising tge sale volume.
    Thank you once again, could you make video on how to develop a powerful script.

  4. My fave is to call early and late even if they have their line headed to v.m. You never know and if they pick up, it could a jack pot. Use all of the tools at our disposal. Good video.

  5. Great info here. A lot of sales training programs would charge for tips like this. Thank you for the video, keep up the good work!

  6. Defenitely calling early has worked for me in various verticals…. Honestly had a decently warm lead that I couldn't get a hold of until 815 this morning…. This shit works

  7. It may take 2-5+ call attempts to reach the business owner or executive. You can speak with practically everyone if you persist enough and have a good initial approach for the gatekeeper to actually patch you through.

  8. Question
    I'm a sales engineer, we call purchasing staff of the company to sell our product, because we're selling a tech product.
    You say call high, should we call the director of the company?

  9. It's a Dumb idea! Why will a C-Suite executive come and pick up a phone from a gatekeeper desk! They will have a direct extension which is not public. If there is no gatekeeper, then only who have the direct extn could try calling the decision maker!

  10. Sometimes the biggest obstacle is getting past the 'gatekeeper', so one must ask to speak to someone else in another department to get to the VP/CEO

  11. Can someone help me, when you’re selling shares through the phone and they want to buy how do you get the money or how do they buy shares?

  12. Bro!!!! I love your voice, no homo. During the video you maintained the prefect tone in your voice! I love your use of body language as well. Keep it on man!

  13. I thought clicking was going to get me a free ebook. Instead I got pitch to sign up for seminars.
    I have to take this back. The PDF did arrive.

  14. I admire you
    Thanks for your advice
    You are tottally right we need to have a script to open the call to sound more confident and reliable as well

  15. THANK YOU Marc I liked 4, and 5 I like talking to Gatekeepers cause they can set me up or tear me down. but I usually have a question for them, regarding my product. For instance I sell travel, so ask Gatekeepers: do you ever get a travel reward or incentive in your workplace. There answer will do two things, their verbal re sponse will tell me, I think, if that might be not respected or available
    but also may tell me the gatekeeper would like that possibility, plus I get their name. so " Hi Mr. Owner, in Talking with Susan she likes me product….had some success with that, but just starting.. Aim HIGH super… Ball early , late and often…THANKS AGAIN , Peter

  16. Good video. Can you do another video about having high level communication mindset when talking to big decision makers. The differentiation of rookies (like myself) to the elite communicators (you).

  17. A prospect is often confused as a lead. A lead is an unqualified contact. Any potential client or customer you meet that hasn't been qualified as a prospect, is a lead. In the sales process, you gather leads first, qualify them into prospects, and then move them through your sales funnel or process

  18. Gate keepers in 9 to 5 I could work with that at my job I couldn't tell you the number of gate keeper rejections we get

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