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How To Sell On Instagram

How To Sell On Instagram

– We’ve come to love using Instagram as an avenue for expression. People use it to share personal
and real time experiences. Brands use it to tell their own stories and connect with their customers. Do you also use it to sell
your products and services? Aside from sites like
Amazon, and your own website, Instagram is becoming
another great channel for you to get that sale. The visual nature of
Instagram has provided brands an ideal platform to promote new products, and get
customers in the door. If you want to learn
more about growing your following on Instagram,
that could potentially become your customers,
download my free guide in the description below. Now, we’re gonna talk about how you can start posting and raking in those valuable sales with Instagram. Step one, decide on your goals and craft your strategy. To get you started, you
first need to identify what are your goals for using Instagram? Is your intention really to sell products? Or are you just there to promote them and redirect users to your website? Or do you just want to use your posts as a way for people to come
to your physical store? Ask yourself these
questions and figure out what you intend to do with the platform. Once you figure this out,
it will be much easier for you to decide what content to post, and how to create it. It will also guide you in making sure that your accounts are
consistent and on track. Then, define your metrics. How do you measure your performance? While general goals will
still help increase sales or generate revenue,
you’ll need some specific targets and metrics. Some sample targets are, sales. Keep track of your old raw
sales for each platform. Leads. You can make use of analytics tools like Google Analytics,
Bitly, or Sprout Social to check how your account
manages to redirect users to your website. This is also called a referral rate. Conversions and landing pages. This shows how many users
clicked on a landing page you shared, or you linked
through your Instagram account. If you want to learn more
about other social media metrics that you can use for understanding your performance, check out
my free and complete guide Members Tell A Story: Social
Media Metrics Made Easy. This easily breaks down
the numbers and tells you how to interpret and
calculate them yourself. After you identify the metrics plan out your goals
and define a timetable. For example, if you wanted
Instagram to contribute at least 10% of your total
revenues after six months, outline your plan on how
you intend to do that. Then commit to it. Step two, start setting up your profile. Make sure you have a
profile dedicated for sales. Have a profile picture
that reflects your brand. Include clear information on what your product is about in your bio. Don’t forget to include relevant links depending on what you intend to achieve. Before you start posting
make sure you have identified a distinct look and feel. The right products
placement and positioning can either make or break a sale. So make sure you’re always
consistent, and on brand. You can use Instagram’s
Features, or apps like VSCO to make your images consistent. Step three, start posting. Use creative photos to
grab your user’s attention. Instagram is a highly visual platform. Make best use of design and color. Give your product
description that extra shine and don’t forget to
link a relevant website to make their shopping easier. Use relevant hashtags in your posts. By using effective hashtags, consumers who search on Instagram can identify your products on hand. In Instagram Stories,
create bite sized content of what you want to sell. Think of unboxing videos,
or product in use features. You can also use the new
Instagram feature on carousels. If you have a line of products creatively feature on carousels so users can easily scroll
through your images. Make powerful impact with the
use of videos, and stories. There are numerous uses and creative ways to feature and sell your product. If you want to understand and figure out if you’re creating the right content, check out my free PDF The Ultimate Content Share Worthiness Checklist. This one-stop guide is a
great reference material in creating great content. And now I have three
other quick tips for you. Number one, offer discounts to users who promote you on their
own Instagram accounts. Engage these users and show
them your appreciation. Number two, make use of geo tags. Especially if you’re a
brick and mortar store. And number three, leverage
the call to action buttons when you use Instagram ads. These are the most
effective and proven ways to sell on Instagram. Are you selling on Instagram? Share your tips and tricks
in the comment section below. Thanks for watching,
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