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How To Schedule Your Facebook Ads For Free

How To Schedule Your Facebook Ads For Free

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Hey. Aloha. Welcome to another Social Strategizer Marketing episode. And in today’s video, I’m
going to show you how to access the brand new Facebook Ad scheduling option that they’ve
just added. I logged into my Power Editor today and noticed it, and this is extremely
exciting because you used to have to do it manually, go in, pause ads, un-pause ads.
It could be kind of time consuming, not the best for productivity. Or you’d have to buy
a tool which was usually around $100 bucks a month to do all this for you.
Well, now, you can do it right in your Power
Editor. So I’ve got the last ad that I just setup the other day, the video I made on how
to make branded picture quotes. I’m here in my Power Editor. I’ve got the ad open here.
You can see it, there’s campaigns, so this is that campaign. Here’s the ad. So what you’ve
got to do is you’re going to go over to the ad set, and normally which is how I have it
setup now, I’m going to do this with you here is it’s set to $10 a day. And what I’m going
to do here is I’m going to switch it to lifetime. Then see this little button here, Ad Scheduling,
run ads on a schedule, you’re going to click that and it opens up this awesome scheduler.

So if you’ve been running Facebook ads for a while like I have since about 2009, you
start to see that of course depending on your demographics and your niche and your audience,
there are some good times and not so good times to run your ads. For me, I’ve noticed
like for my book sales as well as Social Strategizer that there’s chunks of like — let’s just
use my book for example. It’s selling really well in the morning and really well at night,
not many sales during the day. So I have to go in there and pause the ad. I’ve got to
remember to do that and come back and remember to turn it on.
Now, I can just go in here and say schedule
it like that, now 6:00 to 9:00, and then turn it back on at 6:00pm. And you can do that
for all your days. You can basically just choose what you want here and you’re ready
to go. So this is just a quick short video to show you that this is now available, and
I highly suggest you test this out for yourself, test the times. My suggestion is to test earlier
times and later times like the beginning of a work day before work, and then after work
for most people is when they’re usually on Facebook.
There’s also a surge of time during lunch
time so you can play around with that, maybe kick them back on around 12:00, 1:00pm. And
it’s going to show to the person’s local time. You see that here, if you select 8:00am to
10:00am, your ad will be served to people from 8:00am to 10:00am in their local time
so you don’t have to worry about that, all setup for you, very cool. This is not available
in the regular Ads Manager. It’s only available in the Power Editor so you’re going to have
to go to the Power Editor here and then you will be able to access that. So thanks so
much for watching and I look forward to hearing from you. Leave me a comment, let me know
what you think, if you have any questions. And have an amazing day. Take care. Aloha.}

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  1. Thanks for the training.  So simple and easy now.  I do have a question off the topic of your video.  I was doing scheduled posts on my fan page and now the scheduled link is not there and replaced with a location link.  Would you know how I could get my scheduled link back?

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