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How To Scale Facebook / Instagram Conversion Ads For Shopify Drop Shipping Without Overspending

How To Scale Facebook / Instagram Conversion Ads For Shopify Drop Shipping Without Overspending

All right, what’s up? Everybody it’s hunter and today. I’m gonna be walking you through how you can actually scale ad campaigns I think this was very very requested because once you have a $5 app That’s converting you really want to know how to get it to that next level And that’s what I try and teach it here when it comes down to getting making real money because five-dollar ads everybody knows unless that’s some some retargeting you’re not making any juicy profit upfront and This is how you go do lead acquisition campaigns obviously I like to try and make my money on the back end but for those who are trying to understand How do I go get way more results if I want to pay a fixed price? I’m going to show you how to do that now something you have to consider is that no matter what whenever you raise a budget The price is going to go up to some extent But I’m gonna show you how to kind of hack the system and how to play by Facebook’s rules that make this very very clear When it comes down to it all Facebook really wants is they need to have proven data on an ad set specifically an ad set or an ad account that with the pixel because the pixel can Obviously defer all info from conversions to an advertisement so ad sets optimize individually and so does your ad account and that’s what I talked about in my other video a New a new ad account no matter what takes time to get cheap results and that just comes with like Like if you went on to my ad account and like I you mooing advertisement to a certain issue giving it way more impressions, then maybe someone else does in a different category It’s all attentive to what you invest in your pixel so that being said if you’re brand new this is gonna Be still a walk through That’s very very applicable is to anybody this is applicable anybody with Facebook Ads, this isn’t just for e-commerce This isn’t just for me you whatever This is just gonna Let me break it down So let’s start by saying you have a $5 ad and a lot of idiots like to tell you ok This is how you scale a $5 ad oh you just raise it up by 20% a day. Oh, dude Yeah, this is so smart. No it’s not whoever told you this is stupid stupid idiots I see videos that go viral they tell you to raise it by a small amount Stupid idiots who don’t even understand how the platform works, man Oh my god, so this is the day this Is stupid because Facebook requires a certain amount of time to adjust to any advertisement if you change a daily budget? They say specifically if you change This is from Facebook’s mouth themselves you change anything to do an advertisement wait 48 hours, then you wait Facebook says don’t mess with your ads okay the innum well there was actually a seminar that they did and they say like One of the ladies who is speaking on behalf of facebook says yeah? Just if you’re gonna make any change to your ad set wait wait Like we advise against it like because it does take time to adjust to everything new and that’s just how their system works it takes time to relearn so People tell you to do this you’re telling you to change my ad set every day Stupid stupid idiot okay, so after you said this even a that’s converting for five bucks a day, okay And you want to scale it up the first thing you got to do is optimize it How do you optimize an ad you look at the data that you have on it So if you run it for a week you look at 18 to 24 There’s 18 to 24 giving me purchases, and then you were fine, okay All right, I guess this is in reverse order. Sorry you are fine first based on the data, then you optimize Optimize oh yeah So essentially you look at the data you run it for a week you say okay 18 to 24 is converting like crazy I’m gonna go after 18 to 24, then you have to go get 50 of that in a week Okay So the easiest way to do this with e-commerce is to go after add to carts add the carts review content you have to get those those add the carts within a 1 1 or a 7 day window so What is the 7 day window crap mean ok I’ve explained this once in my videos before 1 day window You need Per week So let’s break this down One day window you need 50 add the carts or 50 view contents or 50 purchases or 50 initiated checkouts in one day per purchase Okay, you can’t get that maybe spend a little bit more on your ads, or if you can’t get 50 view content And you’re out of a one dollar a day on set raise that up to like five bucks And if you you’re the only getting 25 add two carts per week on your ad campaign Then raise that up to 30 you need to get 50 add two cards after you refine it It should be pretty easy to get at least 50 add two cards for whatever you’re doing if you can’t do this and you can’t Scale just add matter of fact. That’s why You need to break it down and actually define your conversion event so it’s a big deal So once you have 50 out of cards all right? Per week This like I said, this is tentative to Purchases or view contents or whatever this is just for the example, okay? And let’s say this ad is making you money people are buying we like buyers. Okay, now you want to go manual bit Okay once you start manual bidding. This is where you start to make a lot more money, so Why do we do this is because Facebook’s platform? What happens is that if you start to go manual bidding a cold? Advertisement slash ad set slash ad account this becomes a lot easier to go man you’ll then once you’ve season to pixel with at least like a thousand like purchases or something like that but to start off here If you haven’t seasoned at all you have to do it on an ad set level and essentially what occur is You’ll have like an ad campaign running for a while and you’ll have these little buttons when you go to optimize for Auto bit right in your Auto You get manual when you select manual And so you go like that you select manual bidding on your advertisement your conversion ad you can duplicate it Or just use the same one What’ll occur? Is that Facebook? Will give you a suggested bid? And it’ll be like twenty to fifty or if you if you’re a brand new ad like set it’s you say something in this range because this is what people bid on conversions to start for some reason you’re gonna end up overpaying no matter what so I suggest you start with a Discounted bid and that’s why you do Auto to start But when you get to that fifty per week mark and you’ve got your campaign converting well and this is how you scale so this is step one and I’m not I’m gonna get into how you get into different audiences and You can repeat this process. This is the general rule of thumb So you’re gonna go manual bid and after a while once you’ve been running this ad for fifty a week what Facebook’s gonna actually do This number is gonna change to like what you actually should be bidding Facebook says this is what we can go get you results for and that suggested bid is Actually a dynamic number that changes based on the add data that you have on your pixel so Facebook goes okay? We know we’ve seen what your ad account can do and now we’re gonna give you an option, okay? So Whenever you go get results outside of this method you’re gonna notice This is how the Facebook app platform works, so you can then go select I’ll explain that in a second But you can you can then go select what this number is so let’s say you want to do for $4 per add to cart or whatever it may be Right you want to multiply this number by five at least by five at least five five okay at least you can start at this to be this is gonna be your cheapest results when you come back into this just because of how the Daily budget system works and pacing so what’s gonna happen is that you’re gonna. Go okay 20 dollars a day alright this is obviously kind of low you can go a little bit higher, but $20 a day Optimizing for Add to Cart so you obviously keep the same If your previous ad was optimized for add to carts with the auto bid level you’re still Optimizing for add two carts here, so if you pick that $10 is your value for the customer you’re gonna Go select like a 50 daily budget, but anyways teach their own. I need to explain this a little bit further So You want to go manual bid you have that ad running let’s say, it’s at 50 bucks a day, this is a manual bid How you’re like okay? Do I scale it up from here? You’re gonna look. This is how the Facebook ad platform works Okay it actually goes with like straight up You want to look at your results and you want to look at how much you’re paying all right? This is why you need to be kind of wary about changing this this entire cost okay? If you change this wait 48 hours before you even analyze any of the data, so let’s say you’re getting this is your results This is your cost Okay, let’s say you’re getting them for like dirt cheap alright You’re getting them for weight or cheap You’re getting really cheap results and let’s say it’s not even like spending your full budget Okay, you’re not even spending your full budget You want to raise your bid a little bit more? But as you start to raise your bid You’re gonna get more and more results on this daily budget usually we want to be spending like perfectly amount of this this amount But as you start to get to this point you want to be like right around here So this is you increasing your bid so maybe this is like five dollars, okay? Maybe this is like one or three okay, but the moment you raise it too high this is what happens Your cost through the goes through the roof and that’s what happens so to scale this even further you need to actually just Leave it at the point that it’s getting the most results and then after a while If you get more and more results on that ad set all right because your manual bidding Facebook will actually just optimize even better, and this number will actually fall down gradually over time now this is very very complex because like if you’re brand new to this stuff this probably like overwhelming but so that being said how do you scale even further this is just one ad campaign that we’ve gone ahead and done, so Whatever your offer is right Whatever your offer is is as follows meaning You have people who visit your website, and you have visitors you Have Add to Cart let’s say or leads You have initiated checkouts you have purchases You have engagement You can build up audiences with PBE ads by doing engagement and The you just want to go trade a look-alike audience for all of these and just go do the same process over and over again So this is how you scale them out, and you just do this over and over and over for whatever offer? And this is how you can get to like the 10,000 per day mark So what you’ll start to notice is that a lot of these Shopify stores They hit a point where like there’s their sales just shoot through the roof And that’s usually when this the pixel starts to season you start to get a lot of la else coming in But your ultimate goal is to get here now to do an Lal you need to have at least a thousand At least a thousand in that audience You can actually scale even if you don’t have a thousand people in another country You can actually use this Lal on a separate country. I recommend doing this individually though So maybe you have one for your main country, maybe have one for a separate country But if you only have a thousand in the US you can go to Canada and get in Lal with that and you can see How this can start to scale like crazy? Because number one you can run this exact same fifty dollar ad that’s converting like a monster in all of these different categories now You’re gonna want to exclude them from each other. Okay? That’s a big deal You want to exclude audiences from each other because then you’re gonna have audience to overlap you don’t want any audience overlap There’s no point. Okay. You it’s gonna be bidding against yourself, so I hope you’ve kind of understood if you’re a beginner this is probably a really rough tutorial for understanding all this stuff, but Once you know how to master this you can essentially like just go scale to the roof Yeah But the hard part I’d say like when it comes to all this stuff is just getting the offer to start converting Like you want like once you have an offer that’s tested, then it’s really easy to do that That’s why I like like if you have a product that you know It’s hot and you just create an offer that gets the audience to take action This can this can be crazy This is why Facebook is the best in my opinion? But you can do the same thing with Google and then other things in different manners But I think like scaling on other platforms is definitely more linear. You don’t have to do all this guesswork I or not guess where but This busy work. I think with cost-per-click if you have a campaign is converting to begin with it becomes Becomes a lot easier But Facebook still the best because it still laser targeting and you can save a lot of money doing this But anyways that’s just my opinion. I hope you guys enjoyed the video, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow

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  1. Hi Hunter, I have a few questions if you dont mind. Ive just launched an adset with the View Content objective, it got 59 conversions (product views) for 13 USD in 4 days, do you think I should scale it to ATC incresing the budget? For that, should I modify the existing adset or should I create a new one? I didnt understand that part in your video.

  2. How long would you suggest i wait to make my first sale? Aka "if it takes longer than X days for a sale then kill the ad"

  3. What I have everything you mentioned on the pixel data, but getting no sales still. Do I let the ad keep running to learn more or cancel it? (Wish I could post a screen shot)

  4. Great video, appreciate the insight and info! I do have a question. If we have a profitable ad that's based on link clicks (automatic bid), is it necessary to manual bid to scale? If so, would we multiple the link clicks we are getting now x 4 for the bid? Thanks !

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