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How To Save Audiences With Facebook Ads – Facebook Ads Tutorial 2018

How To Save Audiences With Facebook Ads – Facebook Ads Tutorial 2018

What’s up guys Jason Wardrop here in today’s Facebook Ads tutorial We’re gonna cover how to go through and save audiences in your Facebook ads manager Where do you have two different ways you can go through and do this? There’s gonna be one where you go through an uploaded custom audience whether it’s website traffic or an email list and then also right here David this way I’ve got this pulled up he said is it possible to set all the parameters for a campaign an example audiences etc and Saving them without actually starting the campaign so reason being is because he said websites and development so nothing’s starting to start marketing yet But would like to get the ball rolling all right, so I want to show you guys really quick Let’s just jump over here to the Facebook Ads manager And I’ll show you guys two ways to go through and do this right now Really quick if you guys want my Facebook Ads mini course go ahead and comment down below Facebook Ads And I’ll be able to shoot that mini course over to you guys to help you get started To give a quick run-through of the whole Facebook ads platform my fight our day Strategy how to use lead forms how to use conversions all that different stuff, so I’m just comment down below real estate leads And I’ll make sure I hook you up with that alright So there’s gonna be two ways to go through and do this right so first if we come over here to our ads manager Compare it to the search and we type in audiences, right Now we’ve covered this before in previous videos so if you guys have been on my channel for a little bit you guys already kind Of know how to do this what we’re gonna do is click on create an audience and click custom audience and we can create an audience so an audience is basically who we’re targeting on Facebook so we create the ad and who do we want to show that ad to is that people within dallas within a 25-mile radius is it people all across the United States or Canada or all of Europe or where it wherever it is? So what we can do is we can upload a customer file Okay So this is basically creating an audience that is your existing network your existing database so imagine if let’s say you’re a real estate agent And you’ve got all these people you’ve worked with previously and you want to go through and you want to run ads towards them you? Just upload a customer file so their email addresses or their phone numbers or whatever and Facebook will match that data With that customer file, and then you could target those people specifically alright So really cool stuff the same thing with website traffic You could say hey you what you do is you take the Facebook pixel? And you put that on your website or your landing page your blog wherever using And then you could say hey anyone that hits this website. I want you to put them into an audience There’s people who have already hit my website right so the nice thing about this is instead of just going and targeting a broad cold Market, these are people that probably know who you are They’re a warm market warm audience the ads a lot of times perform a lot better. Okay now This is just one way now if we go over here to the actual ads manager And this is kind of what David I believe was asking about so if we come over here Let’s say we’re gonna create a campaign and let’s just start over right here And let’s just say this is a trapa campaign This really it you could do this with any type of objective, so we’re gonna say traffic, and then we’re gonna say demo okay Then we hit continue, then as we’re coming down here And it says audience who do we want to target we can come over here, and we can say okay? We don’t want to target everyone in the United States. Maybe we’ll say for this example. We’ll say Tampa, Florida Okay, and then we’re gonna go and say okay, not twenty-five mile radius We’re just gonna do with ten mile radius because it’s a pretty big audience That’s 1.2 million people and then we want people that are ages 28 to 45 and Then we can say these are people that speak English. We’ll say English all and you could even add some detail targets Let’s say they’re interested and let’s go with the real estate example right so we’ll say they’re interested in Trulia so we just hit that when they’re interested in in Zillow and There may be house Because that’s another popular one right there, and then maybe homes.com. Let’s see if that one pops up homes calm okay, so now we’ve got our audience narrowed to about a hundred eighty thousand people and We can go through and we can exclude people let’s say we want to exclude other real-estate Agents okay So we’ll say real estate broker right here someone exclude those people because like a lot of times if you’re going through and you have a real estate ad You don’t want to show it to the other agents because they’re just more looking to copy what you’re doing right there They’re trying to poach off your business They’re not gonna be actual real clients So we’re down to one hundred and ten thousand people now Okay with our targeting now look at this guy’s we could just come down here and click save this Okay, so now what we could do and you can name it whatever you want, but you know different people have different naming Strategies and techniques and all that stuff, but we could say Tampa and then we could say Real Estate’s Liquors like people that be interested in real estate right and then we can say 28 to 45 so we kind of have the The age range there we could even put right here Tampa and then plus 10 okay, because that’s like it’s a 10-mile radius right so Tampa a 10-mile radius real estate lookers you can do whatever or you could just say real estate We’ll just say real estate right there 28 to 45 and Then we just kind of got that nailh narrowed in right there, okay, so we just hit save okay, so now the next time that we come back in here, and we want to go through and Use a pre-existing audience, so let’s just first of all we can come over here to audiences And I’ll just show you guys where this is actually safe for us. It’s right here guys It says Tampa plus 10 real estate 28 245 110,000 people so if you’re gonna go through like either if you’re not ready to run your ads yet But you want to create the audiences you can go through and pre create them or if you continually use the same audiences And you know you don’t want to keep going through and recreated them over and over again It’s just becoming a hassle, then we could just do that and now when we come back here to the ads manager We go through and create a new campaign and this time Let’s say we want to do video views okay, obviously this doesn’t really matter it works for any of these objectives And then we come down here we can say hey. I want to use a saved audience You look right here, Tampa plus 10 real estate 20 to 45 110,000 people we just click on that it’s already saved it’s done So we don’t have to go through and type in like you know all these different Interest targeting Zana stuff so I can’t talk and the age range and all that stuff It’s just already set and done for us right so anyway guys Hopefully that was helpful that kind of quick little Facebook ass Tutorial for you all of going through and creating these custom audiences from your website traffic Your customer list or even if you want to go through and create an audience that is of cold traffic But you want to say back, so you want to reuse a time and time That’s another way to go through and make that happen right now once again guys if guys found this video helpful Give it a thumbs up. Also if you want my facebook ads mini course a little tutorial there go ahead and comment down below comment Facebook ads and I’ll make sure you guys get that and if you guys are brand new to The channel my name is Jason Wardrop I launched new video every single day how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business so Make sure you guys subscribe so you guys can catch all of the videos right so Thanks so much for watching a with. That said I will see you all tomorrow

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    It‘s me again…If I‘m totally new to this kind of business is your program helping finding a niche and everything else? Would be very happy if you can answer my other questions to on the video before this 🙂

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