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How To Run Facebook Ads Without A Website | FB Ads Q&A Ep3 | Ben Heath

How To Run Facebook Ads Without A Website | FB Ads Q&A Ep3 | Ben Heath

– Hi guys it’s Ben Heath from Lead Guru and welcome to my weekly
Facebook ads Q&A show. So during these videos I
answer some of the questions that I get asked about
Facebook advertising through my YouTube channel, from people in my Facebook group. So if you want your
question to be answered next week, go ahead and
either leave a comment below this video or go ahead and join my Facebook ads mastermind group. There’ll be a link in
the video description, pop your question in there
and there’s a good chance I’ll choose it for it
for next week’s show. So with that said let’s
get into the questions. So the first question is,
can you run the Facebook ads without a website? And the answer is yes you can, you can run Facebook
ads without a website, but you are limited in
the types of campaigns that you can run. Most Facebook ad campaigns, or it’s a lot of Facebook ad campaigns are designed to send people to a company’s
website to either inquire and become a lead, or
purchase and make sales. But you could run messenger campaigns, where you’re the objective of the campaign is to get someone to start
a conversation with you via Facebook Messenger and
then you can even manually do that or use chat BOTS to progress that prospect through your sales funnel and eventually make a sale. Obviously if you run a like campaign which is designed to generate page likes and that’s all done on Facebook. If you run a lot of brand
awareness video based campaigns, a lot of that can all be on Facebook. So there’s lots of different options, and yes you can advertise on Facebook. Just make sure that when you’re
going through and selecting your campaign objective, you use ones that are gonna work. You’re not going to need a website link to send people to. Don’t run a traffic campaign for example. If you are advertising on
Facebook though, I would recommend that you do set up a website at some point for people to take that next step. They see websites is more
serious a lot of the times, and then just a Facebook
page, or Facebook profile. So I would go ahead
and set up that website when you get a chance. Obviously that can cost
money and take a lot of time, but it would be beneficial
to your Facebook advertising to have a website in place. Okay next question can you sell directly to cold audiences on Facebook? Now that really depends on
what it is that you’re selling. Most products, particularly
anything that cost less than a couple hundred dollars,
yeah you can absolutely sell that directly to cold audiences, you don’t need to have preliminary
steps to warm people up. So a lot of Facebook
advertising experts talk about advertising content first,
promote your video content, and re-target those
people with your direct and direct marketing ads. That’s not necessarily
important for those lower value products, and lower
value services as well. You know if you’re offering
something fairly simple, cleaning service, or something
like that, absolutely just advertise that directly. If your product or service
offering is very expensive, we’re talking thousands,
tens of thousands of dollars, maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars, then yes you’re probably going
to need intermediary steps. You’re going to need to
promote content first before you directly sell that. And that and that makes
sense, because if someone’s going to pay you, let’s
say thirty thousand pounds for a service, they’re
going to need to know that you are an absolute
expert in your field before they commit that kind of money. So you need to demonstrate that, and that’s where you need
those other campaigns and you can’t sell their service directly, you need to warm those people up. So it really depends
on what you’re offering and the price point. If you’re offering something lower value, and anything less than
$200, $300, you can probably get away with advertising that directly. Anything more than that you
probably need preliminary steps. And if you are selling things
for, let’s say five thousand dollars, you can afford
to have multiple campaigns in your sales funnel. So if the maths works out
from that standpoint as well. Okay next question. Can you still run engagement
bait ads on Facebook? So if those you don’t
know engagement baked ads are ads that are designed to basically encourage users to engage. So you might say something
like, comment below to enter free competition, or we’re giving away one iPad and share this ad and show that you’ve done it in order to be entered into the the draw for this free iPad, something along those lines. Now they were very, very, effective a couple of years ago because of course that much engagement meant
that your relevancy scores went through the roof, and
the cost of your Facebook advertising really, really, plummeted. But Facebook have been
cracking down on that recently. These sort of engagement bait ads. You’ll see if you try and
create ads and you put in your copy, comment
below, share this post, a lot of times that will flag and the app may not get approved. So what it says you can
run engage with bait ads, but what I would try and
do is make it very specific to your product or service. Don’t just offer a free iPad or whatever, if has nothing to do with your business. So make it related and
don’t make it too much about that engagement. Still have some other purpose for the ad, so people can go through
and become a lead, become a sale, perhaps you’re
delivering value with content, but you can also
encourage some engagement. So yes you still can but you’ve gotta walk a fine a fine line with them. Okay next question. How do you change a Facebook frequency cap once it’s already been published? Yeah so if you’ve ever
run like a reach campaign and set a frequency cap
at the outset level, it’s very frustrating that
once that’s gone live, you cannot change that frequency cap. There is no way to do so. What I would recommend,
instead of deleting that ads set, if you do want
to change your frequency cap, is duplicate that ad set,
change the frequency cap, and then simply pause the
previous version of that ad set. Very frustrating but it’s all to do with Facebook’s delivery method. And so if you if you said I want this ad to be delivered to my audience
once a, one impression per five days? If you then change that to
one impression every ten days, that really rest messes up their delivery, because of course they’re
delivering it along that schedule. So unfortunately it can’t be done. Okay why bother creating a landing page when you can use Facebook lead ads? So this ties into the debate
about should I send people to my website to generate leads, or should I use Facebook lead ads? And the reason why you
would go to the effort and the time and the
expense, which is what sounds like this person is
interested in, of creating a landing page, is that
often your lead quality is going to be higher. Facebook lead ads, Facebook
lead generation campaigns are fantastic for generating lead volume, sending people your
website usually generates higher quality leads. And it really depends on what you want. So you have to weigh that up. What I usually recommend for
most service based businesses is to test both. Okay next question. Should I just focus on the
mobile newsfeed placement if the majority of my traffic
is coming from there anyway? So I sort of dug down into this
question a little bit more, went back to the person they
said they were only running on mobile newsfeed and
desktop newsfeed on Facebook and they’ve seen that 90% of their traffic was coming from the mobile newsfeed. And my answer would be to
leave them both running. Facebook’s pretty good at
working out which placements will get you the best results. So if you’re just running you
know a couple of placements with a conversion based
campaign for example, you can just leave those running, and Facebook will work it out. There’s no reason to get
rid of the desktop newsfeed in that case and eliminate
that 10% of of clicks that you’re currently generating. So I would say in that case don’t worry about it, leave it be. Next question. How could I retarget people
that have seen my ad? So you can’t retarget
people that have seen an ad, unless of course it’s a
video ad, and then you could retarget people that
have watched that video, but you can retarget
people that have engaged with a Facebook ad. So when you’re creating
your custom audiences, there’s a section where,
you obviously create custom audiences based on tonnes
of things, website traffic, video views, etc. Go to page engagement,
and in that you can, there’s tonnes of different
options based on engagement. So you can retarget, you
can create custom audience out of people that have engaged
with your Facebook page, they’ve engaged with an ad,
that have clicked on a call to action button. So have a little play
around with those, but yes, you can you can create a custom audience out of people that have
engaged with your ad and then obviously retarget
that custom audience. Not quite the same as seen,
because not everyone that’s seen your ad would have engaged
with it, but that’s probably a better audience because
those people were more engaged in the first place. Okay the next question. What plug-in do you use to
instal the Facebook pixel on a WordPress website? And so Facebook have like a
new sort of bespoke integration that they use, but I just use
a plug-in called Pixel Cat. I’ll include a link to that
in the video description. Very, very, simple straightforward. All you need to do is grab your pixel ID, pop it in there, and that
will make sure obviously the plugins installed and activated. That will populate the pixel
across your entire website. If you then want to instal event code for people who visit certain pages. Like let’s say for example
you want to trigger the purchase event when people reach your order confirmation page. Very easy just to do that from Pixel Cat. So that’s what I use,
that’s what I recommend. Okay next question. How do you advertise a
restaurant on Facebook? So this isn’t my answer, but
it’s one that I agree with. This is something that someone else said in my Facebook ads mastermind group, is they said, why not try running
a Facebook lead generation campaign with a coupon. So we’ve worked with
restaurants before, and one of the big issues with
Facebook advertising for a restaurant, is being able to track the results that you’re getting. So of course people aren’t
making a purchase online, you don’t have pics or data. You’re hoping that people
are going to see an ad and then physically come to
your restaurant and eat there. And if you give them a
coupon in your Facebook ad, you can either do it
directly in the Facebook ad, or through a lead generation
campaigns that you get their contact information, and
can obviously follow up with them, for special offers
and keep them up to date with with what you’re
doing and things like that. And that can work really well. Because then of course people
come into the restaurant, they go oh I got this Facebook 20 for 20% off on Tuesdays, or
whatever it happens to be. So that’s what I recommend testing. As I said not my answer but
one I completely agree with. Thought it was a really
good answer that someone left in my group. Okay next question. Should you use campaign
budget optimization? Now campaign budget optimization, or CBO, is something that’s going to be mandatory from September 2019. So that’s, as we’re recording this video, that’s only four or five months time. So I would recommend that
people start using it now. For those who don’t know,
campaign budget optimization is where the, your
budget is optimised from. So it used to be the case,
and you can still do this now, that you can set your
budget at the ad set level. So let’s say you had
three different targeting options running and each… You’ve got one retargeting
website visitors, you’ve got one targeting a look-alike, and you’ve got another one targeting a interest targeting option. Now you had to assign
a budget for each three of those ad sets. So let’s say you put $50 into retargeting, 200 into your look-alike audience, and 100 into your interest-based audience. With campaign budget
optimization you can take that, all of that budget, so about $350, you can put that at the campaign level and Facebook will basically
work out which ad sets to give it to, and they’ll
optimise on that basis to get you the best results. So you don’t need to work
out how much each ad set, how much budget should be
assigned to each ad set, Facebook will do that
for you if you assign at the campaign budget,
at the campaign level. And that’s what campaign
budget optimization is. So I would recommend that you use it. I’ve created a video about it. I’ll include a link to
that in video description in case you want more information. We use it for any new
campaigns that we creating. I’d recommend you use
it because it’s gonna be mandatory from September anyway, so might as well get started
and get using it now. Okay, hopefully that’s been been useful. As I said if you want your
question answered next week, go ahead and leave a comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe
to my YouTube channel. If you enjoyed this please
give it a thumbs up, and I’d really appreciate that, and I’ll talk to you soon. Thanks a lot guys.

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  1. Thanks for watching guys. If you want your question answered in next week's show, leave a comment below or join my Facebook Ads Mastermind Group and post it there: https://www.facebook.com/groups/483271052092516/requests/

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  3. Hi Ben,
    I’m currently running an ad campaign at the moment from using your 41 tips and it’s doing incredible! Generating leads for under £3! But the leads aren’t the highest quality, some leads don’t answer etc. So from this vid, the best way to get more quality leads would be to send them to your landing page instead of using the Facebook lead form? Expect less but more higher quality ones. If you do this, do I still select the leads objective at the start?

  4. Hi Ben! I love your content 🙂 Would it be alright if I asked you a quick question? I am setting up a drop shipping store and I would like some advice on how to run my FB ad campaigns. I've heard different opinions on it, for instance, some say that it's best to run a PPE campaign, then create a lookalike audience and run a conversion (purchase) campaign to generate sales. Alternatively, some say skip the PPE and just run a conversion campaign from scratch. For the first one, how long would you recommend running the PPE campaign before creating the lookalike audience? Also, how can I tell, via the PPE campaign if the product is good and that I should run a conversion campaign? Sorry for all the questions and thank you so much! 🙂

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