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– Audience definitions on Facebook guys, you can’t trust the data. (upbeat music) – G’day internet, what’s dolcé? Welcome to today’s episode of the vlog now, I have returned home from New Zealand I’m back! And, and, and, phew, look at it! My apartment, my apartment
is no longer messy it was like a bomb hit
this place when I got home. Whenever I travel though,
the thing I hate most about travelling is, 1. Packing and 2. Unpacking and
cleaning when I get home but that’s all done,
that’s all taken care of today, I’m gonna’ be catching up with Zac you met in last episode. – Yeah! We went to New Zealand together and uh, we’ve got a big
strategy meeting today for Hidden at the Flick Promotions HQ so, Zac’s pretty much downstairs waiting for me right now, so let’s uh, scoop this up real quick,
and we’re heading there big strategy meeting,
talking about the launch that we’re doing for
Hidden across the next month and a half, from February and March really, really excited it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be a good
day. Gonna’ take you in get you behind the scenes,
in terms of what we are doing to activate, this festival
in New Zealand and Australia so, it’s gonna’ be really
fun, I’m really excited now, apart from that, uh,
I don’t know about you guys but, I feel like, I just
uh, oh, I just feel like there’s something, just
like, a little bit different about me and, and, it’s
not this dirty, dirty dirty mo’. There’s just something else that’s a little bit
different about me that I, just, I just can’t seem
to work out what it is. I don’t know, something to think about but, uh, with that said,
let’s roll downstairs! (upbeat music) – Here’s the thing when you
don’t vlog for a long time. Like, I did. I took a big break last year and I’ve gotten really
used to just focusing on the performance side
of things when I vlog as opposed to like actually
having to worry about filming and what position I’m in, and how I’m holding, the
(laughing) the GorillaPod. If you do anything enough in repetition it’s gonna’ get a lot
easier and when you get out of practise like
something, I think vlogging is something for me, it’s not
really akin to riding a bike it’s something I’ve gotta’
put a lot of effort into and um, especially when
I’m selfie vlogging I’ve gotta’ do all these
different things at once so, I appreciate you being
along for the ride with me I’m still trying to,
I’m still trying to get my vlog persona like, back
dialled in and cued in, yeah, thank you, thank
you for baring with me during, during these, during just such these tough little times (laughing) Anyway, back to the episode.
– [Paul] Oh! What do we have here? Who’s this naughty boy? Who is this naughty boy? What’s up dude? – What’s up? (laughing)
– What’s up my dude? – Not much man. – Ready
for a productive day? – (chicken cluck) yeah!
I mean, yeah man! Woo! – We’re literally, we were in New Zealand I told Zac, I was like,
bro, I need you to, I need you to stop swearing so much because otherwise I’m gonna have to do a lot of post, a lot of post editing get in the car, first
word out of his mouth – (chicken cluck) (laughing)
(calm electronic music) – [Rob] Oh, and we’re
here, Flick Promotions Hidden HQ, let’s go, let’s
go! (calm electronic music) (clap) – Alright? – Anyway, this is, this is Flick Promotions
HQ, slash, Straight X, slash a few other businesses that I do not remember the name of right now. It’s a pretty cool set-up,
pretty, pretty dope, pretty dope, – [Rob] then up here,
is a podcasting show. Let me, let me take my bag off and I’ll give you a quick little, a quick little tour.
(calm electronic music) – [Rob] And this is the podcasting set-up over here, very, very cool. Alright, enough of that! (claps) – So you remember, remember earlier, how I said something really wasn’t feeling wasn’t feeling to good about myself today something was a little
bit off and it wasn’t this really dirty mo’. Yeah well, I think I, I think I figured out what it was (claps) hit me Zac! I think uh, I think it’s cause’ I’m not wearing black,
you know what I mean? We can fix that real quick,
ready? One, two (bang) Whoa feel so much better. And it’s, what’s that Hidden? Hidden,
Auckland, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth. February,
March get your tickets at discoverhidden.com, whoa! (claps) free brand deal! Let’s go! (click) – [Man] Right now, what I can see is for our Perth attending and not purchased our Perth landed on the
page and didn’t click anything, that’s where
we’re getting a harsh return on investment, my question is – Uh, sorry, how
interesting is that right? Because they’ve gotten,
no response ah! (clicks) I know exactly why that might be as well. Cause’ it’s last of the attribution, so we’re capturing the other purchases in a different part of our funnel, because it’s introduced that last click. But that’s really good
that we’re tiering that, and it should already, that
kind of return investment so, people that aren’t
even attending on Facebook are still buying, purchasing
tickets essentially – [Man] What I’m saying is, because we’re trying to sell our, sell so many tickets in such a short amount of time if that goes to a data pool, the attending are not purchased or they
landed on the event page and didn’t click any, anything like, whether they didn’t click,
interested or going is there any point spending money
on top of the funnel still? – No. There’s not. However, we’ll need to temper that assumption, okay, so like if we’re funnelling more traffic, if, if, we need to work
out, I need to work out are those buyers new? Or
are they just people that historically seen it? – [Man] Mm-hmm. – Do you know what I mean?
Because up until this point in time, if that, yeah I’m
just gonna’ keep doing it. So, we’ve got a pool, let’s say that, let’s just make that
number, let’s call that for each ten-thousand. Like that’s a pool of ten-thousand, cause’
that’s daily reach right? Estimated daily reach and these numbers are fucking, not very
high, but that’s fine if that’s the highest
return and investment that we’ve got and the question is, what’s stopping the
rest of the people from purchasing tickets?
Timing, an urgency so the variable with making that
successful would be the creative. Yeah, look at this, look at this! We got forty, forty x
in the last seven days – [Man] One purchase. – One purchase, but this is what’s happening, this is being chosen by Facebook to run more because of it’s historical relevance this is why I’m the
service provider and you’re the client, you know what
I mean? – [Man] Respect. – Let’s just, let’s just call it another twelve and a half grand. No, let’s call it fourteen-grand. – Fourteen-grand? So fourteen-hundred
dollars per day, back to, back to original strat’. So you’re gonna’ give me fourteen-hundred dollars a day more to play with in Perth? Because, you wanna’ sell out before
our competition releases? – And we’re still at,
yeah – The tickets on the same day that we’re running
this festival – Yeah – That’s the context. That’s
how you work flow boys! First goal was automatically
viewing existing assets, Zac? – Yeah. – And what was the third? Second one was Perth, which
was, is the most important. And the third goal for today was – Ah, doing, basically
doing the same as that but, for Brisbane and Sydney
on a different time scale. So basically figuring
out what we would need to be spending right now
to get Sydney and Brisbane sold out, by the event
dates. (bangs on table) I guess we should probably
get the ads up and running – They need to go live
today – On, on a low spend yeah today? Cause’
they need to learn and then we turn them off right? – Yeah it’s not, overly important
because we’re already half-way through the day so if anything we spend six-hundred
dollars and it’s Friday Interesting idea of where we’re at and how that has performed. – We need to sell, literally like, four-hundred tickets a
day. – So the trick is, balancing sales, while maintaining a low cost preposition
and a high return return – At what point will we pull
the plug if it’s not working? – I think we cross, we
cross that bridge when we come to it, because we’ll know. All we want is the
return ad spend, so like, if we say it’s falling dramatically like if it drops below
eight, because of this matrix that we built,
if it drops below eight, and we’re just working
off break-even we know that means, that media
spends gonna’ go up to twenty-eight-thousand dollars. This is actually gonna’
be really good, so, basically, what we’ve
got guys is like a matrix over here, with the
predicted return and ad spend cascading from like, thirteen x, twelve x, eleven x, ten x… looks like that. So what that allows us to do, is, it allows us to work out
based on where we’re at the day to day return and ad spend how much media spend total
are we gonna’ have to spend in order to generate
the total amount of tickets we need to break-even
or sell out the event. And based on these numbers,
that’s pretty frugal – For these ones, some –
So these are the organic this is the organic posts
yeah? – Yeah, organic? Yeah. So, the two different types
of organic boosts we do right? One is just brand awareness
and one is specific, is sometimes to drive tickets out. So, might be worth doing one
that takes all – Or we don’t, so we’ve got two types of
organic, uh, campaigns set up. – So on the post that
aren’t necessarily trying to drive sales just to
drive interest – Yep, done. – We’ll remove that, there’s
also some (phone beeping) credibility to putting
engagement into people who landed on the page but didn’t – Yep. For this part of the funnel I agree. – They landed but didn’t
act, the people that landed on the event page
but didn’t do anything – This is, this is it,
not going or interested that’s what they are.
– Engaged with Brisbane but that’s engaged. – That
means they’ve landed on the page – Engaged with excluding people who responded going or interested – So they landed, they landed
on the page – Oh! Okay. – So that’s what they
are, that was just called something separate in the ad data pool – Wait go up – Just type in
engaged, type in engaged. Audience definitions on Facebook guys, you can’t trust the
data, you can’t trust it – Okay – It’s really bad
and since the Cambridge analytical thing last
year and privacy changes and they changed the
customer audience reporting like it’s just bad data,
especially, the data is more inaccurate because when you take, because it doesn’t show
you how many people have visited your website anymore – Right – The only way we can really do that is if matching up the good analytics but yeah, you can’t do
it any wider than that – Uh, shall we just do the entire state? – New South Wales? Yep. Pump this up to age bracket, pump the age bracket up to twenty…no go to thirty
– I don’t think we’re gonna’ have people in their
thirty’s buying though – Yeah, ah, very true, very true – What about twenty-eight?
– Mind you, I’m twenty-nine. So now that we’re wining
the net Zac – Mm-Hmm – The return and investment, everything we’re basically doing now is gonna’ cause the return and ad spend to decrease – This one, is for ads that
are just awareness based not trying to drive sales – Good. – Which, which we’ll use
sparingly (phone beeps) – They’re like the Hidden
moments good for this like, and the experience based like, do you want me to
add the experience based post (phone beeps) – Yeah, so what I’ll, what I’ll do is, I’ll do, so with the experienced based stuff
and also the moments I’d probably split test this without more direct linked sales
targeting – So, not adding the experience based to –
Just leave, just leave, just – Just leave out as is?
Because you’re gonna’ keep updating good content on the fly – I feel like, yeah, cause’
when we do organic posts it’s just like, I just,
I just send you the link and when you get a chance
you do it, so this one I feel like it, we should split test this what we’ve just done here
with your organic conversion – Yep, that’s what I’ve already been doing – Yeah so – Yeah so, with
the post – We’ll just make this a lot more broad. – Yeah. So… Sick. So what I need you to do is just hit publish on that for me right now? And then what I’m gonna’ do is create that split test, we’ll get it live now that’s a really good,
uh, two-hundred dollars that we spent yesterday
on Hidden Moment three did twelve sales so
fifteen-hundred dollars of sales (banging the table)
(laughing) – Same everyday Anyway! (claps) That concludes
this episode of the vlog (beep noise) if you’re
not already subscribed go ahead and uh, hit that
subscribe button (click noise) turn the bell notification on (ding noise) so you get notified when
I upload a new video and uh, I think apart from that, uh, queue the explosion and I’ll see you next episode (tongue clicks) peace. (explosion and rock music playing)


  1. Hey guys, had to remove the audio from my intro for copyright reasons, will get this fixed in the next ep! The rest of the video is all good! As always, thanks so much for watching fam ☺️ Please subscribe to my channel and turn notifications on if you enjoyed this vlog 🙂

  2. Such a ripper episode dude! That had a bit of everything, classic PR, scenic b-roll, client facing, business meeting, Facebook Ads goodness, love it! 😁👍

  3. Nice video, great energy. If your margins were small on tickets (ie $1-2 ) what strategy would you implement to utilize facebook ads ?

  4. This is for your own event. How do you target people who have attended or shown interest in OTHER events? This is where your valuable data is, but you cant target events directly.

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