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How To Run an INSANELY POWERFUL Facebook Ad for Amazon FBA!

How To Run an INSANELY POWERFUL Facebook Ad for Amazon FBA!

alright guys so you watch my previous videos and you’ve learned how to run a profitable PPC you know all the great keywords to use to run your manual campaign and you’re getting organic sales on top of all that and hopefully you’ve learned how to learn how your indexed for specific keywords that relate to your product so let’s go over how you can run an insanely powerful Facebook ad with as low as $5 a day budget and how that $5 a day how much it’s gonna generate for you guys in terms of SEOs clicks impressions and on top of that I’m gonna be showing you guys step-by-step how to make a Facebook ad for your Amazon FBA product so let’s get started today guys and the first thing that you want to check for is login to your Facebook account again if you’ve never run as before on Facebook that’s okay I’m gonna be showing you guys step by set a through Z of exactly what you need to do so if you don’t know how to get to your Facebook Ads account what you want to do is you want to go ahead on this drop-down click create ads and once you’ve clicked create ads you’re gonna come to this page guys so before we go here I want to show you guys a few examples of what a Facebook ad looks like for those of you who have never seen any so just go ahead on Google and search for an Amazon at Facebook ad so as you can see the very first one is you know the company is called big Commerce sponsored ad lists your products on Amazon shows you the product this is a really good example guys that I really like so it shows the company name again they put an offer which is save 30% on our top-ranked golf clubs on Amazon today again it shows that this they offer or the ad is for today only you have a 30% off click today to find out more and shop more again this is exactly what you guys want to do and I’m gonna show you guys exactly how to get similar ads if not better in this video so what you guys want to do is especially if you’re not familiar as Photoshop or how to create an ad go onto fiber and search for a Facebook ad cover so once you search for Facebook ad covers you can have people create a Facebook ad cover with you know description title for you for as low as six dollars again this is Canadian for those of you who are in States this is five dollars guys so for five dollars you can get a professional Facebook ad created and again for another five dollars a day budget run it for three to five days and you’ll see the results yourself which will blow your mind on how easy and seamless running a Facebook ad for your Amazon FBA product is so once you’ve contacted to three you know sellers on fiber pick the best one and have them create that ad for you so now we’re back on the Facebook ad page so what you guys want to do basically is you have a few different options here that you can pick from so you have the awareness if you want to get up get a brand awareness a reach traffic engagement app installed but in our scenario we want conversions we want the people who find our ad to be looking to purchase our products so you want to make sure you click on the conversions campaign name again I’m gonna show you guys how to do a specific product just to go over exactly what it is that I look out for so in our scenario let’s say that we want to sell a Bluetooth portable speaker so go ahead and create your campaign name you don’t want to do a be testing if you are new to advertising so what basically a/b test is if you’re running two different variations of an ad to see which one will convert better for you so that’s not the whole point here I want to show you guys how to create an ad that’s powerful and simple for those of you who want to get started testing you know driving additional sales and traffic to your Amazon page so go ahead and click continue so we have the conversion please select the conversion website again you can create a pixel which you guys don’t want you want to send the people straight to your Amazon website you have the offer audience so this is where you guys want to spend most of your time guys so audience you can put local like customer lists so you can actually create you know if you’ve done advertising before an Instagram Facebook you can actually use all this to put advertising and if you haven’t that’s completely ok guys this is what most of you will be doing in your first-time advertising on Facebook or and you know on this platform so you can either click everyone in this location people who live in this location people who recently visited this location or traveling so obviously you want to target people in the States so you don’t want people who are in this location even if you aren’t States because that means there are also people who are visiting people who don’t live in this state or in that city that are actually you know traveling therefore so you always always want to target people who live in this location and what is this location this location could be United States this is if you’re selling in the America in the North American marketplace specifically the US market so you want to click United States people who live in this location we’re gonna take Canada off so it’s just the US market next is for our Bluetooth speaker what kind of target audience will we be targeting so this is one of the biggest questions that you always want to ask yourself so in our scenario since we are selling a Bluetooth portable speaker more than likely we’re gonna be targeting the younger crowd and or even household families who are into electronics so I’m gonna go and say people from 18 to 55 again we’re gonna be targeting meal and females so men and women so we’re gonna have all selected if you’re selling a baby product what kind of target audience would you have more than likely you’re gonna be targeting mothers so you’ll be picking woman you’ll be picking an age category that relates to mothers again could be 18 to 30 35 years old and for your targeting you’re gonna be selecting new born babies or new mothers who had just a baby again English guys I’m gonna go over that more in detail soon so just stay tuned but in languages we’re gonna click English or because you don’t want your ad to be shown to people who don’t speak English again this is you know counterintuitive if you’re advertising your product to someone who can’t read or understand what it is that you’re trying to sell so we want our languages to be in English detailed targeting guys this is the most important part so for example we can go and put electronic so we want people who are interested in electronics and what you guys want to take a look out for is your audience size here so it’s gonna start to decrease as you make your ad more relevant to who it is that you want your ad to be shown to so potential reach is a hundred and seventy million people right now in the u.s. guys so maybe you want to target two people whose interest is in cool tech gadgets again because we’re selling a portable Bluetooth speaker we want to start targeting more people here guys and that’s the whole case here if you’re not sure what what you know category you should select just go to suggestions Facebook has done an amazing job to know what kind of product it is that you’re trying to sell and what suggested categories you want to make sure that you select for your reach to your target audience again technology and gadgets would be a good you know good category take a look at this you know instead of a hundred and seventy million we can target a smaller category with an audience of 1.3 million for smart technologies because these are the people who want to see what’s around especially if you have a cool niche product that’s related say you’re selling a camera light bulb like I showed you it’s not something that a lot of people know of but it’s something cool that you know that people are joining Facebook groups Facebook pages around smart technologies or latest technology technological products want to you know take a look out for so let’s click that and as you start to click your target audience will start to decrease guys again you can target people by demographics as well so you can actually have parents you know all parents who are you know again if you have it if they have a children again this is really good guys for for example if you’re selling a Bluetooth speaker that’s a night lamp a lot of parents might be looking out for a clock and a Bluetooth speaker with a night lamp or changing color for to put babies into sleep so this is where that comes into play so you can actually select you know appearance with you know preschoolers three to five years old that are looking for you know ways to put their baby to sleep again you can find some really amazing categories and suggestions through this tool bar guys so next is connections you can actually select people who have liked your page so if you have created a Facebook page and you are running an advertisement through your page you can do that as well and next is automatic versus placement guys so I always recommend that you guys do an automatic placements because Facebook again has done such an amazing job of targeting people who will be interested in your product once you’ve done Facebook advertising you know for three months six months a year non-stop and you become really advanced with it you can go and edit you know placements and tweak it that way but I recommend that you guys go with the automatic placement in this scenario next is budget so with a $5 a day budget your estimated daily results would be reaching between six hundred to three thousand people per day again if you put five bucks in it into your ad guys and you see that five dollars is gonna you know convert into a hundred dollars in additional purchases of your Amazon FBA product that goes to show you a five percent a cost versus your Amazon PPC which might be 10% 15% or even 20% so then you can increase your 5 bucks to 10 bucks to 20 bucks until your organically making sales to your product you’re making money through your PPC and now you found another avenue to drive outside external traffic and conversions through this website so again increase this once you see you’re working five dollars a day is more than enough as you can see your daily results that will be shown poor impressions to your customers is quite a bit and again you’re all testing it out to see how well it does you want to make sure that your country you’re looking for conversions you want to run seven days seven day click or one day view again leave this as is guys you have different options here as well but I always do 7d click and you have bidding options so you can do a target cost where you can actually pick how much you want to put for a target cost for conversion again you can put $5 per conversion but I always recommend again if you are getting started go with em go with our Facebook’s recommend that option of picking the lowest cost once you’re done that guys you want to go ahead and click continue now this is the page that you will have most of the information from your Facebook advertising guy on Fiverr so they’ll be providing you with the picture description title that you’ll be using we will be using a single image which means that you can have up to six ads within one image again this is what I do for all my Amazon FBA products on Facebook images this is what the fiber you know agent will be providing you so you’ll just go ahead upload the images here guys text enter the text that they gave you website so this website URL will actually be your Amazon FBA product listing guys so this is what you’ll be putting here along with the headline the call to action you will have to change it from learn more to book now or purchase so get offer again as you guys saw in this where was it see she shared an offer you guys will be picking the option of the offer guys so get offer again I always recommend that through your text you put get 30% off now only special for today click the link to learn more or to click the link to obtain offer this offer limited you know limited time only again your fiber guy will be providing this to you guys I just want to show you exactly how it will look so get offer and again once you’re done guys you just want to go ahead and click confirm and that’s it it takes weeks book about an hour to two hours to review your ad make sure that it meets with their Terms of Service and policy if everything is good they’ll accept your ad and it’s gonna start showing to your audience as soon as two to three hours after you click confirm on this page guys it’s as simple as that and believe me you guys once you’ve mastered PPC you’ve mastered those keywords getting ranked and indexed on Amazon you want to continuously start to think outside the box of how you can drive outside external traffic to your Amazon FBA listing and this is exactly what you want to do Facebook is another great Avenue that not many people use a lot of people overlook a lot of people start to spend time only on learning PPC and they don’t have enough time or they don’t want to learn Facebook because they think it’s this complex complicated platform that is hard for you to figure out to run campaigns for and that’s not the case guys within this ten minutes in this video you learn how to create a professional campaign for Facebook you learned how you can create a professional cover description title by using someone on Fiverr and as well you learn how to set up your target audience that meets the kind of people that will be looking for your product you know through demographic through interest you can even set it through income so if you’re selling a higher ticket product that’s selling for $40 you might want to target people who have money to spend or people who have actually been spending $1,000 a month on online purchases all of this you can actually pick out on Facebook all the data all the results are there for you to use guys I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video my goal is to help you guys blow up your Amazon FBA account in terms of sales conversions and you know you’re incredibly well on it remember guys your goal is not to be an average Amazon FBA seller making six figures of your income your goal is to become an Amazon FBA master so this video will show you guys exactly step by step how to make that happen through Facebook advertising and running insanely you know profitable results from running a campaign for your Amazon FBA product if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you are new to this channel guys again I do have a course which comes with my one-on-one mentoring we’ll help you with every single step of the way I’ll take a look at your product help you with negotiating suppliers shipping it directly to Amazon and all the way to making your first initial sales guys so anytime you have a question you can reach out to me on Facebook Skype we can do Facebook calls so we can go over any concerns that you have to make sure that you avoid some common problems or mistakes that new Amazon FBA sellers make guys again if you’re interested in that the link will be below in the description box guys if you have any questions or comments post it down below I go through every single one of your comments and reply individually again guys I thank you for joining me on this video and I can’t wait to see you guys on the next one

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  1. Solid vid, was just talking to my partner about doing fb ads haha, awesome, thank you for the content🙏🏽

  2. great video. Few Questions:
    1) Isnt a landing page better than just driving ppl to ur listing? Because u can use a pixel to retarget them?
    2)is there a way to see if the fb ad converted into a sale?

  3. How do you create custom audiences (sales) when you have no pixel data? you can't track amazon sales directly from FB can you? Thanks

  4. Hello Dear , i hope you are doing well.
    This is a great video, but the problem is the FB policy doesn’t accept to put a direct Amazon link through Facebook Ads , so, how can i do this?

  5. What link do you use for the ad? Do you use the direct link to your amazon product listing? I’ve tried this before and the link does not convert to that nice looking yellow amazon box with the product picture in it. Any suggestions on how to get the amazon button to show up as the link in the ad instead of the HTML website text? Thank you.

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