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How to Reuse Facebook Ads With The Most Social Proof QTT16

How to Reuse Facebook Ads With The Most Social Proof QTT16

– One of the most powerful
assets that you have as a Facebook advertiser
is an ad that gets a lot of engagement. Shares, likes, comments all of that creates what
we call social proof. And really, it builds
trust with the people that you’re trying to reach. It shows them that there’s
been a positive response to what you’re putting out there. And it really helps create
a more effective ad. Now the thing is that
when Facebook advertisers try to reuse those ads,
oftentimes they lose all of those likes, shares, and comments all of the social proof. So in this video I want to show you how to use that same high performing ad against new audiences,
without losing all of that social proof on the ad
that did really well. (pop music) Okay, so by way of reminder,
the problem that we’re trying to solve is that when
we have an ad doing really well and we want to use it on other audiences when we try to duplicate
it, we’re gonna lose all of those comments and shares. So I’m gonna walk you through step by step how to get around this,
it’s a pretty simple fix. But it starts with creating
what’s called a dark post. Now in order for this tactic
to work, you have to create a dark post. I’m not gonna go through that
in this video, but essentially it’s creating a post
that’s just not public or published on your page. So I’ll link out to a
resource for how to do that. But you create a dark post,
and that’s what this is. And really, what that allows you to do is split test against different audiences. If you use a tool like Ad
Express, or you’re a natural at using dark posts, that’s
what we’re dealing with here. Okay, so step one is to find that ad that’s working really well for you. And we need to find the permalink. So find the URL, where this ad lives. Or maybe more accurately,
where this dark post lives. So to do that, click
on the ad, click Edit. Now we’re gonna click this little icon with the arrow in a box and then scroll down to
Facebook posts with comments. You’ll see that this loads up the ad and you can see that I have some good engagement here, some good comments and conversation, I want to reuse that. So select the entire URL and I would recommend
putting it into a Notepad or something that’s just
easier to manipulate text. And then what you’re
looking for is the post ID. And it comes after this
little folder here posts. So grab this number all the
way up to the question mark and then copy it, you’re gonna
use that in a later step. Now the next step is to
go and create a new ad just like you’re used
to doing for your normal Facebook ads. Choose whatever objective
makes the most sense. I’m going to choose
Traffic, just for the sake of simplicity. And then click Continue. Now, you can go through and
choose a new audience here just like you would as you’re building a normal Facebook ad campaign. But I just want to get to the point here, so the next step is to go
down to the Ad section. And then click this
option Use Existing Post. Normally, you’d be
creating a new ad and using one of these options, Carousel,
Image, Video, etcetera but in this case, we’re gonna
be using an existing post. Okay, you can see that
there’s some quick ways to grab page posts that have run before. But I’m going to click Enter Post ID to find the exact ad that we need. You remember, in the last
step I grabbed that post ID from the URL. So paste it in here and click Submit. And voila, it appears right here. So you can scroll down and
see that the same reactions, the same comments are still there. Now the beauty of this is
I can go back to the Ad Set and I can start to choose a new audience. I can segment that
audience, I can just run on a totally new location. But the creative, the
ad that I’m going to use is the same one with the same engagement and social proof that we had before. So that’s it. So remember, you need to start
with creating a dark post. Then find the URL of that dark post. And then you’re gonna locate the post ID. Create a new ad. And select Existing Post. And then enter your post ID. And that’s it. You can do this as many
times as you’d like for new campaigns, for new ad sets. And again, the beauty is that you can take that social proof and carry it with you wherever you go, and
whatever your audiences you want to test out.

27 thoughts on “How to Reuse Facebook Ads With The Most Social Proof QTT16

  1. You must select an object to promote that is related to your objective, for example a Page post, website URL, or app. Please add a promoted object and try again.

    This post can't be used for an ad because it doesn't exist on the Page you've chosen, or it was originally created on a personal profile. Please choose a different post and try again.

    What can I do

  2. When I click the "little icon with an arrow and a box", it doesn't give me all of the choices that you have. I only have one option- Send Notification to Facebook. Am I doing something wrong? Or maybe Facebook doesn't allow you to do this anymore? Thanks!

  3. If your placements are on Facebook and Instagram will it work with Instagram posts because I’m losing all of my instagram comments and likes

  4. This was a great video! Is there a way to edit that ad after you select the option to use an existing post and add the post ID?

  5. can you edit the text above the image/video and still keep the engagement, or does it erase it if you edit ANYTHING? thanks!

  6. Just a small warning to people who may be new to facebook ads. theres a couple of horror stories that If you edit the ad with social proof it will reset and you will lose all the likes, comments shares etc. Make sure your only playing around in ad set level and not the ad level

    I cant figure out a way of copying the ad that holds the social proof when the campaign objective is app installs. I know its possible because companion labs has set up 10 ad sets with the same ad post before. (with app installs as the objective) The only work around was I sacrificed a bad ad set that was already connected to the ad which had high social proof, this enabled me to keep the social proof while changing the audience to the one that was performing best. I wont be able to do this for much longer, I have 2 other bad adsets that are connected to the post with social proof, could you please make a video on how this can be done with app installs. the "existing post" tab does not appear when "the campaign objective is app installs.

  7. This was awesome, looked for this specifically and told me what to do "specifically". This is rare these days, so thank you very much!

  8. great video, thank you for sharing, I would like know why does it have to be a dark post, can I use other posts that I have? thanks.

  9. Hi again , how would you use a different post but maintain the social proof of the first post? my first ad post was a blog on my site, many people liked it. Now I want them to see my products in a different post, and possibly make a purchase, but I want to use the social proof I built in the first ad. thanks.

  10. thanks for your video. I actually, do more Instagram ads which work better for me but how can i get the ad ID ?i cannot see those numbers id like for the facebook ads

  11. Hey – can we edit "dark posts" after publishing them? The problem I'm having is I have an ad that has great engagement but I want to edit the copy and include TWO link copies (I only included one initially). Is this possible with dark posts? Thanks.

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