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How To Retarget Website Visitors with Facebook Ads

How To Retarget Website Visitors with Facebook Ads

I’m Roey Hadari and today
I’m going to show you how to retarget your website visitors
on Facebook with followup ads. First of all, in order to be able
to retarget your website visitors you’re going to need to have
your Facebook pixel installed on your website or whatever webpage
you’re retargeting visitors for. If you don’t know
what a Facebook pixel is or if you don’t have it installed make sure you check out my tutorial that
teaches you about everything Facebook pixel But assume for now that you
do have Facebook pixel installed I’ll show you how to retarget
your website visitors. So I’ve loaded up my Ads
Manager, I’m on my homepage and I’m going to bring up the
toolbar, and open up All Tools Under Assets I’m going
to click up Audiences. When your asset library loads up you are going to create a
new audience, a custom audience and when the popup opens up for our purposes, we’re going to
choose website traffic as the source. And now we are ready to define what kind of
website activity we are looking to retarget. So you can go as general
or as specific as you like going to target all website visitors in the past, up to 180 days.
That’s the maximum time. You can target visitors
of a specific webpage by time spent, or specific
conversion events. Once you’ve defined your audience that you’d like
to retarget, you give it a name and create it. Once it’s been created, you
automatically have the option to create an ad using the audience and you are immediately able
to retarget your website visitors. And now you’re all set up to
convert website visitors into clients using Facebook advertising. If you need even more help with
your social media strategizing turning website visitors or
anybody else into your clients make sure you download my list of the 100+ social medial tools, apps,
and resources that I use to help me optimize my campaigns. If you enjoyed this video, make
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with your social media marketing endeavors.

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