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How to remove RV Decals and ANNOYING Advertising!

How to remove RV Decals and ANNOYING Advertising!

crack addict for 15 years today I’m two
years sober I have a problem well it’s not so much
as a problem as I’m just really annoyed with something here let me show you you
see this here every time that I walk into my RV I see that and that is really
really annoying we also have this year I definitely don’t like that not a huge
fan not a huge fan of this I actually hated this one so much I already took it
off but it’s still there all in all I’m just super unimpressed
with all the advertising and labeling that they put all over these RVs the
branding whatever you want to call it super super annoying
so today I’m gonna get all that sh*t off all right the first thing I’m going to
do before I do anything else is I am going to go to Walmart cuz I need some
arts and crafts supplies I figure I’m about done with that box now it’s been
about a month crack addict for 15 years
today I’m two years sober thank you for this young man and thank you youtube
god bless all right what we’re gonna need for this
project is dugong that’s what I’m using any type of adhesive remover a razor
blade to scratch off the sticker I probably recommend using a plastic razor
blade because it’s on your vehicle and you probably could damage the paint but
I don’t have one so I’m gonna just go ahead and use this razor blade you’re
gonna need a bucket for hot soapy water so let me use that car wash soap I think
it should work sponge to clean up afterwards a paper towel to wipe off the
goo gone plane one moment all right I’m gonna go ahead and start by doing
these smaller ones test it out make sure everything works right all right first
we’re gonna go ahead and use this razor blade beautiful still a little bit of that
residue left over so I’m gonna go ahead and use this goo gone let that sit for
just a second nice thumbs up last step is to wash it
off with a little bit soapy hot water voila nothing there would you just look
at it beautiful now we’re gonna go ahead and do that a couple more times one here
one on the back I’m going to try to get all that goop off the back and then
maybe on the side one of the main reason I took this off
already and not any of the others is because of my website it’s right here
and I didn’t want to be super confusing which website you should go to because
this was also a super annoying website so there you have it guys if you’re
anything like me and you are traveling full time especially if you have a vlog
or a blog you should be advertising on your RV I have a sticker on the back of
my RV that says fifthwheelfeel with a couple little icons for social media
people have messaged me multiple times and said hey I just saw you on the road
following you now it’s that’s super cool that you’re doing yada yada yada it’s a
great tool at your disposal since you’re already traveling to be able to slap
some of your advertising on to your rig but if you also have advertising from
the company or from the place you bought your RV from on your rig it’s super
confusing people don’t know which website to go to where to go so you want
to get these things off if you’re anything like me it’s also just super
annoying every time I walk in my door I have to see this stupid logo of this RV
salesman company that I didn’t even purchase my RV from it’s just obnoxious
absolutely absurd don’t want it you probably don’t want it either it’s ugly
and eventually I’m even gonna remove this zinger if some of the designs on
the side like these lines are coming off you might want to just go ahead and take
the whole line off use the Goo Gone get that ugly dirty goop off the side of
your RV and then your 20 or 10 or five-year-old RV it will look like a
brand-new RV again plus with a lot of these parks a lot of these RV resorts
and things like that if you’re doing the campground thing like I am a lot of
times these places they mandate that you have a certain degree of cleanliness
they don’t want your RV to look like crap because then their park looks like
crap definitely worth doing it doesn’t take very long as you saw just a couple
of minutes per little sticker to do a big one it probably take me about 15 so
anyway thanks for watching guys if you enjoyed this video if you learned
something from it go ahead and subscribe to my channel give it a thumbs up if you
if you if you would if you could and until next time I’ll see you guys later

33 thoughts on “How to remove RV Decals and ANNOYING Advertising!

  1. We are enjoying your videos. You seem like a very nice young man. We are looking forward to full time RVing around the US in about 8 years when we retire. Until then, we will live vicariously through you and your travels.

  2. The best product to wash your Rv and vehicles with is "Simple Green." I wet my car with water and the spray it down with "Simple Green," let it set for roughly 10 min. Then I drive down the street to the car wash and scrub and wash the car. "Simple Green" works really well dissolving road tar from the lower part of your vehicle.

  3. I had an issue with the warranty department of our camper manufacturer and I removed their branding simply to keep them from benefiting from the free advertising on our channel 🙂 I use a heat gun to soften the glue before removing.

  4. DW-40 and a rag works great for removing the sticky stuff. I recently removed all of the logos and writing from my newest camper trailer. I did it 30 minutes after buying it brand new. I was able to simply peel them off with my fingernails on a hot day.

  5. I hate them too. The day we brought our travel trailer home I picked off every single sticker except for the important info ones. They were fresh so they came right off.

  6. Could you tell me how you got your logo design, who made it for you and how much it costs. I have not seen anyone explain these facts on their channel but all seem to have them.P.S My husband and i just found your channel last night loved it and laughed a lot so we subscribed :0). Keep up the good posts love them all your a natural at this!Thanks

  7. Omg…the one on the left in profile pic says you're by far the cutest fulltimer ever! But, old enough to be your mom…might be a sin to sub…lol! Good luck with your channel.

  8. I have taken the "free advertising" logos off every vehicle and rv for over twenty years. This includes the license plate holder too. First thing I did to my pickup was take the dealers logo and plate holder off and handed back to the salesman. I even like the dealership. Good site Sam

  9. Your color is off. Video makes the Gulf of Mexico look blue. In Galveston, the water is dirty, sandy, and green.

  10. You do not remove the RVIA sticker!! Most RVParks and city codes ONLY allow RVIA certified RV's to camp within city limits! And now you removed it! Heh! BTW, that was about a $500 to $1500 certification sticker!

  11. I am 65 and every freaking thing I buy has ad's on it .i have always taken off car dealership emblems the first day I get a new car, great. Vid

  12. A pro window washer who removes a lot of stickers and signage from Windows always used soapy water with real razor blades. Never dry.

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