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How to Reduce Stress Quickly – with one easy breath technique

How to Reduce Stress Quickly – with one easy breath technique

Hi! so I’m here in Berlin in my hotel
room it is day five out of a what’s going to be a nine day shoot now
pretty intense shooting pro athletes so lots of things changing lots of moving
parts I just got home from a shoot and jumped into the hotel steam room if you
remember my post from a few days ago steam rooms versus saunas that’s why I’ve got wet hair as well and while I was in the steam room I was doing a pranayama
breathwork technique which I thought hey actually you know what I’m gonna
record a quick little video for you guys if you are going through an especially
intense time at work or in life if you are quite stressed and you need
something to very easily quickly help to reduce your stress levels I have a
simple thing you can do anywhere you don’t have to be sitting down
cross-legged or anything I did this in the steam room right so essentially this
breath work is the inhale to your exhale ratio should be in a count of one to two.
What does that actually mean? Well let’s say you inhale on a count of four then
you exhale on a count of eight. You know… or you could inhale on three exhale six.
The important thing for you to do here is the exhalations because they are
double the count and then longer… You should not be struggling at the end of
your exhale so let’s say you’ve… if you do a count of like four and eight
for example eight on the exhale and by the by count seven or eight you’re just
kind of like UHHH… running out of breath you’ve gone too far
take it down a notch and then go down to three and six for example so
very simply that means something like this. Inhale 2 3 4. Exhale 2 3 4 5 6 7 8.
Inhale 2 3 4. Exhale 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. Now you can do this
sitting with your eyes closed… that might be actually a better way to give you a
little bit more focus on your breath and the count and the reason why you want to
do this is because a longer exhalation actually helps to reduce your stress
response. It helps your body… the body’s parasympathetic nervous system override
like the stress you know fight-or-flight symptoms
syndrome that’s going on. Yeah it’s what emergency rooms actually use in
artificial respirators you know those those machines that help people breathe
artificially. The inhales to the exhales are in a ratio of one to two because it
helps to calm the nervous system down so very very easy quick life hack, breath
hack… I hope that helps you let me know what you think!

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