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How To Read a Book a Week | Jim Kwik

How To Read a Book a Week | Jim Kwik

How do you read one book a week? Leaders are readers. The challenge is, the average person reads
about two books a year, but the average CEO reads about four to six books a month. So, how do you get to this point where you’re
getting to one book a week? One of the reasons why I’m so excited about
reading is because if somebody has decades of experience and they put it into a book,
and you can sit down in a day or two and read that book, you can download decades of knowledge
in days. Right? So, you have such a huge advantage. So, how do you read one book a week without
speed reading? Well, here’s a secret, look at the numbers. Right? I went onto Amazon, I found out that the medium
number of words per book is about 64,000 words, and the average person… Like, we teach speed-reading all around the
world, in 150 different countries online. The average person reads about 200 words per
minute. So now, when you divide 64,000 words per book
by 200 words a minute, it comes out to be about 320 minutes, 320 minutes to get through
a book of 64,000 words. But how many words is that a day? Divide by 7, you get about 45 minutes a day,
45 minutes of reading a day, and you get through one book a week. Now, that’s much more manageable. But here’s the secret, is you have to schedule
it. You must schedule this time, because if you
say, “Oh, I’m going to read here or there,” it never really happens, because it’s more
of a dream or it’s an interest. But when you schedule it, it’s in your appointment
book, it’s in your calendar, this is time for you. It’s like time you would have with your boss
or an investor, or somebody…a family member, somebody that’s so important that you would
never cancel on that. Because you reading is a form of self-care,
and I believe that self-love and self-care is not selfish. So, you want to be a lifelong learner? Schedule 45 minutes a day. Now, if you happen to be a faster reader,
you can do it in maybe 30 minutes, or maybe 15 minutes. It doesn’t take as much as you think. And one more important point, when you’re
scheduling your reading time, make sure you schedule it around a time when you’re awake. Right? Most people use reading as a sedative late
at night, and they have this association of something that puts them to sleep. That’s not the time that you want to be able
to do it. When you’re awake, when you’re alert, schedule
it, 45 minutes a day, and you get the job done. So remember, leaders are readers. If knowledge is power, reading is your superpower. Hi, my name is Jim Kwik, and growing up I
was labeled “the boy with the broken brain”, with all these learning challenges and disabilities. And I went from that to become the world’s
leading memory and brain coach for the world’s top universities, CEOs, and celebrities. Over the past 25 years, I’ve developed all
of these strategies and techniques to unleash the power of your superbrain. I want to share these techniques and methods
with you. I hope you’ll join me. ♪ [music] ♪

100 thoughts on “How To Read a Book a Week | Jim Kwik

  1. If the calculations come to 2.5 hours to finish a book of 50,000 word do you recommend to use these tips to sit down and finish in one shot? Or does it only work by reading in 20-45 minute segments a day?

  2. Just reading books is non sense. If it doesn't contain any knowledge. Fantasy is nice but to pass time, You should read biography, history, fiction genre books

  3. Lo importante no es cuántos libros lees, lo importante es lo que vas aplicar leyendo esos libros. (Es mejor leer un libro más de 10 veces y aplicarlo que leer más de 10 libros y no hacer nada.

  4. Okay Jim! You got me. Each time I try to look at another positive video, there's your ad, and I am still watching the whole ad, which is something I usually don't do.

  5. One thing I do is to read or learn languages on my train commutes. If you calculate train commutes, it's like having this time in a classroom. However, the classroom is what and where you make of it. It can be almost anywhere. Thank you very much!

  6. Just pick a random book..
    Divide the number of pages by 7..
    Read that many pages a day whatever time it takes!👍

  7. I don't have to schedule my reading, because I'm drawn to do it one way or another. I am a bit sporadic, but I get a lot out of my reading time. I often switch back and forth between two books, finishing them both around the same time and by being under two influences at once I often make interesting cross-connections between the two books. For example, try reading The Continuum Concept and Childhood Interrupted in the same month, reading some from one book, then some from the other. I also find it important to NEVER speed-read or skim. Immersing myself in the book is critical for me to remember what I've read and understand it fully. (This may be because I'm an INFJ, HSP, for any geeks reading this who knows what that means.) Thanks Jim for the video, I love your inspirational tone and your no-nonsense approach.

  8. https://www.quora.com/Has-Jim-Kwiks-methods-helped-you-with-memorizing-and-speed-reading

    No reason to pay too much

  9. Ok everyone on here is saying they read often. So what are some of your favorite books???? READY SET GO

  10. The problem with reading a book in a week is that ….like Jim said its decades of research and understanding that goes in a book. Trying to download it in a week is not going to happen. You should give it time so that the concepts that the author tries to explain sinks in. Humans develop any skill through repetition.So trying to learn everything in a week wont generate enough repetition for your brain to drill it down to your subconscious. That is the exact reason why many people even though after reading several self help books dont see any change because the concept was never drilled down to their subconscious. You need to let the ideas sink this happens only when u read slow and try to digest every idea that is put forward.

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  12. Couldn't choose a sub so this'll work

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  14. So step one: get a thick book
    Step two:open the book
    Step three:read the book
    I only read humongous thick books

  15. I really want to start reading books…but I’m not sure what genre of books that’d interest me…where do you suggest I start from? ..a random list of books you’ve enjoyed would be helpful…thanks☺️

  16. Does this work for text books? I read between 3 to 5 hours a day and i have many books to get through. Is this theory still valid when you have to understand concepts?

  17. Your calculation seems very stupid. An avid reader reads to get all the intricate details. He won't just go on counting the words without proper understanding.

  18. But what if i am not able to implement in real life what i read. Won't that make that reading useless and make us more stressful for not improving?

  19. hey guys you all know you can read a *REAL* (400 pages or more) book and you are going to get much more knowledge than just scrolling your eyes so you can finish fast that 80 pages book (sorry but that is just a magazine)

  20. I'm completed 1 book 1 or 2 days it depends upon a book if book is interesting like psychological fact related to the mind and life then I completed if book is not interesting then it's task for me

  21. Yes and no. You can read one page in one day…You know . As long as you think and analyse. It is worth reading this way with understanding, deep one , than reading too fast without understanding deeply. Reading is not ment to be scheduled in a competition named : «  I do a lot of things in no time in order to be more self confident, and competitive than my neighbor »… think about the Haîku… is it meant to be read quickly? No…let us not behave like students before the exams or after, I mean …. with nothing in the head after , most of the time. Do not panic instead . And read in your best armchair making a nap just after, or in your bed. And sleep. Your brain works better after. 🤓😘

  22. I was like this, not only one book in a week but two books in the week. But, this is can happen just if you haven't nothing to do in your life. No work no hanging out with friends. And after 2 months I felt so bored and tired. So, in my little experiment I think you should take your time in reading no matter how much you read in a week but what's matter is what you read and what you get from this book. How much information you learned.

  23. Curious person with free time: read a book a week? …Oh My Gosh……. That's slow… I read a book in 2-3 days BUT ONLY if I'm in the zone with the book.

  24. I read one book a week without speed reading
    50 pages a day average + some extra on weekends
    = 350< pages a week which is the size of most books

    Speed reading is a hack and it's a bad one
    You don't grasp as much info
    Specially in fiction books

  25. I do read fast but , If I read something really fast I don't understand what I just read ..i feel like I read a bunch of words 😂

  26. Does the average CEO read 4-5 books per month?

  27. I read a single book a year or two years.But if we are talking about study books like science and maths which I like(also Social studies and eng literature which I am forced to read😪) then I read around 25 to 30 books per year.

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