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How To Reactivate Disabled Facebook Ad Account I Beginners I Affiliate Marketing

How To Reactivate Disabled Facebook Ad Account I Beginners I Affiliate Marketing

Is your Facebook ad account disabled? I’m gonna teach you two ways and how you would be able to reactivate your
Facebook ad account. This is Babelyn Malate. I am an online entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, mom and a teacher. So two days ago I created an ad on my
business manager and after I published it I got this message that my Facebook ad
account was disabled and I really don’t know why but it stated there that I had
policy violation. That I did not follow the advertising policy or the community
standard I think and I tried to get to them by going to the request for review
section you can see that in your Facebook manager ad account and I clicked to that one and I wrote my concern and why my account should not be deactivated. I know that I have not violated any policies and so I don’t really know what
happened there and I cannot understand it so after I wrote my my side to them
in that request form. After a day I have not received any answer and I saw that they just closed it. so I went to the support inbox and try
to reply to my request because I have not seen their reply. So that’s the first
thing I did number one was to just simply apply for that appeal and request
for review. So I know that I wouldn’t be able to get an answer if I’m
just gonna sit down there and see my support inbox section and therefore I
try to find another way and I found out that you could actually contact their
support team they had the chat support so you can go to the Facebook business
resources and that will bring you to the chat support team if you look at the
page you will see down there that there is this get started button and that there you would be able to be connected to their messenger advertising. Facebook Messenger advertising and representative will get to you after a couple of seconds so it
was very fast. I got Will to help me with my concerns. I’m showing you now our
conversation. He was very helpful and concerned about my situation and I also
told him that I had some issues when it comes to advertising
because there are some system errors that I find on my side actually after
exchanges of information. Will had seen that I’m seeing a different problem on
my part with the system that he’s he’s looking at so there it says that I had
violated. I mean my account was flagged but on my side it was disabled so when
looking at two different scenarios so I told him that I had some error
messages when when I’m uploading and publishing my ads. So I think it was not
just about a policy violation but probably about the connection especially
if you are you using if you are using VPN. Like for countries that do not actually allow Facebook and there’s probably a system error. I’m not sure
with these two theories but they’re working it out now and my issue has been
escalated. So the second thing is to reach out their support because they
will give you very quick response and answer to your concern and I’m very
satisfied with that because I know that they’re doing something about my case
and they looked into it that is completely important for small
advertisers like me. So if you have problems when with your ad account. If
it’s flagged or disabled, you wanna try out these two steps.
First you get to the request review portion and then you can move on now to
escalate your problem go to the chat support. They actually have another
option which is you can send them an email from that same website Facebook
business resources. So go ahead and check out those two important ways to help you
with your small business. I hope that you’ve learned something from this video so if you think that this is very important and please do like, share,
and subscribe to my channel. Share the video so that we can help more other
intrapreneurs who are having problems with their Facebook ad account. Thank you so much.

4 thoughts on “How To Reactivate Disabled Facebook Ad Account I Beginners I Affiliate Marketing

  1. Can the chat support help you get the ad account back instead of just giving links to write an appeal…

    I have submitted an appeal already and still they haven’t responded 🙁

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