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How To Put Ads On Your YouTube Videos

How To Put Ads On Your YouTube Videos

Well, we’re back and we’re talking about
YouTube again. How do you put ads on YouTube videos? I’m going to show you how. -Okay. Everybody wants… It’s all about
advertising. It’s all about the advertising money. That’s what we’re all
in business for anymore. It seems like these days. And so for just the really
for the absolute beginner when it comes to YouTube, they go, “I can make money
right? I can do Adsense.” -Because they hear about how these YouTubers making so much
money? -Right, yeah. So, let’s specifically talk now about how ads work? How do you
do it? Do you make your own ads? Do you put them on? What’s happening with
ads on YouTube videos? -Okay, there is one benchmark you have to achieve first. This
was implemented early in 2018. And you have to hit a thousand subscribers. -Now,
what you mean you have to hit… I have a thousand subscribers to my channel before I can
even think about making money with that? -Yep. -Okay. -Exactly. So, that that’s a
new thing as of the beginning of early 2018.
But you’re only going to be making… You’re only missing out on pennies
before then you know. Maybe a couple dollars a month or something like that.
But once you get to a thousand subscribers, then you can apply for the
YouTube Partner Program. And we’re going to demonstrate what you do from that. -And
you’re still really not making any more money off of having a thousand
subscribers? You still need those subscribers to watch your videos? I mean
is it more off of video… -There’s technically 2… There’s 2 criteria. 1
is a thousand subscribers, another is a certain amount of minutes of watch time.
It’s like a hundred thousand minutes or ten thousand minutes. Something like that.
-But what I mean, you know, if I have a thousand subscribers to… Go ahead and
pull over. I’ll talk while you do that. I can have a thousand subscribers. But if
none of them are watching my videos, I’m not going to make any money now. Officially
I qualify to have ads but why would you put ads on a site where no one’s
watching jack squat? -Right. -That’s a double negative. -So, what it does is it
just simplifies the process for YouTube of not having to pay out 2 dollars to
this person, one dollar per person, 10 cents to this person. It just cleans it
up so… I understand the reasoning for doing that. Once you’ve hit
a thousand though, it doesn’t automatically put you into the partner
program. You have to apply. And so I want to show you here. -Yeah, what do we do?
-You’ve seen this site. You know who… You know Google. So go to google. How… How to apply to YouTube partner program? Alright. Sign into YouTube. In the top right, select account icon. Go to
the creator studio. Select channel status and features. On our monetization, click
enable. And then follow the on-screen YouTube partner terms. So let me just demonstrate that. So, I’ve got several different channels that are part
of the YouTube Partner Program. Right now, I’m signed in as as the Kris Krohn
limitless TV channel. I’m the producer for this channel. So, if we go to the
creator studio and this told us to go to that channel status and features
monetization. So let’s do that. Go to channel. Status and features. And you
can see here monetization is enabled. If we… Let’s just open this. View monetization
settings. And you see a lot of data here. So, the steps change. And what
we’re finding here on the screen is that the step that I had to take no longer
exists. I think that’s a good thing. Not only did I have to go in and enable
monetization and then that triggered the process for it to be reviewed. I had to
go to a separate page and it was something like you know, youtube.com
slash partner. Or something like that. And that’s what I was trying to find. Where I
had to then actually submit a request for them to review my youtube channel.
It’s looking like as of June of 2018. That’s after that date, you don’t have to
do that anymore. So that’s… But I would just google it and make sure. And make
sure you follow up all these steps. And you see here, you’ve got to agree to the
the partner program terms. You got to sign up for Adsense. Adsense is YouTube’s
advertising platform. And that’s how you’ll get paid. So you link your your
bank account to the Adsense account. And then there’s those
preferences. Then you’ve got to get reviewed so you can read all the details
here. Yeah, you know, here’s the details about the program threshold. It will say
that you need 4,000. So I said a hundred thousand. Oh, I said minutes though. But
you need 4000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and you need one
thousand subscribers. Then your channel will be reviewed to join that… -So you
better get on it now. And also make sure that your content is relevant and
watchable and attractive. And that you watch all the rest of these other videos
that he’s been making about how to market them. Because you know, I’ve found
getting up to a thousand subscribers just organically is it’s a lengthy
process. -First thousand subscribers is generally the hardest. To go from one
thousand to 10,000 I think is easier than going from zero to 1,000. -I’m sure it is. Because zero to 1000 is one thousand. Whereas 1,000 to 10,000 exponentially now, you’re starting with a
thousand. I mean it’s just 10 more. Really. You know what I mean? Like per
person sharing and all of that. I don’t know what I’m talking about. But it makes
sense to me in my wagon mind. -If it makes sense to you as well. Like comment below. Let Scott know he’s crazy or if he knows this stuff. -That’s not your only
choice by the way. To let us know. -Okay. The next point I wanted to talk about
here is okay, once you’re in the partner program, how do you then get ads to show
up in front of your videos? -You don’t have to worry about it. Yeah. -It’s
automatic. There are some settings you can control whether you want ads to be
placed in the middle or not. If there’s a video that you want ads to show up on or
not. Like, “Oh, this one’s actually my promo video. I don’t want an
ad before it of a competitor.” But in most, most cases, you just have by default the
ads turned on and they’ll show up automatically. YouTube takes care of it
for you. And it’s really good that way. They match the the appropriate ad to
your video that’s going to get the best result. It will test things and it will
improve it so the ad revenue that comes in per view over time will improve which
is good. You get 55% of that ad revenue. So if the ad revenue that comes in, you get 55%, YouTube keeps 45%. YouTube
wants their 45% to be higher and higher and higher. And so they just work on your
behalf and make your 55% higher and higher and higher. Alright, now I want to
talk about another way that you can actually put ads on your videos or make
money on your videos. And that’s doing YouTube sponsorships. So, this is
something that’s a little bit manual. It’s outside of the YouTube Partner
Program but where an advertiser can contact you directly and say, “Hey, will
you promote my product or my service or talk about my company in your video?”
-Mm-hmm. -And they might pay you $10,000. to do that. -That
already sounds like potentially… Potentially more money. -Yeah.
-Then waiting for a bajillion people to watch your video. So you can make a few
cents off of that sense. -Mm-hmm. So you’ll notice in videos where they’ll say, “Hey,
this video has been sponsored by Lego or by Nike or by…” You know, such an another
YouTube channel might have sponsored this video. So that’s a way that you can
physically put an ad within your video to promote someone else or another
channel or a product or a service and get paid for that. But that’s something
that generally, you’re going to want to have a larger following. -A larger
following and probably you know another way to go if you’re following isn’t
terribly huge. But if you have a really good niche topic. You know, where you’re
doing these amazing videos on fly fishing only. And you know that there’s a
bunch of rabid fly fishermen and women around the world. And they go this is the
best fly fisher. But there’s only 1200 of them that subscribed at watch. But still
those 1200 people or 10,000 or whatever it is, you’re going to have the rods and
reels and the fishing outfitter companies come flocking. -Yeah. You
might you might have a video that doesn’t get millions of views but it
might get on average, you get a thousand views or 10,000 views or something. And
if I’ve got a fly fishing thing that a fly that I make that I’m like, “Ooh, this
one’s so good. I want to sell it or whatnot.” I would be one like… I’m going to I
want to get in front of your audience. -Very targeted audience, exactly. You probably
have a higher percentage of of sell throughs on that than you would and just
a broader audience that are all just watching videos of someone falling off a
cliff. Or “Hahaha, his parachute didn’t open. Hahaha!”
-So, hopefully that covered some basics and then a little bit beyond the basics.
-Way beyond. -Of how to add… To put ads on your YouTube videos. Alright. Now, I
actually have one channel that is eligible for a monetization. So, I thought
I would demonstrate how this works. You come in here to status and features
it says that it’s now eligible. So I just come here and I click enable. When I need
to read and agree. So, I’ll hit start. Check some boxes.
I don’t want emails. There we go. I’ve already got an Adsense account. Okay, so I just signed into my Adsense
account. So, I need to accept the Association there. It connects it to adsense and then I go
back. Okay, so it’s as simple as that. Just clicking a few buttons now get it going
and set monetization preferences. And I’m going to leave it to all and hit save. So, it
looks like now that I’ve got it set up on my end, it needs to be reviewed. So, I’ve exceeded the 4000 watch hours, I’ve exceeded the thousand subscribers.
And so, it’s now just up to them. It says, “We’ll e-mail you a decision.” Usually
within a month or so. So, hopefully this video is helpful. That’s why we make
these videos to help. If it was a lousy video and yet you still watch the
whole thing, tell me why. You know comment below why I watch this whole thing? Maybe you
don’t know. But if you liked it, subscribe and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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  1. This was very helpful and concise! Too many videos are like 30 minutes long talking about details I'm not ready to dive into yet, but this was a nice quick video about just the big idea and the important parts of what AdSense is. Thanks!

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