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How To Properly Split Test Facebook Ads – 2018 – Create a Winning Facebook Advertising Campaign

How To Properly Split Test Facebook Ads – 2018 – Create a Winning Facebook Advertising Campaign

I’m Roey Hadari, your
social media strategist and today I’m going to show you how to
properly split test your Facebook ads and learn from them, so that you can
perfect your creative, and your targeting so you can ultimately achieve more conversions at a lower cost. And the best part is, it will only
cost you $100-$200 to test all this. This is the Touqi Social
show, let’s get started. As you can see here, Facebook Ads
contain 4 major pieces of real estate 3 of which are textual,
and then there is [media]. Now why so much text? Well if you were to picture your
news feed for a moment, on Facebook and scrolling through it, what gets you to
stop and engage with the specific post? Sometimes it’s the type of media sometimes it’s the wording and sometimes it’s actually
the placement of the text itself. For example I know that
my tendencies are to click & engage with calls to
action that are in the text as opposed to the headline. Everybody engages with posts differently and stops to engage with them differently. Something needs to get them to stop. And we need to test those two elements to figure out what is the best creative. And then of course there’s the
third element, which is our targeting because maybe we’re saying
the right thing to the wrong person. So I’m going to show you how
to split test these 3 elements. the textual elements, the media
elements, and the targeting elements so that we can learn from all our ads because failure isn’t failure,
unless you don’t learn anything from it. And the same could be said even
when you succeed with Facebook Ads if all you’re doing is creating
one single AD or one AdSet with a huge audience,
and throwing money at it. So let me show you how to create a
Split Test campaign on Facebook Ads Manager and a couple tools that you
could use to streamline the process as well as 100 other tools that
I use with social media operations on a day to day basis. You can get my list of
those 100 tools and apps in the link, in the description
to the video below. To begin split testing, you’ll need to
create or have created a Facebook Ad with text, media,
headline, and description. When it comes to budgeting the general rule of thumb is $1 a day
per 10,000 people in your audience. If you’re creating an ad and
then split testing it right now click on Try It Now, where it
offers to duplicate your ad for you. Otherwise, head to your dashboard
of Facebook Ads Manager and click all the way
down from your campaign to the specific ad that
you want to duplicate and select that ad and click duplicate ad, or simply
click duplicate next to that ad. To make sure you get this done in
the least amount of time possible make sure you follow
the order that I do this in. So the first split test that we create
is the text placement split test. So we run down to the Ad Creative level and click on Edit. Now originally, Sentence A
appeared as the text This time we’re actually going to
switch the places of A & B so that A will appear as the headline,
and B will appear as the text. So when you edit it, simply copy, paste, copy, paste,
save & continue, place order And you’re going to
repeat the process 6 times for a total of 6 variations
of text placement. Now we’re going to add
in the media split test. So we are going to select all 6 ads
that we created, and duplicate them. Facebook will automatically
populate 6 different copies and now select just the copies,
so we can mass edit them. So select them, and then click Edit and we’re going to edit them all at once,
by simply replacing the image or the media. So you can put in an alternate video or simply the same video
with a different thumbnail. We are going to
click Confirm and Close and then Place Order
just like we did before. And it might be a good idea to name all your ads so that you can easily
identify what’s working & what’s not. And for mass editing names, you’re
going to click View & Edit, and then you will be able to name each
one however you want to. Now we add in the text split test. So you’re going to repeat the
process you just ran a second time. except that instead
of using sentences A B C you’re going to use sentences D E & F. And now we’ve tested all
variables of our creative. We’ve created 48 unique ads with different creative, to
determine what works best. Now we need to determine
who it works best with. So to do that you are going to move up a level
from the Ad level, to the Ad Set level and you are going to
duplicate your Ad Set. So when you edit your Ad Set you are going to simply change
out your audience or your targetings. So you can change out your existing
audience with some other custom audiences and lookalike audiences,
as well as saved audiences. And you’re going to repeat this process so that you’re running your ads to about
5-10 different Ad Sets, different audiences. Now that your split test has been created,
it’s time to let Facebook work its magic. You don’t want to touch any of the ads for 48 hours, because Facebook goes
through a self-optimizing learning phase. Once it’s complete, after 48 hours you’re going to come back and look at
4 key metrics to help you determine what’s working and what’s not. You’re going to be looking at CPM,
your cost for 1,000 impressions your Cost Per Click, both of which can
be found on the Facebook dashboard and make sure you check out my video
on how to analyze Facebook data. Obviously we want these two
costs to be as low as possible. And the other two metrics are
the Average Time on Site and Landing Page Conversion Rate. We want these to be high,
and these are metrics that you’re going to be able to find on
your Google analytics dashboard. When you compare these 4 data points against other ads and ad sets you’ll have a clear
indication of what to tweak what to fix, what to
spend more money on and what to turn off altogether. That is how you create a split
test on Facebook Ads Manager. However, if you were looking for a
more streamlined way to get it done there are two sites I’d recommend [touqi’s] is a software that enables you
to very easily create those split tests without having to manually duplicate
and do all that tedious work. So the first piece of software is Qwaya Q-W-A-Y-A. The second is AdEspresso, I
recommend you try them both. Personally, I like Qwaya a little bit more. These two tools, as well
as 100 others, are listed under my list of 100+ social
media tools, apps, and resources for social media marketers that you’re going to need in
your day to day operations. Make sure you grab that in the description
to this video in the link below. Thank you for watching the Touqi show. If you enjoyed this video, if you think that this strategy will help your
ads perform at a higher level make sure you let me know
by clicking the thumbs up and leaving me a comment below. Also, subscribe to my channel
and click that bell button because I consistently come
out with videos like these that help you with your social
media marketing endeavors.

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  1. This is awesome and helpful! Thanks. I doing the trial of adespresso right now, but you are manually doing the exact same thing. The way you do this makes sense and is very systematic. It doesn't seem that hard. I'm going to try it.

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