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How to Promote Your Travel Agency Business | Pull Marketing Strategy

How to Promote Your Travel Agency Business | Pull Marketing Strategy

How to Promote Your Travel Agency Business what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and I am back once again and in today’s video I want to talk about utilizing
attraction marketing for your travel business so if you’re looking to get
more people into your travel business grow your travel team gain clients for
your travel business you do not want to miss this we’ll be right back all right everybody welcome back welcome
back welcome back so today we will talk about attraction marketing okay now we
live in a day and age where love the old-school traditional marketing methods
are outdated they work to a certain Pull Marketing Strategy sting but now we have leverage so I want
to talk about utilizing their leverage today so if you are a travel agent
business owner or if you’re looking to become a travel agent you’re trying to
figure out ok if I become one how like that leads how to get clients how like
it how would I build my travel agency team all that stuff I’m gonna share with
you a couple tips on how you can do that ok and it’s all automated ok so for the
past couple years here meaning you may have been doing a lot of attraction
marketing we’re not good at talking to people on the phone we’re not good at
doing parties hotel hotel meetings and things of that nature there’s nothing
wrong with that but we never master that skill set and plus we’re introverts and
we like to do stuff more automatically and it’s nothing wrong with that it can
be done it’s all about learning new skill sets so we’ve been taking the time
to learn skill sets when it comes to how How to Promote Your Travel Agency Business to get people to come to us versus going
to people ok so if that sounded like you if you want to do more of passive
marketing where people come to you versus you going to get people and
that’s what I want to talk about that you you want to apply pool marketing you
want to pull people towards you you want people to gravitate towards you you
don’t want to push your business on people you want to pull people to your
business ok makes sense so 99% of our team has been automated the way the main
thing you want to understand is you need to put out value ok value ok not a pitch
but give value that’s men throwing pitching your business but if you can
wrap it around value people be more prone to take a look at what you got to
offer ok
and if you can target the right people makes it even better
okay so we’ve been doing a lot of content marketing we do a lot of YouTube
ok video marketing and instead of us putting out video saying join my join
our business join my business become a travel agent today ok it’s nothing wrong
with that ok but we do we also give value how ok kind of person become a
travel agent what benefits can they get for becoming a travel agent how to book
as a travel agent have them to book cruise is how the book vacations which
host agency is the right agency to partner with value that you want to get
value you don’t want to give a pitch ok you want to give value for example each
video that we put out as a piece of content up under each video there’s a
link that goes to another video what people can learn more information about
wooden is we got to offer ok guys so this is how you get people to come to
you you put out videos or content in our case it’s videos and you tell people to
click the link to learn more information that’s it and guess what the beauty of
this is you can scale this the more videos you put out or should I say the
more content you put out guess what the more leads you will generate the more
signups you were generating your business like I said 99% of our team has
been automated everybody’s coming from YouTube ok and I want to share that with
you you can do YouTube marketing for your business ok there’s ways to target
people looking for what you got there’s ways and in our case there are tools we
use to find out who’s looking for what and on YouTube related to our business
if they’re looking to become a travel agent let’s do a video showing them how
or if they’re looking to book a vacation hey let’s do a video showing them how ok
and then return of that we got people reaching out to us wanna join our team
clients on the book trips so value guys remember you want to put out valuable
information online valuable content online that should be your primary focus
focus on putting out valuable content and this will give you leverage for the
time this year that you don’t have time to do
all the old-school traditional stuff you may not have time to go out and do hotel
meetings parties or go out and meet prospects or to take a lot of time
prospecting you may not have time to do out there you have may work 10 10 to 12
hours a day and you don’t have time to do that guys there’s been time where I’d
be at work and I’m getting signups into my business all because the content is
working for me so you got to think about it
videos and content work for you 24/7 okay
24 hours a day seven days a week content will work for you when you’re
sleep meaning people will join your business while you sleep
clients will reach out wanting to know more about your business or a vacation
or a trip or quote while you sleep that’s how powerful content marketing
gear so market yourself in order to attract the perfect prospect or client
into your business and you do that through the means of content I challenge
you to do a video put it on youtube you know start there there are other ways
you can target your videos so you can make sure you reach the right people
that’s a little bit more in-depth and more advanced I can’t go into into this
video but I challenge you today do a video I dare you to do a video today you
know do a video talking about your travel business or do a video you know
do a video I guarantee you it may not show up right right right then and there
but give it a couple of months down the line you’ll start seeing results with
your video market okay then you can start learning more and after that video
marketing okay so that’s a little bit about what I teach our team how to do
video marketing and how to get leads different in that nature so if you
wonder once it’s looking to get into the travel industry as a travel agent and
you fear of how to market and don’t know how to market don’t know how to get
people to your business don’t worry about none of that stuff gasps I’m gonna
show you how to do that and I like I said I wanna tell you today content
marketing is the king okay so if you can put out valuable content you have
results business okay so that’s my time guys you
wanna learn more about how to become a travel agent and drawing our team rely
on us fabulous marketing tactics and hobbies good stuff
feel free to click that link below to learn more information about what we
offer what we’re involved in and how you can get started in the travel industry
today all right larry porter with majestic
travel and we’re signing off happy travelling

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  1. We are providing you with tips on content marketing which will allow you to attract people into your business versus pushing people into it.

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