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How To Promote ClickBank Products With Facebook Ads

How To Promote ClickBank Products With Facebook Ads

How To Promote ClickBank Products With Facebook
Ads How To Promote ClickBank Products With Facebook
Ads http://www.StupidSimpleProfits.com When you have actually obtained on your own
a ClickBank account, the most essential thing is to get website traffic via your ClickBank
Hoplink to the business website, and start making compensations. How To Market ClickBank
Products With Facebook Ads Nevertheless, getting quality traffic is one
of the largest frustrations in Web marketing, especially if you; re just starting. With
LinkTrackr we make that simpler for you by enabling you to cloak your ClickBank Hoplinks
and dispersed it by means of our viral bar to Twitter and facebook.
Just recently however I saw that ClickBank began introducing a similar showcase in the
ClickBank industry. Now, you could simply select the FaceBook “Like” icon alongside
each item to instantly post your hoplink for that item to FaceBook. The best ways to Promote
ClickBank Products With Facebook Advertisements Making money with Clickbank and Facebook Ads
has actually been one of the most significant income opportunities for me while being on-line
and I wanted to share with you a “ways to” blog post on exactly how you can do your own.
I understand that a bunch of people have never ran member projects utilizing Clickbank and
if you haven’t then I’m going to try and make this as described as possible for you so you
can recognize where I’m coming from Clickbank is a web site where you could look
for items online to market to other individuals within particular niches. They offer countless
various items to market with various commission payments to you. The best ways to Market ClickBank
Products With Facebook Ads When I was planning for this affiliate campaign
it was the start of the NBA and University Basketball period and I knew that a bunch
of basketball athletes were getting ready for the period. So, I preferred to browse
and find an item that would certainly help these sportsmens with boosting their ball
taking care of capabilities given that I knew that was something essential for basketball
players because I used to be one myself (yes, I know I’m only 5’7″ but I did have goals
also). The associate program that I preferred to
end up being an affiliate of was a ball managing video clip course that reviewed certain techniques basketball players
might make use of. This was a 10 video clip course that would help these players become better
athletes. Ways
to Promote ClickBank Products With Facebook Advertisements To get
ready for
this associate project I developed a
squeeze web page with Optimize Press and a
5 day autoresponder email setup to send out very helpful ball handling methods in addition
to a 30 web page record concerning effective round dealing with abilities. Throughout this
ebook I referenced this item I was an associate of and
within each email that I sent over those 5 days was
a link returning to the product. Ways to Market
ClickBank Products With
Facebook Ads

86 thoughts on “How To Promote ClickBank Products With Facebook Ads

  1. I am so happy to view this video, actually I found my every answer from this one. Please keep creating another good video like this. I found some bad ass video in youtube for long time and do not get any actual info from them. But finally I think I got it. 

    Thank you man

  2. Wow! Great work on getting more Customers for your Business. Congratulations! I see that 2014 has started off well for you! I saw the Video on PoorMansHelp com Blog about the New Internet Tool you are using that has brought you in so much more traffic.

  3. its nice dude, exat that am looking for.
    you r great bro. if any video which help me or us then plz uplode it
    have a good day

  4. hey even with tracking link i cant promote the clickbank product, are some products not promotable on facebook? or did they just strart blocking clickmeter now? i tried bit.ly nd still no good

  5. GREAT GREAT i truest in this video… i watch some video but it doesn't make sense .. thank you brother

  6. Try Bing Rewards!

  7. Hi does facebook charges anything for posting ad..i have a clickbank..from 1month but not did a single sale..Kindly help me …

  8. Any tips on using "Website Conversion" ads?  I can't figure out how to set the pixel on a thank you page after the sale is complete.

  9. Can you use your cb promote link in these facebook ads as well? Or is it better to use the tracking link of cb engine. Have you made any money with these facebook ads? 

  10. Wanna know if a clickbank product's sales page is any good? Will it convert–make a sale?

    1. Does it acknowledge and address a certain PAIN the visitor is experiencing?

    2. Does it agitate that pain's negative impact?

    3. Finally, does it offer a compelling solution to alleviate that pain?

    Remember, people are procrastinators. They'll put off solving their problem until it can no longer be ignored.

    Does the clickbank product you want to promote address a problem that can no longer be ignored? Then, your odds of earning a commission selling that product are improved.

  11. Hello John,
    My name is Nancy.
    I bought two days ago your "stupideSimpleProfits" but still  have not received any  mail or news from your seller and from you.
    I've followed your advices and wrote him with all my transaction informations.
    How can I have access to your product.
    But he didn't answered until now.
    So what else do I suppose to do ?
    And how can I promote a product which don't give a instant access to my clients ?
    Please contact me asap.

  12. I've followed your advices and wrote him with all my transaction informations.
    But he didn't answered until now.
    So what else do I suppose to do ?
    How can I have access to your product.
    And how can I promote a product which don't give a instant access to my clients ?
    Please contact me asap.

  13. what you don't mention is that you have to pay for the ad. i did it yesterday without paying not sure how so watched video again and seems you have to pay.

  14. so does this still work or what ?? i read in warrior forum i think that FB flags certain Niches only like they won't allow health and fitness which sucks because that's probably t he best

  15. I'm not sure but ,if anyone else needs to find out about find good new clickbank products try Greega CB Product Guru (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my neighbor got excellent results with it. 

  16. Great tutorial.  Thank you!  Only problem that I have is the same in your video.  Preview Not Available.  Unable to display a preview of this ad.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong.  Any advice?

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  19. I advertise on Facebook the same exact way you said in your video.  I got an email from Facebook stating that I was no longer able to use the Ad manager button and they fixed it where I cannot even advertise on Facebook.

  20. Do any of you have positive experience promoting a Clickbank product with Facebook ads? I was running some payed Facebook ads to try to make sales this way, but no success… (You have to pay MORE for the ad then you earn with one sale = negative ROI)

  21. I haven't tried this method yet but another video shows how to redirect your clickbank hoplink through one of your existing URLs via Cpanel. That does not work. I suspect that this one won't work either  as Sandeep says. Facebook seems to have changed their algorithm.

  22. $2.29 per per website click, Damn! Anyways, Neat trick. I might give this a shot if its still working.

  23. can someone help me with this I got one up and running but don't know what to do next contact me asap help please

  24. Has anyone had luck with this? It seems like a real simply way to make money. Find a good clickbank product, make a facebook add, and run it for awhile with a budget. If you make some money with the add (more than you spent) great keep doing it otherwise stop the add and find a different product or approach. I want to try this out but would love to hear from others who have tried this first.

  25. You must to know more about what people want then look through ClickBank for those types of products.Choose a product and again look throught the forums for that particular product t see if people are hot on it , I have shared with you in my profile, Click on my IMAGE or Mike Vesterfelt [email protected]@

  26. thank you!!! I made my first clickbank sale using email lists and sales funnels. i'm a new member and this is what I used: 5figureday.com/?ref=203559 thank me later!! 🙂

  27. you can also promote using email. and research have shown that it is the most effective. this is what i'm using and it is working for me. I am fairly new to this so if you can relate, it's worth checking out. 5figureday.com/?ref=203559

  28. I signed up for SSP and waited for the redirect after paypal payment and it sent me to a wordpress page to enter my password which it never gave me the option to fill out or create one. I tried several none worked. Glitch Sent email but have not had a reply yet. If no reply I'll ask paypal for refund.

  29. I've been try to promote my clickbank product at facebook ads but nothing work, although ive been blogging about products types including health and fitness, software and tools, affiliate marketings. but seems not gonna work for me. still my income is zero

  30. when signing up for click meter, it asks for "company website", size of my business and business profile. what would be considered my company website?

  31. here is a free ebook on how to make money effectively https://mega.nz/#!blQTFRrL!CBo8bKdVPlcOJ8sfQRebfSCGrdZe5IOr_SAjmxrioXY

  32. great video but you missed one little step never send traffic straight to the clickbank sales page always build a list first.send traffic to your capture page then to the clickbank offer so you can build a list of potential customers which you can email other clickbank offers or other businesses to make even more sales on clickbank or what ever business you want o build…That's what I do and teach others so they can become successful also

  33. Hey There,

    Just completed my first CB acct,

    Having a little trouble with facebook since I already have a real estate company facebook page attached to my personal page,, How can I separately advertise these hoplinks, Also where do I go to, Send people to my website? or Get installs for app?

  34. I will #create #facebook #cover for you
    Its help you to promote your page or group

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  36. im so frustrated with clickbank….tried the twitter method (posting links all day…how boring) done the facebook manually on marketing pages, done the landing pages…..argh need some money….i will try this thanks xxx

  37. Everyone who is complaining. ALL you have to do is built a website in the niche, make a landing page with the link and content and a easy to access button for them to see the clickbank ad…

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  39. So you're saying that I need to use ClickMeter in order to slightly modify a link for a ClickBank product that I'm trying to promote on Facebook otherwise they will keep rejecting my ads? I'm new to Affiliate marketing and I've been kind of trying to find out why my Facebook ads keep getting rejected…..

  40. Hi, I just visited clickmeter.com and I could not see the free version. All the plans have paid options attached to them. How did you get the free version?

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