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How to Progress to a Strict Bar Muscle Up! ft. Antranik DotOrg | VLOG

How to Progress to a Strict Bar Muscle Up! ft. Antranik DotOrg | VLOG

hey what’s up everybody my name is Antranik and this is Justin from noob strength so for today we’re gonna be
showing you guys how to do the bar muscle-up this is gonna be an amazing
drill to help you attain a strict bar muscle-up without kipping which is very
difficult usually but it can be done and this one exercise can help you get most
of the way there so yeah let’s get right into it so for this exercise we’re gonna
need a low bar like this we are in the kids section of the original muscle beat
which is highly underutilized but it has bars and rings that are set up low that
you should use and the neat thing is there’s a lot of children’s playgrounds
that have these bars so there’s probably one in your area that you can use as
well so for the so this is basically a foot supported bar muscle-up basically
I’m like this and I’m basically gonna do a bar muscle-up just like a very slow
one with my feet on the ground and going over all the way to the top and then my
feet go down and I do a negative coming down as slow as possible now one thing I
want to know I want to from the point is that my hands are in a false grip
position so instead of instead of hanging on my fingers like this I put my
palm over slightly like so see the subtle difference not like this but like
like that because that will help you go over in a strict muscle up now just like
this and then there are ways to progress this to make them harder so give it a
try Justin or I gonna hammer it in so yeah here I am
getting that fall strip yeah you don’t have to be extremely aggressive like you
don’t have to be wrist over but just the soft part of your palm yeah like that is
ideal Wow this is already very different so just to hold on to it it’s okay you
got it uh-huh keep both feet on the floor as
you come back down and keep your feet good keep your feet slightly ahead of
you slightly hit not that much just like there keep it in the same spot and do it
again okay do it slowly come on up good job and now
all the way down put your feet back where they were yes
slow it down here good job all right cool how does that feel grip man the
grip is the hard part the grip is hard yeah might want to chalk up to because
it can get real slippery definitely chalk up chalk is always an awesome
thing to have so do you want to make it harder at all please let’s do it sure
let’s make it harder so there’s a two two ways to make well there’s a few ways
to make it harder one way is to simply slow it down or pause in certain areas
another so just not using momentum the other way is to just do it with one leg
straight out so try that out try it with one leg straight out with your other foot serve with both
feet flat actually so I want both feet to be slightly ahead of the bar to start
and now extend that one leg out good and now do it here goes nothing yes and keep your foot there and then
come back down nice how does that feel difficult very
satisfying yeah yeah this this exercise is really deceiving because it can be
very easy if you go through it with momentum it will be like nothing but if
you purposely limit the assistance that your feet provide then it can be almost
as hard as the real muscle up the other way you can make it even harder is by
let’s say let’s say you’re doing it with one leg straight you can try either
being only so the foot that’s on the floor you could be only on the heels or
the toes so my heels my toes are in the air my heels lifted my one leg is
straight and then I’m doing it slowly and that will limit how much you can
assist with your foot all right try that out with the try that
out with either the toes lifted or the heel lifted whatever you like with one
leg straight Thanks sure so now are you gonna lift the toes
or the heel I’m gonna lift the toes okay good I think I used a lot of leg in that one
I’m gonna try that again try with this foot a little more forward yeah so
that’s one thing you’re tucking in a little much yeah there you go nice this is perfectly training you for
this strict muscle up it’s gonna strengthen everything any weak points
during that motion so whether it’s your lats or your biceps or your grip yeah
yeah it’s a good one so this exercise took me almost all the way to the full
muscle up and the way I did it was by doing three to five sets and I started
with just a few reps whatever you could muster until I was it I was doing about
three sets of eight and again if you’re doing three sets of eight with a lot of
momentum a lot of speed it’s not gonna be as much of a big deal as if you’re
doing three sets of eight with slow moment you know with no momentum slowly
with one leg straight out consciously limiting how much you are assisting with
your foot and there’s actually a lot of skill involved with this in the sense
that regulating the pressure with your feet in the beginning might be difficult
but you will be able to do that better and better as you get used to the
exercise so whether it’s your grip strength that’s a problem or other
muscles of your body it’s gonna strengthen it and it’s just a fantastic
it’s like the most gratifying feeling when you actually do this for like six
to eight week and then your take a few days break so you’re fresh and then just
try a real bar muscle-up without any assistance on a high bar and you might
be able to do it you will surprise yourself even like stick but oh well what the
hell yeah one more try almost poop thank you guys for watching
and again if you like this video don’t forget to smash that like button and
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cool information check out his channel and subscribe to me as well that’s
really and I’ll see you next time see you

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