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How to Prepare Ads for Upload to Advertising.com Ad Desk

How to Prepare Ads for Upload to Advertising.com Ad Desk

How to Prepare Ads for Upload to Advertising.com
Ad Desk. Make your digital ad campaign go smoothly
with these tips. You will need Banner ads in industry standard
sizes Adequate review/revision time Banner guideline compliance and 3rd-party ad tag
(optional). Step 1. Use a common ad size. Most sites sell ad space in the following
sizes: 160×600, 180×150, 300×250, 468×60, and 728×90. Having a banner in each size provides you
with more placement opportunities. Step 2. When choosing your start date, remember to
factor in time for creative review and revision, which typically requires 1 to 2 business days
for new ads that have not yet been approved. Step 3. Make sure your ad conforms to the Ad Desk
and AOL Advertising banner guidelines. Click the link on the file upload checklist
to go right to the Help Center and see the ones people most commonly miss, such as:* ensure your file size is between 16 bytes
and 40 kilobytes, with a resolution of about 72 dpi;* use clear, high-quality images;* include your
company name, logo, or URL on your banner;* include a 1 pixel-wide black border around
the banner;* be sure your banner is clickable throughout, and provide a click-through link
that opens a new browser window;* and include your company’s privacy policy on your landing
page and any other pages that collect personal information.* If you are uploading a Flash
or 3rd Party Tag banner, follow the guidelines for each.Be sure to review the checklist carefully
to review other commonly missed guidelines. Step 4. Know your options: On the Add Banner page,
you can upload a new banner, upload a 3rd-party ad tag if you choose to serve your ads through
a 3rd party, or, if you’ve used Ad Desk before, reuse a previous banner. Step 5. To upload a new banner or tag, just click
the appropriate tab and fill in the blanks. To reuse one of your old ads, click “Reuse
a Previous Banner.” Under the tab, you’ll see the Ad gallery with
all your previous ads; to use one, click “Add.” You can also upload multiple banner tags at
once in the Ad Gallery. If you’re using the Ad gallery to upload banners,
make sure you assign them to a campaign. From the Campaigns tab, select the desired
campaign from the list, then click “Manage Ads.” Step 6. Sit back and reap the rewards of AdLearn,
Advertising.com’s proprietary optimization technology, which delivers the right ad, to
the right place, at the right time and frequency, to the right customer. Best of all? It gets smarter and more sophisticated the
more you use it.

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