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How to Pitch Logistics Services? (w/ Script) – 📧Cold Email Teardown📧

How to Pitch Logistics Services? (w/ Script) – 📧Cold Email Teardown📧

Today on cold email tear downs we’ll be doing something
slightly different. I got this email from one
of you guys, Jason Denbo, who runs a transportation company. Using similar tactics that
we talk about in these videos he wrote this email,
but it could be better, so let’s jump in and see how we can improve this email. Off the bat the subject line looks okay, Yeti and Orangedale Transportation. Some other ones he could
try is, About Yeti, or Question for Yeti, Hi from Jason. Any of these are fine
subject lines to try. Then we jump into the body of the email. Hi Justin, I’m a big fan
of the Yeti products. A couple of Christmases ago my wife got me the Yeti Rambler Koozie and now I have a ton of your products including your awesome cooler,
even though I don’t camp. I run Orangedale Transportation and I’m in charge of making
your transportation life easier. So there’s two parts to this, one is the customized first line and then the second is the pitch. Let’s start with the
customized first line first. I would say that this is too long. It is customized, which is perfect, but it’s too long. The big thing about this paragraph is it doesn’t really flow together. I’m a big fan of the Yeti products, stop. A couple Christmases ago, my wife got this thing for me, stop. I run Orangedale Transportation and I’m in charge of making
your transportation life easier. Not connected, so I’ll put
that to a new paragraph and I think the fix it just, couple Christmases ago my wife got me the Yeti Rambler Koozie and now I have a ton of your products, including your awesome cooler, obviously a huge fan of what you do. Something like that. Something that’s more punchy, that they’re gonna be
able to read quickly. What’s so interesting
about all of this here is it doesn’t really
matter compared to this. So I’d love to learn what
you’re doing right now for your truckload transportation and see how Orangedale Transportation can help your business
operations run even better. So, business operations run even better, Is the kinda thing that he helps with. So I’m just gonna put
that way up at the top. And then, like we talked
about in a previous video, get rid you the I’s and
change them to other things. So, would love to learn more, instead of I would love to learn more. So I’m just changing this around to fix the flow a little bit. I wanna turn some of these, like, multiple sentences into
one sentence if possible. And then I’m getting rid
of this pun intended, ’cause it kinda slows
the whole email down. Sometimes with copy, people
get a little bit too clever when, ideally you just wanna communicate in the clearest way possible. And then just changing and tightening up some of this language. Okay so that’s the
first part of the email. I think it flows a little bit better now. The other thing to talk about is the call to action here. If you’re ready to move to a
new standard of transportation service, please get in
touch with me directly and I will set up a quick call. This doesn’t make sense as an email. Maybe it makes sense as an ad, but please get in touch with me directly, you are in touch Jason,
you’re sending an email directly to him. So, instead of this, make it a question, and direct it more towards the person. And then I’m not a big
fan of these extra lines. I think they stretch out emails and they’re unnecessary. Jason, you can leave that in if you want, and I’m gonna remove it here. And the last thing I
wanna add to this email is some proof. I don’t have a case study for them but if you have a case study, this is what you’d add here. So, our model puts you first and makes sure all of your
needs are taken care of since we know that transportation issues can grind companies to a halt. For instance, for this company we did this and we got this result. That’s what we need to add to this email, then the call to action, and this is the email. If you found this interesting, feel free to like it, to encourage this type
of content on YouTube. Subscribe for more B2B sales training and if you need marketing support for your digital agency check out experiment27.com. Thanks.

7 thoughts on “How to Pitch Logistics Services? (w/ Script) – 📧Cold Email Teardown📧

  1. Hey Alex, thank you so much for doing this teardown of my e-mail! I am going to revamp my messaging today and will let you know the results.

  2. Hey Alex, I'm curious to know your thoughts on using video for cold emails. I've been using the Google Extension ViewedIt by Vidyard to increase my CTR's. Perhaps a future video topic?

  3. Most def should've watched this before sending mine..lol.. I did decent, but will change for new emails I will be sending

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