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How to pause, resume, or remove an AdWords campaign

How to pause, resume, or remove an AdWords campaign

With AdWords, you decide when to start and
stop your ad campaign. In this video, we’ll show you how to pause,
resume, or remove a campaign in your account. Click “Try it now” on-screen or in the
Youtube description to follow along in your account, or follow the steps as we show them
here: Once you’re signed in to your AdWords account,
go to your Campaigns tab. In the status column, you’ll see an icon
showing the current status of your campaign. To pause an enabled campaign, just click the
green dot to the left of the campaign name, and select Paused. If you want to resume a paused campaign, click
Enabled in the same dropdown menu. To permanently stop a campaign, click Removed. Once you remove a campaign, it stops running
for good, so make sure you’re certain before removing. If you think you might want to enable this
campaign again in the future, just go ahead and pause it instead! You can also change the status for multiple
Campaigns at once. Just click the box beside the status for every
campaign you want to change. Then, click Edit and choose the option you
want from the dropdown. If you have any questions about how to pause,
resume or remove an AdWords campaign, you can post them for our experts in the comments
section below. You can also ask a question on social media
or join a discussion in the AdWords community. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel
to catch all the latest AdWords videos. Thanks for watching!

68 thoughts on “How to pause, resume, or remove an AdWords campaign

  1. Dear AdWords Team, i have done a camp. to advertise 5 of my videos. i have REMOVED all of them and i am still being charged in a insane amount.

  2. Although I removed several adGroups, they still show up under my campaigns. They are grey links but they are still there. How can I permanently remove the adGroups?

  3. I have a video I'm trying to put a call to action overlay on and in AdWords it says that it's applied, but when I watch the video it doesn't show up, I have successfully done this to 4 other videos and want to know how to fix this because there is no way to remove a video from AdWords and start over, and I'm not talking about removing the video campaign.

  4. I want to delete Ad permanently from my account, so that it should appear no more in any part in my adwords account. i.e deleting, but not pausing.

  5. I had set a start and end date for my campaign. Now it has ended and i want to restart it. I went and clicked on the pause icon beside the said campaign. It says that the campaign has started but in the column beside the campaign name it still says that its paused. Please help. Thanks.

  6. I went on Adwords to see what it was all about and somehow I ended up on "your first campaign" I don't want to create one I just wanted to see what it was all about, now I'm stuck on this page unless I create one. I just want to get all my info out and delete this. How do I do that?

  7. Last month I created my youtube channel and promote it via google adwords and I select automatic campaign now question is that: How can I pay to google adwords and if I do not pay to google adwords then what will happen…???

  8. Today I created a campaign for my music video. I set a budget of $10 per day. If I want to try it for a few days to see if I like the results and also to manage my budget, can I pause it once it reaches the amount of money I want to spend? Does that stops payment as well? Thank you

  9. they deducted amount from my account and its showing in transactions also but still i did not receive any views from it

  10. i stopped my campaign and canceled my account because i didnt want to get charged. will i get charged any from this point forward?

  11. I just got charger 195 dollars for my 25 dollar payment to get my 100 dollar free credit. I am very angered at Adwords right now for not stopping after my $25 dollar original payment. Maker a website that works.

  12. I want to ask that when I am Choosing Disable Ad Option then I Am Unable To see my ads on main page pls let me know

  13. i just created an adwords account to see what it about and they asked my card information etc, do i get charged for anything ? i just cancelled adwords already, got the account like 1 hour and i cancelled it.. i saw something about threshold but i dont know what it is either

  14. By mistakly I access campaign but payment details not need and and ads were available on my channel how I solve this problem

  15. Dear AdWords Team,
    I have removed my Campaign from my AdWords account. I forgot to mention the closing date of Campaign before it. As I removed my campaign, so will the AdWords keep on charging me for that? Secondly I have deactivated my account. Will the AdWords still charge me after that? Need your urgent help.

  16. I didn't complete my adwards I'd…but they send me Gmail for set up the I'd.how I can remove this?

  17. i started a campaign,it had a satart date, and since the start date its been under review… that is going on two full days now and it is only a three day campaign…its my first campaign and im fed up with adwords already…the call number is exasperating…i have spent 2 hours on that line with zero help..that is why im posting here…no clue if im beig charged; its got 9 impressions i guess ; i hate adwords…it is the worst…been lied to by the customer no service people…

  18. so i just got a email saying my campaign is live…guess what? It's not…page says "under review" still…oh well ;it ends todaay anyway…so it will be under review for the whole time

  19. adwords has zero customer… service actually it's worse than zero because zero wouldn't be a hassle and a farce….zero would be honest…but they have a charade of customer service that mocks you. and wastes your time.. and it does waste ALOT OF TIME WITH ZERO RESULTS

  20. Hi there I ran a YouTube Ad, then PAUSED the campaign after the AD ran for a Week, BUT, The gray box that pops up to direct the viewer to my website is STILL showing on that Video! I gave it some time figuring that maybe it needed some time but the GRAY pop-up box was still showing! Then today 8/5 I REMOVED the campaign and It is STILL showing the GRAY Pop-up redirect Bar on the bottom left side!…. How do I get it to go BACK to being a regular Youtube Video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcDZ3sLt3Ws&t=63s

  21. I want an Refund Please, I asked to pay max 15$ and now I am being charged with 300$, I am willing to delete my YouTube video. I also cancelled the entire ad. It was an bad experience on my side…

  22. Can't believe they removed that option, what a garbage platform for a company like this. Please fix the interface. Make things clear and allow me to delete a campaign, also give us a proper way to target and make shopping ads. How hard can it be? Keywords, image, title ,and description, you can make this in 1 page and not a separate platform with no clarity/overview at all

  23. Dear AdWords Team,
    i would like to cancel everything from google Adwords but contact and the campaign doesn't show any remove option for me as well it shows bill area as pending

  24. Hello there, I have Removed ad campaign. But it is running. How to permanently stop it. It is taking money. I have Removed that ad group and campaign.

  25. Hello!

    [I`m leaving this message here for future use]

    After I deleted my campaign, then modified adgroup for a new amount of 0 GBP, I deleted the adgroup as well. As followed up in this video this should stop Google to take money off of my bank account. Due to my best knowledge that I gathered from this video uploaded by Google Ads, from this date I shouldn`t be charged again by Google.

    Reason for cancellation: The operator didn`t answered correctly to my question regarding charges. After I noticed that I`m being charged continuously I deleted the ad Campaign and adgroup immediately.

  26. GOOGLE ADS SUCKS. Much like that the commenter below says: THERE IS NO "REMOVE" OPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your service is terrible and does nothing for anyone except to make Google money. Another scam.

  27. my question is if i stop or removed my compain so still i have to pay for it or not plz reply me am wating

  28. I have removed a campaign for which I have paid money. Now what should I do for that money. Can I get it back or transfer it on any other campaign. Plz guide me

  29. Hi . I’ve paused my campaign. Does that mean Google instantly stops taking money from my account or do I have to instruct my bank to to stop payment ? Your response will much appreciated . Thanks frank

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