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How To OUTSMART the Facebook Algorithm in 2019 – Dropshipping & eCommerce Ads

How To OUTSMART the Facebook Algorithm in 2019 – Dropshipping & eCommerce Ads

Facebook’s ad relevance scoring system
is more important than ever in this video I will show you how Facebook
scores your ad how it impacts how much you pay for your actual ad and how to
improve your relevancy score before we get into today’s video make sure that
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comes out now a quick question as well how many of you have been using Facebook
for a significant amount of time and if you have been for how long let me know
down in the comments below for those who don’t know I’m a digital marketing
manager so I work with Facebook and Google directly on a daily basis so I
know the ins and outs and the intricacies of these platforms quite
quite well so I know what goes into add relevancy scores and why this impacts
how much you pay for ads why you ad performs and why it converts and this
could be night or day difference to actually running a successful
dropshipping store so let’s get directly into it why is this all so damn
important well I’ll tell you right now but firstly what is Facebook’s ad
relevancy score what basically you know it’s a measure of the quality engagement
level of one of you given ads it’s so important because it determines both
your cost per click on Facebook and how frequently Facebook decides to show your
ad so simply put it it’s their way of telling you hey we love your ad or and
we’ll help you out or hate you ad sucks get off our platform but we’ll take your
money anyway for the meantime and that’s Facebook for you right okay so how does
a Facebook actually determine a quality score it’s an important and tricky
question so the first thing is ad feedback a lot of people don’t know this
or haven’t realized but ad feedback when your ad is live and people mark it as
spam or they mark it as you know violence or some sort of negative flag
as that actually talks to Facebook and Facebook flags the ad as
not being relevant or you know an ad that doesn’t follow the brand guidelines
so and that naturally the relevancy score or the relevance score will go
down and because of the ad feedback so it’s very important you can’t really
control these things right you can’t control the feedback they add receives
from the general population you can only control this by targeting options and
actually by having a good ad in itself so the second thing is click beta you
want to avoid it being clicked baby and this is a very important note again a
lot of people don’t realize this but if you’re baiting people for votes if
you’re baiting people to react or you’re baiting people to share your post within
the ad copy or within the video then the relevancy score is going to be low that
again that is a bad thing because your relevancy score determines how often
your ad is going to be shown which means a cheaper ad the third thing is at
engagement if a lot of people are engaging with your ad or on the contrary
if people are just scrolling past your ad then that is not an engaging add that
means a lower score finally a higher ad conversion rate now
this is an interesting one because it does it doesn’t necessarily have to do
with the ad itself it also has to do with your Shopify store for example and
how what sort of product that you’re selling if there’s a high conversion
rate if there’s a lot of sales happening and the Facebook pixel is tracking that
well then Facebook’s gonna realize that and attribute a higher relevance score
to your ad itself and that is extremely important okay so now the next thing is
how to check your score so there used to be two ways of doing it the first way
was to add an engagement to rate ranking metric which Facebook has decided to
take out which is really frustrating for us marketers and the second way is just
to have the relevancy score metric there but yeah it’s unfortunate that they’ve
taken out the engagement rate ranking metric so if we’ve only got one option
really to see your score and how to work with it but I’ll get into that in a
second but let’s go into the backend of a random
counts that I have up here you’re just going to go into columns click customize
columns and then search for relevance score
there we go it’s already ticked on here but that’s how you’re gonna see the
actual score so as you can see it’s a rating from 1 to 10 and you can only see
this score by the way if your ad has more than 500 impressions so if you have
an ad that is offline or not delivering or it hasn’t been live yet then you’re
not going to get that score because like I said previously you know you need
people providing ad feedback for example and other metrics before Facebook can
give you your score so how do we boost your ad score now this is this is an
interesting one because like I said now that we don’t have an engagement rate
ranking metric and it’s not exactly transparent now on Facebook you’ve got
to use your gut instinct and a couple techniques here that I have and I’m
going to share with you so how to boost your ad score the first thing is hyper
specific targeting now this is all on flex targeting and other techniques that
I can speak to in another video but that is very important guys if you make your
targeting more specific more granular that is going to help with your ad score
because when you think about it logically more people or I should say
people that resonate with your ad I’m not going to flag it as spam for example
so if you’re specifically targeting people within your niche and it is very
specific then chances are your ad scores going to be rather high now also number
2 checkout flow make sure that you check out your checkout flow so to speak so
make sure that you go on Shopify and you know ensure that the checkout flow is
simple you want to increase your conversion rates overall so you don’t
want any sort of barriers when it comes to checking out on your store that way
you’re gonna increase your conversion rate and in turn increase your ad score
which in turn means more profit because you’re paying less for ads now the third
one is create ads plain and simple it’s all about creating powerful ads ad copy
video ads targeting and also optimizing your ads
because your relevancy score can change from day to day from week to week from
month to month and I’m gonna plug you in here guys because Facebook is
complicated it is complicated it’s not a plug-and-play system it’s not as simple
as a lot of people think it is but as soon as you get stuck into the system
you’ll soon find out that it’s not an easy system because a lot of people are
paying absorbent amounts to get that conversion to get that single sale that
sometimes they’re not even in profit what you want to do is get to that point
where you can get a high return on investment put in a dollar get three
dollars back put in a dollar get four dollars back and turn that into a
machine and system now I’m gonna let you guys know a bit of a secret here for
those who have always followed me and have following this channel I’m finally
starting a program here and that program is what I call the social marketing
mastery program now it’s a six-week intensive program for those who are
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enrolment is currently closed and will be closed for a little while but if you
want to get onto the enrolment then make sure that you get onto this page and
just put in your email address and first name and pre enroll today now I’m not
sure where I’m gonna when I’m gonna open this program up but like I said I’m
gonna be spilling the beans I’m gonna provide all the information that I’ve
learned in the past five years in digital marketing and also everything
I’ve learned from Facebook directly I visited their office many many times so
I’m gonna pass all that knowledge on to you through this condensed six-week
intensive program I like to think of it as it’s not a course guys it’s not just
a course it’s a comprehensive six-week implementation program where I want to
turn you guys into a digital marketing demigod so if you’re interested heading
to this site and just plug in your details like I said I don’t have details
on when this is going to be released or when this program is opening up if you
want more details on this join the Facebook group mastermind group it is
also going to be left links down below and it’s called a mastery the mastermind
group but yeah otherwise guys make sure that you are improving
your quality score make sure that you’ve turned that metric on and you’re keeping
a close eye on it because you’d be surprised how many ads of yours are
probably in a very low – five below average quality score and that’s that’s
going to happen at your profit margin significantly if not you’re probably not
making a return because of that so make sure that you get on to the relevant
score fix it up and that way your going to see better profit returns if you
liked this video give it a thumbs up if it helped you – give it a thumbs up
otherwise guys thanks for watching and keep on hustling

14 thoughts on “How To OUTSMART the Facebook Algorithm in 2019 – Dropshipping & eCommerce Ads

  1. Please write a book about marketing because You are really an expert. I would buy it immediately.

  2. What's the total revenue you have made for your own store? (if it's too personal, don't worry about it, it's all good)

  3. ❗ Next week, I'll be starting a HUGE Facebook Ads challenge myself, where I'll be trying to hit $10,000 in sales from scratch.

    Be sure to tune in because over the next month I'll show you step by step the secret FB strategies I'll use to hopefully achieve that $10K mark within a month!

  4. Hi Andrew, I 100% agree on the importance of ads quality, however the Relevance Score has been removed by FB as per their announcement https://www.facebook.com/business/news/metrics-updates-to-offer-you-more-actionable-business-insights/.
    Perhaps is still available for some user but it will be gone soon, so we need to start using the 3 new metrics: 

    Quality ranking: How your ad's perceived quality compared with ads competing for the same audience.

    Engagement rate ranking: How your ad's expected engagement rate compared with ads competing for the same audience.

    Conversion rate ranking: How your ad's expected conversion rate compared with ads that had the same optimisation goal and competed for the same audience.

    Keep on hustling!

  5. Thank you for the knowledge.
    '' mention someone… '' will be treated as a bait and the relevance score will go down?

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