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how to optimize Google Adwords campaign

how to optimize Google Adwords campaign

You have successfully created and running
your campaigns Google Ads. After that you stoped working on Google Ads
and you are expecting clients. Is that true? If that is true, then you are doing a biggest
mistake. After creating the campaign, your primary job
is to optimize the campaign to get more and more clients. If you want to learn how to optimize, then
watch this entire video. Hi! everyone this is Sundeep and welcome back
to our YouTube channel. In this channel we talk all about digital
marketing. If you did not subscribed to this video,
consider subscribing right now. So if you want to optimize your campaigns, then
do this two things every single day. First one, watch your search term report. Second one, Auction Insights report. This is very important. Because in this report, you can study about
your computation and you can steal their information using softwares like Spyfu. To see your auction insights report, Go into
your Google Ads dashboard again click on keywords then select auction insights report. Here you will see different types of websites. Basically these are your comparators giving
computation for you on Google search engine. So if you want to improve campaigns, then
use tools such as Spyfu to know their keywords and start using their keywords in your campaign. And again optimize those Key words. To see your search term report, first going to your
Google Ads dashboard, on left click on keywords and then select the search term you will find
on top. So these are the search term which are searched
by the users and these are the search term which are triggering your keywords. So if you think any of this search terms are
best for your bringing conversions, then try to implement using another campaign using
the search term in exact match. And if you think if some of the search term
are totally irrelevant and your Ad is showing for those search term, then use them in your
negative keywords. This is how you can optimize your campaigns. Congratulations now you became pro at Google
Ads. This is the last video of our Google Ad series. If you want to watch this video from first
on, I’m leaving the playlist link below in the description. you can click and go to the the playlist. And if you like this video, Please like, subscribe
and comment below if you have any questions. Thank you. Have a good one.

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