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How To Optimize Facebook Ads Campaigns | Decrease Cost, Increase Conversions

How To Optimize Facebook Ads Campaigns | Decrease Cost, Increase Conversions

Hey everyone this is Viren and welcome back to another marketing
tutorial on my youtube channel. In this video I’m gonna show you the quickest
way I feel you can optimize your Facebook campaigns. So let’s just dive
into this – I have a lead generation campaign that I’ve been running for
about a couple of weeks. You can see the metrics here – the amount spend and all of
that. Now what is the quickest way of optimising this campaign? Bear in
mind, there are loads of things that you can do to optimize your campaigns, this
is just the starting point which I’m going to show you in this video.
Once the campaign has populated some amount of results you can log into the
ads manager and this is how you begin optimising – there’s something called
breakdown here that you see. Click on it and now you will be able to break down
this campaign by time. by delivery, by action and things like that. Let’s start
with by time and select day. Now what’s happening is you’re going to see the
breakdown of results you’ve gotten on every day this campaign has run and here
you can probably try and make a pattern. Can you try and make a pattern, something
like, maybe the ad doesn’t work well on Sundays, maybe the ad works exceptionally
well on Wednesdays. If you find a pattern like that you can probably start
switching off the ads on days when it’s not working that well and substituting
it with days that is working well and maybe adding a little more budget there.
The more interesting ones to me is the ones here by delivery. So let’s select
age for example. Let me just clear all breakdowns and then select age. Now
like you can see here for the age group of 18-24 the cost per result
is 122 rupees per lead while for 25 to 34 it’s 188. I have no
conversions for the area groups of 35 to 44 so to optimize this campaign I might
want to switch the ad off for this age group. For 25 to 34 I might want to go to
my own database and check whether these leads are quality leads and if they
are not I might even reduce my spend on this age group and spend more time on 18
to 24 age group category. This way there are a lot of more ways you can break
down the campaign – there is gender, there is age and gender. Let me just try
gender once. Like I can see with gender more results are coming with male, lesser
results are coming with female. The costs is approximately the same so I will
again go back to my own data and see which ones are quality leads and decide
accordingly. Let me select something else. Let me this time select platform – now as
you can see the ad is running on Facebook and Instagram. I have had zero
conversions on Instagram throughout the couple of weeks and all my conversions
are Facebook so I might want to switch off Instagram and save a little bit
of money there. You can even check maybe time of day and see if the ad works
better at certain times of the day like obviously this early in the morning
there are very few impressions but you are spending some
amount of money here so you might want to switch off your ad for this early in
the morning because nobody is looking at it anyways. You can see the cost
per result also varies throughout the day and you can check this for a couple
of days and if the pattern continues you might want to switch off the ads at this
time of the day or the times when it’s extremely expensive to run the ad and
then you can probably focus more on the times when it is relatively cheaper to
run the ad. The final way is here by action and if you have multiple link
destinations that you’re working with or conversion devices that you’re
working with. So let me just check on conversion device and I can see that most
of my conversions come from Android smartphones, there are very few from
Apple or desktop or Android tablets also. So again this is something I can switch
off and completely focus on smartphones. Now once I know that I’m
gonna be focusing more on Android smartphones I would want to make ads
that look the best on Android smartphones and forget about desktop or
iPhones. So this is a very quick way of optimizing your campaigns and I hope you
can use this. But bear in mind whenever you’re optimizing something, although
from this data it might seem like desktop is giving me less conversions
but what if all of these four leads have led to conversions while none of these
hundred and sixteen leads have led to conversion. So you might want to go to a
database and recheck before making a decision. That’s about it for this
tutorial. I hope I was able to teach you something new and I’d value to you. If I
did please hit that thumbs up button comment and let me know and subscribe to
my channel for more marketing content. If you’re looking to have a one-on-one
session with me, the best way to reach me is through Instagram, the link is right
here. Thank you.

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  1. Hi Viren,
    You have explained nicely, but I am expecting the way to optimize. How to optimize(process) ad according to the report?

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