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How To Optimize Amazon PPC Campaigns BEFORE You Start Running It! (Tutorial)

How To Optimize Amazon PPC Campaigns BEFORE You Start Running It! (Tutorial)

Yes, you can start optimizing your Amazon
PPC campaigns before you even start running them. I am going to show you the number one trick
that will help you increase your conversions and save you money long term. [music] My PPC optimization strategy works
100%. I don’t see a lot of sellers doing this. That’s why I wanted to do this YouTube video
and show you what I mean by optimizing a campaign before you even spend money on it. For those experienced sellers, I am sure you
know that when you spend money on advertising every single day, sometimes you get keywords
that are not converting or that are just not related to your product, right? Especially when you are running an automatic
campaign, there’s so many random keywords that come up. So how can you avoid this? How can you start optimizing before you even
spend any money into your campaigns? Well, I am here to show you. And for all of you guys who are new to my
channel, please do me a favour and hit the subscribe button, I really appreciate it. And if you want to see more videos from me,
get notified, then please hit the notification bell. So this strategy works for both manual and
automatic PPC campaigns. For those of you who are spending lots of
money on advertising and not profiting, I hope this video will solve your problem or
at least help you out just a little bit. So make sure you watch until the very end. Alright, let’s dive into my computer so I
can show you exactly how to optimize your PPC campaigns before you spend any money. Okay, this is my demo account I’ll be using
for you guys today. So just ignore this up here. This is on the free plan so that’s why this
message is popping up here. I just went to advertising, campaign manager,
and then now, I am going to go Create Campaign. I am going to create an automatic campaign
for you guys because that’s the most generic campaign obviously. But you can also apply this strategy to your
manual campaigns. It works for your broad, phrase, and exact
keyword campaigns. Right here, under Sponsored Products, we are
going to click on Continue. So let’s just say here that I have a jade
roller. We’re going to be using jade roller as an
example today and I’ll show you want I do before even spending any money on this campaign. So just something you guys can keep in mind. If you guys are launching a variation or a
product that is very similar to your first or second product, whatever it is, if there
are similiarities to your products, there are a lot of negative keywords you can actually
pull out from your first products and immediately put this inside of your negative keywords
when you start this new campaign. That’s a step that a lot of sellers miss. So just to repeat that again, if you are sourcing
similar products, you can use the negative keywords from your first product, take out
those negative keywords and immediately put it in the negative keywords. So that’s right here, negative keywords. We will also get to that in just a little
bit. So this campaign, I am just going to name
it Jade Roller. Looks like I have another campaign named Jade
Roller. No portfolio. We’re not going to talk about this today and
no end date because I want to manually turn it off myself. Daily budget, I like to start at $15 for any
new campaigns just to test it. Targeting is automatic. This ad group, we can call it Jade Roller
New. And when you are naming your ad groups or
your campaigns, just make sure that it is a name that you can remember by, right? Because the more products that you source,
you will start getting confused. You can actually edit this later. But just make sure that you know what the
name of your campaigns are. It’ll make your life a lot easier once everything
is organized. Okay, so I am going to add in my jade roller
right here. And bidding strategy, just to go over this
quickly, you always want to start at fixed bids so you have full control over your bid. So your default bid right now is 75 cents. But over time, when you are seeing how your
campaigns is performing, you can switch it to down only or dynamic up and down. This means that you are giving Amazon more
control of where to place your ad. If you want to learn more about this, just
click on Learn More. We won’t cover this in full detail today because
that really isn’t part of the strategy. So we just keep going down. By the way, you can also do adjust bids here
as well. You can increase it to move it more towards
the top of the page or you can allocate your ad to show up more within product pages. And again, our tutorial today is not about
this. But if you want to learn more, just click
on Learn More. Alright, so this right here, negative keywords
is what you want to be paying attention to. We must be spending a lot of time in our negative
keywords before we are running any sort of campaign. Before you start running any campaign, to
save yourself the money, you need to start thinking about your negative keywords. So with the jade roller, so there’s usually
a pink and a green jade roller. I don’t know why. It just seems like those are the most, those
are the only colours that I see. Okay, there’s a purple one here too. But if you are selling a green jade roller,
you want to immediately put in the negative: pink and purple. You want to put that in negative exact and
also negative phrase: pink and purple. You want to put it in both because you don’t
want any phrases or exact keywords that will show up the words pink or purple. Well, because you’re not selling a pink or
purple jade roller. You are selling a green jade roller. I would also put in the negative, let’s see
here, I could get a lot of clues from my competitors here. So if you are only selling a jade roller but
you are not selling a kit, or an extra stone or what is this, a set, you can start putting
that in as well. So I would put in: set, stone. If your product does not come in a box, put
in: box. And you want to put that into negative as
well. I know that if you were to put in these keywords
in the negative, set, stone and box. Now, this is a standalone word but I would
still put it in negative exact just in case… I don’t know, it’s funny sometimes when people
do searches on automatic campaigns, these keywords sometimes may still come up. So you want to put it in negative exact just
in case. But usually, majority of the time, it’ll show
up in the phrases. So other keywords you could probably put in
here is plastic because our jade roller is not plastic. You can put in phrase and exact. So you get the idea, you’re just looking at
your competition, see what they are selling and putting in any negative keywords that
are not your product. We are selling just a green jade roller with
nothing else attached to it. Then we should be putting in any keywords
that we can think of on the top of our head, straight into the negative keywords. So nobody searches these keywords. If someone searches pink jade roller, in your
automatic campaign and they don’t buy it because you’re not selling a pink jade roller, you
just got charged for that. And that will never stop until you actually
put it in the negative. So it’s very important that you spend some
time here doing this. Also, you can also use Helium 10 to find what
other keywords are not relevant to your product. So let me show you an example. So I am going to use Magnet Keyword Research
in Helium 10. This is going to pull up all the keywords
that are on Amazon dot com, related to my jade roller. So I am going to type in jade roller. I am just going to sort the search volume
for all the keywords here by biggest to smallest. Great, so now all the keywords are from biggest
to smallest in search volume and then you should be downloading this right here, onto
Excel so you can work with it a lot easier. But what you want to do is look at keywords
that are not your product. So, for example, rose water. Rose water should be in the negatives. Lash lift kit. Lash lift kit should be in the negatives as
well. Negatives in phrases and exact, just in case. Lip mask. You can not selling a lip mask. You’re going to put that in the negatives
as well. So I think you get the idea. Basically you want to go through all the keywords
that are not your product and start instantly putting them in the negative. This will save you so much ad spend. Eventually, when you remove all the keywords
that are not your product, you will only be showing up for keywords that are in your product. So eventually, you will only be showing up
for jade roller. Neck massager, skull massager, skin care,
face roller, and it’s not a derma roller so you should put that in the negative as well. But you get the idea. The more you optimize your campaign, the better
it is for Amazon, for the search results. So when customers are actually searching,
your product is not showing up under, for example, vaseline lip therapy, right? I don’t even know why there are so many irrelevant
keywords for the jade roller but it is what it is. It just depends on what others have put into
their listing for their jade roller and it could happen to you that people are searching
ice roller and then your product pops up. And it’s like, “okay, you’re not selling an
ice roller.” Ice roller needs to be put into the negative
phrase and exact. So over time, when you are doing this and
running your campaigns, whether it’s automatic or manual, when you are doing this everyday,
it’s going to really trim down your campaigns to only show up for the really good, relevant
keywords like facial roller, jade roller, etc. like what I just said. So please take your time to do this and again,
if this is your second or third product, you can even take keywords, like I mentioned,
from your first product, if it is related, and start putting in all those negative keywords
that you found in your customer search term report. It’s like getting a head start, right? You are saving yourself so much more time
for optimizing and so much more money if you are to remove all irrelevant keywords first,
before putting in any money for your daily budget. I do think this tutorial today was more of
an advanced tutorial. If you are new to Amazon, you may not understand
everything I just said. Please check out my other PPC videos as well
on my channel. It goes really in depth with everything else
you can do with PPC. I also have an advanced PPC training course
for any of you advanced sellers out there. It’s basically how to learn to make money
using PPC. A lot of us is spending money everyday on
PPC. And sometimes you may not be profiting or
there may be other things happening in your campaigns and you just can’t get your ACOS
percentage down, I do have advanced training on that. I’ll put the link in the description below. Alright guys, if you have any questions for
me, please let me a comment in the comment section below. I do respond to everybody. Please subscribe to my channel and give this
video a thumbs up if you found it helpful. And of course, I’ll see you guys in the next

19 thoughts on “How To Optimize Amazon PPC Campaigns BEFORE You Start Running It! (Tutorial)

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