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How to opt out of Facebook ads 2018

How to opt out of Facebook ads 2018

Are you fed up of seeing adverts in your
newsfeed that seem to be targeted to you? Would you like to know how easily you
can opt out of any ads that are targeted based on your behaviour on Facebook?
Here’s how it’s done. So you simply need to go to the top
right hand corner click on the drop-down select settings then here select ads There’s various sections you can look up
the key one here is the ad settings section here for example ads based on
data from partners, partners provide information about what you shop for and
then that’s passed on to Facebook. You can either allow that or disallow it.
So let’s click on it. So now you’ve got chance to get more control of your data
as it says so now I can just change that to not allowed. And onto the next one ads
based on activity on Facebook company products that you see elsewhere. Same
principle applies, just have a read through There may be some reasons why you want to
continue to get ads that are more relevant, more useful to you rather than
just generic ones but it will at least remove that just because you’ve
looked at something suddenly you get a lot of adverts about it that kind of thing
which can be really annoying. And then this one. If you go back if you think
about the example we just saw is another similar one where it just tells me two
or three friends on my network who’ve also liked that page to give it
some additional endorsement. Well you can turn off your name being added to
products so when you’ve liked something you’re interested in something you don’t
want that necessarily to show in other people’s search for adverts. So all you
do is change the setting from only my friends to and it shows you the example
what it looks like to no one. OK there’s a couple of other
categories to have a look at, so there’s ad topics on particular subjects you might
want to hide them for a year or so So one’s there on alcohol, parenting pets
not particularly relevant for me , so clear that out. So that’s it I hope that was
useful pretty straightforward things Facebook
at least gives you the control to take back the decisions on what you see. So
give it a go and let me know how you get on. I’m Paul from PRWilson media your
social media personal trainer Cheers

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