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How To Monetize YouTube Videos Using Google Adsense

How To Monetize YouTube Videos Using Google Adsense

Hi this video is about how to monetize YouTube
videos using Google Adsense Do you want to make money from your videos
on YouTube? If you monetize the videos that you’ve uploaded
to YouTube Google will show ads on your videos. Every time someone views or clicks on an ad
you get paid. Herman Drost DrostDesigns.com
Here are the steps to monetize your videos on YouTube using Google Adsense
1.Become a YouTube partner Log into your YouTube account by clicking
on your profile Click Creator Studio
Click the channel And here you can see I’ve already got partner
verified If you’re not a YouTube partner yet then watch
the video at the end of this video Once your account status is partner verified
you’ll see all these green buttons 2. Enable monetization
So you can see here I’ve already got monetization enabled
You go to “view monetization settings” I can monetize all my videos or I can go to
video manager and I can monetize a single video
The green button here here says it’s monetized 3. You’ve got to link your YouTube account
to your Adsense account So to do that click on channel go to view
monetization settings Click on “how will I be paid”
Click on the link “associate an Adsense account” It says “you will be directed to Adsense to
link your existing Adsense account or create a new one if you do not have one yet”
Click next Here you can use an existing Google account
to sign into Google Adsense or you can create a new Google account
So I have an existing Google account so click sign in
Step 2 Tell use about your content Click “accept association”
Says “redirecting you back to YouTube” Here it says “Adsense Association…the adsense
account is now approved” How do you view your adsense earnings?
You can review your adsense earnings by clicking on Analytics on your dashboard
Click on “estimated earnings” You’re not going to see any earnings yet if
you’ve just associated your adsense account to your YouTube account
So check again in a few days So how much money can you make?
The two key earning factors are the type of ads and the pricing of your ads that appear
on your videos. You need a lot of views to begin earning money
from Google Adsense Depending on the country that you’re living
in you may only receive 1 or 2 dollars per 1000 views
So only monetize the videos that receive a lot of views
So now you know how to make money from YouTube by monetizing your videos using Google Adsense.
And now I’d like to invite you to Get FREE access to my $100 per Day YouTube Blueprint
called “YouTube Hijack”. It’s a 7 part video course on how to make
$100 Per Day from YouTube without even uploading any videos.
Click the image above or click the link in the description below this video.
Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “How To Monetize YouTube Videos Using Google Adsense

  1. At the end of the video you say to make sure to only monetize the videos that have a lot of views. Is it bad to monetize all your videos whether they have large or small amount of views? Thanks.

  2. Oh, and one more question! Say you have like 5000 views on a video and it's monetized, but not through adsense. Then you do it through adsense, Will you be paid according to the 5000 views or does it start every view AFTER you made an adsense account? Appreciate the reply

  3. Another question lol, what does "RPM" mean? So far it says my RPM is .48. And adsense says it's only thru clicks, it doesn't say anything about views or anything. Thanks.

  4. Sir I did't get monetization yet.. it shows The YouTube Partner Program is currently not available in your country… i am from Bangladesh..what can I do? help…..

  5. Partner: Check 🙂
    Monetization: Check 🙂
    AdSense: Check 🙂
    But I don't ever get any money 🙁

  6. Thank you so much for this information! Very useful 🙂 But how many days does it take until I can see how much earnings i've made? It says 0$ but I am certain that someone has clicked at least one ad… And do I get paid only when people click on ads or when they see them aswell?

    Thank you.

  7. It says that I am partner verified. But below that where it says monetization, there's no green button. It says once my Adsense account is activated I can start. I am still waiting for my application to be accepted. Do I need to do something regarding an ad code?

  8. my video has been out since yesterday, and I submitted my adsense application today, will it count the views from yesterday if it gets approved?

  9. Can I ask what will i do if I monetize before then now the monetization status changes into color red ??? Please help me

  10. how long does it take for youtube to put your money that you've earned into your adsense account after the month ends

  11. i have a question .. i earned some money but it's not appearing on google adsesne ?? please answer me thanks in advance.

  12. I just verified monetization for my channel and was wondering whether I should click personal or business. Do you know if my channel could be considered a business?

  13. Hi. How many google adsense can you have per household? I have 3 boys that does reviews on toys, nerf wars, and gaming and would like it to be seperate channels with adsense. Is this possible? Thank you

  14. is there a certain amount of viewers that must be meant before the ads appear? i enabled monetize and i cant see the ads

  15. this video is very helpful! I was able to add ads. there is just one question. If I add an ad would it be there immediately or would it take a minute?

  16. sir good afternoon
    sir problem is video upload after then on the video manager page 3 icon sign
    1st public
    2nd subscribe
    3rd doller sign
    2nd option subscribe dissappear
    how it will appear
    please help and thanks sir

  17. My custom url doesn't appear on "My Website" should it be a problem? Both the code url and my custom url lead me to my page so I'm guessing it shouldn't be a problem right?

  18. Every time I try to link my account I get stuck on step 2. It will not let me get to step 3 for information and I have tried several options. I am not quite sure what to do from here. It does say however that I am getting revenue on my channel, but I don't have a clue how to ever collect it if the time comes. Can you help me with any solutions?

  19. Once you've done everything in this video, how do you set the campaign effectively? I'm getting views from the campaigns but they don't seem to be interacting with my videos. It's the ad you have to click on and it's a giveaway so I can't see why not many people are actually interacting with the video..

  20. I'm on my iPad, and it is saying I have to use a website. What do I put there? It is always saying ( your website and language. I don't know what to put on the (your website thingy. I also tried copying and pasting please help

  21. did adsense approve you right away or does it take awhile? because for me its saying that its under review and Im worried I won't get approved. I don't have very many followers or much content yet. is this a problem?

  22. On the part where you went to the page youtube redirected you to, it says to put in all this info. Do i need to put in all that info in order to get paid??? It was the 3 part page

  23. hey dude i need help with linking to absence and have waited 3 months for reply and no reply… Please help its okay if you dont know because u have helped so fare with everything 😀

  24. It's telling me I need to set up details for like my timezone and my address but I'm under 18 so can I still do it

  25. if i invite another youtube channel and he accept it than will i get the earning from that account, actually i want to run two channel with one adsence account

  26. My Videos Are Monetize and ads are on them, But I was denied entry for AdSense Cause of my Website, And I Don't Know What to Put, Can Someone Help Me

  27. So do they just send you checks? I don't remember coming across a payment plan. Is it just automatic after you've given your address?

  28. I am not able to male AdSense account..its telling me that "choose the primary language of your channel" I have already chosen it and that's English but then also….what to do please tell

  29. Questions for you sir. It's out of topic. Do u know how to switch around faces during interview not to make boring by viewers by spending a lot of time with on person. Please let me know thanks .

  30. hello sir ! i have 12 thousand views but only 4 thousands are monetized in start it was 3000 view and 2500 monetized but after that ads stoped running on my videos. what should i do ?

  31. YouTube is so frustrating. It wont let me make an adsense account as it keeps denying me and nobody from youTube answers any emails I send asking for help. Guess the idea of providing how to DIY videos is out of the question now because I can't get anything to work or anyone to work on helping me get it to work, lol; ugh!

    Anyone have a phone number for youTube tech support?

  32. i uploaded one video and the monetization requires 10k views i had 82 and f i uploade another video the views on new video will be added to the existing requirements ??

  33. So I have done all of these things, but when I go on my adsense account there is an option to create an ad. Do I need to create ads for youtube? Or is that for other websites?

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