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How to Monetize Your Instagram Account (Without Using Ads)

How to Monetize Your Instagram Account (Without Using Ads)

OK. Hey, everybody. I am so excited to be here
today to teach you all how to monetize your Instagram
account without using any paid ads. Now, this is my very first
time doing an Instagram live– I mean, a YouTube
live, and I’m really excited to be here
with you guys. I’ve never done this before. And I want you guys
to know that I am here to teach you everything you
know– this is an Instagram strategy party. This is for people who have
a business or have a passion, and you really want to use
Instagram to make more money. Now, you’re in the right
place, because today, I’m going to be hosting
an Instagram party, but this is a strategy party. So you want to be
here because I’m going to teach you all
the things that you need to know about
setting up your Instagram account for success. I’m going to teach you how to
grow your Instagram account and how to create the right
content that really helps you sell the products
or the services that you have, and actually
make money on Instagram, because we’re not here for kicks
and giggles, right, you guys? We’re here to make money. And I want you guys to stick
around to the very end, because I’m going to be
telling you a lot of mistakes that I see so many people
making over and over again, and I don’t want any of you guys
to be making these mistakes. Now, I just want to do a quick
housekeeping with you guys. Ken, is the audio good? Can you let me know in the
chat if the audio is good? I have two cameras
going on right here, so I’m going to look over here. Everything’s good? You guys can see me? Awesome. You guys, this is fun. I see all the live
comments over here, but I’m talking to
the camera over here. OK, so welcome to
the Instagram party. This is a strategy
party with a lot of fun and I had to put
on my crafting hat to get all this
ready for you guys. But I wanted to make sure that
first and foremost, you guys give me a thumbs up. I want to know that you’re here. Subscribe to the channel. And I really just want to
thank you guys for being here. And I want to know
what do you guys do? Tell me in the comments right
here below, what do you do? Are you a dog walker? Do you teach health
and wellness? Are you an artist? Or maybe you’re a
real estate agent, or maybe you’re a photographer? Here’s why I want
you to tell me. It’s not just for me. It’s for everyone else
that’s tuning in live and watching on the replay. We can all connect with each
other so much more intimately when we let people
know what we do. And this is something I teach. It’s your job to tell
people what you do. It’s not their job
to figure it out. So if you’re watching,
don’t be a lurker. Don’t be multitasking. Be present on this
broadcast, because you’re going to walk away with so much And, of course, because
this is an Instagram party, I’ve got a present
I’ve got to give away. It’s going to be
great, you guys. So let me tell you what this
is, and this is how it works. Every single time
that you comment, every time that you comment,
you have an opportunity to win this amazing
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the more chances you have in winning. Let me tell you what’s
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when I travel as well. I am all about
hydrating, you guys. So we have a water
bottle in here. It’s a cute one
filled with confetti. You definitely want to
win this to stay hydrated. And one of my favorite sayings
progress, not perfection, from May Design. We’ve got a notebook for
you and a special Instagram pen for all of
you guys that need help when you’re
using the writing tool so that you can get those
fine lines that you want. And then this is my favorite
thing in the whole gift basket, you guys. These are hand
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from my retail store, SueBDo, the one I used to have,
is in the gift basket, too. So all you need to do is
just comment as I’m talking, and you will have more
and more chances to win. Sound good? OK. So now, I want to talk to
you about four things that are really important. I want you guys to
write these down, and then I’m going
to go back and I’m going to visit each of them. These are the four
things that you really need to understand in
order to have great success and sell your products
or services on Instagram. The first one is you need to
focus on impressing someone as soon as they land
on your account. That’s number one. Number two is you
want to create content that is so compelling that
it’s worth following, right? Number three is to make
yourself discoverable, and there are so many ways
I want to talk to you about this today. And then finally,
number four, we’re going to talk about what to
do to get that conversion, to make that sale. Sound good? You guys excited? OK. Let me know in the comments
which one of these four topics you’re most excited
about learning today. The more you comment,
the more you’re likely to win this Insta party
giveaway, and it’s really good, you guys. So when I talk about focusing
on impressing someone, when someone lands on
your Instagram account, is it obvious what you do
as soon as they land there? Because honestly, you have
about three to six seconds to make an impression. And by making an
impression, some of the things that you can
do to stand apart and make that impression is to have
a professional presence, to have a professional avatar. I did a post
recently on Instagram talking all about
that avatar and ways that you can stand out
from your competition. But some ways to think about
are having a solid background behind you, maybe
holding a prop that’s relevant to your business. So say that you;re a landscaper
and you can hold a spade in your hand, or you
teach health and wellness, you’re a fitness coach, you
can hold a weight in your hand. Something in the avatar
that’s really different. Because these
photos that are just like LinkedIn in photos on
Instagram, it doesn’t cut it. You want to have a sense
of intrigue in your avatar. Even just the way that
you position your eyes and that you look up can
make it really interesting. So number one is to have a great
avatar, a professional avatar. Number two is to make sure
that your username makes sense, that people will remember it. Often, I see usernames that
have so many numbers in them because they couldn’t
get their name, but there’s so many
workarounds that you can do for your username
if you’re stuck. Let me know in the
comments if you’re stuck. I’m definitely going to go back
and look at all these comments. And I know that my team is with
me answering and helping you guys out as well. But I want to make sure that
you have your user name set up for success. We’re going to talk
about discoverability in a little bit, and how you
can maximize that in your bio. But the third thing I want
you guys to think about is your bio itself. Are you clearly stating who
you want to serve by the way that you show up? So this is where you say
who you are, what you do, and maybe something a
little unique and special about you that sets you
apart from everyone else that does what you do. So what you need to
remember is can people quickly see what you do? Because if you’re
selling something, you want it to be
really obvious what your services or your
products are, right? And do you appear professional? Is that photo in your bio,
your avatar, professional? And if not, I suggest that you
invest in a professional photo. So number one is to focus
under the impression that you make as soon as someone
lands on your account, OK? You guys ready for number two? Number two, you want
to create content that is actually worth following. So does the content that you’re
sharing makes sense for someone to want to come
back and get more? Are you sharing tips? Are you the go-to resource
in your niche in the service that you offer? Are you providing value
that’s different than what someone can find on Google? So your content
really needs to show what it feels like
to purchase from you, or to have your services,
or to work with you, whether it’s your
products or your services. So your feed should
really represent the sense of what the person you’re trying
to attract to do business with is interested in, not what
you’re interested in posting, not that you just
spoke at an event and you’re just talking about
the event that you spoke at. Talk about you
spoke at the event, and here’s what I spoke about. Tell me what you spoke about
so I can learn something new. Hurray for you for speaking
at the event, right? So make sure that you’re
sharing content consistently. A lot of people don’t
show up consistently. And when you don’t
show up consistently, well, you’re not
staying top of mind. So you need to
commit to Instagram if you’re going to go all in and
make money this holiday season. And in order to do that, you
need to consistently show up. Now, if you’re posting
multiple times a day, that could often
turn people off, and they might unfollow you. So what consistency
looks like for you might be different from me. I show up probably on average
five to six times a week. But do show up with
really compelling content that your ideal audience
would want to learn from you. OK. Number three, make
yourself discoverable so that you get more
followers I know you all want more followers. Everyday you tell me in the
DM, you want more followers. How do I get more followers? Well, are you putting in
the subtitle of your bio the keywords of what you do? Do you know that this is
the number one mistake that I see people making is
they don’t put their profession in the keyword? Or if they’re a
location-based business, they’re not putting the location
of where they do business. You absolutely want to make
sure that the keyword is in your subtitle,
because the subtitle can be different than your
username, and a lot of people get this confused. So make sure that
you’re showing up to make yourself get
discovered in your bio. And what are you doing every
day to help people find you? Are you engaging
in content that’s relevant to who you’re
trying to attract? Instagram is not just
about posting and dashing. It’s about actively engaging
in the comment threads. Just like you guys are right
now on YouTube, you’re all here, you’re showing up, you’re
attracted to a common interest, and you’re engaging,
and you’re essentially part of this community,
my community, and I’m so appreciative
for you guys. But the same thing
is true on Instagram. So are you actively engaging? Are you actively showing up
in the four neighborhoods of Instagram? And those of you that follow me
or have heard me speak on stage know that I talk about the
different neighborhoods. Are you showing up in
the feed consistently? Are you showing up
in Instagram Stories? Because when you show
up in Instagram Stories, you have a greater
chance at getting discovered by other people. Yeah, people get suggested
to your stories based on their actions on Instagram
on the people that they follow. So if you’re not doing
Instagram Stories, you’re not showing up
in the Explore tab. So are you posting in
your feed regularly? Are you doing Instagram Stories? Are you doing Instagram Lives? Are you doing IGTV? These are all
opportunities for you to amplify, promote, and
broadcast what you do, all four neighborhoods. Now, I know a lot of people
can’t show up in all four neighborhoods all
the time, but you can have a strategy that
works for your business to get more eyeballs on your
content because the truth is, you guys, people are hanging
out in different neighborhoods at different times. And from surveying
my audience, I know that people love hanging
out in Instagram Stories. Let me know in the comments
where you’re actively hanging out and consuming
content as of right now today. Is it in the feed, is
it Instagram stories, is it in IGTV, or is
it in Instagram Live? I want to know where you
like to consume your content. I’m going to give you an
example really quickly, and then we’re going to
move on to the fourth point that I want to
make for all of you guys, how you can make
more money on Instagram. The fourth one, this point,
it happened to me last week. I was speaking in LA, and I
needed to get my makeup done. I was speaking on stage, and
I didn’t have my makeup artist with me. So I searched on Instagram in
the Explorer tab, “LA Makeup.” And about five
accounts popped up. I sent an Instagram
Direct Message, one-to-one conversation
with each makeup artist, and I spoke to two
of them on the phone, and I really liked one of
their personalities, Julie. And I hired Julie to come
to meet me at the hotel. She made $100 because she had
her account set up for success. And I want this to be you. I want you all to have all these
key elements done correctly in your account so that
you can be set up to make more money on Instagram. So the fourth
thing that you need to do to monetize
your Instagram account is to ask, ask for
the conversion, call to action, CTA. You need to tell people exactly
what you want them to do. It is not their job to figure
out what you want them to do. And you need to say it
in a very simple way, as if you’re talking
to a 10-year-old. So swipe up to join
my Instagram party. Link in bio for
more information. Send me an Instagram
Direct Message if you’re interested
in my offer. So make sure that if you’re
trying to sell something, that it doesn’t
sound too salesy, but you position it like this. If you’re interested in
buying arm tights from Spanx this holiday season,
send me a DM, and I’ll tell you exactly
how you can get them without being salesy. Does that sound good? Now, I have great
news for you guys. I have great news for
you guys because we are going to be
releasing two new videos all about shoppable
links on this channel. Let me see, where’s the bell? [JINGLING] If you ring the bell, you
will get a notification when we drop those videos. It’s all about how to
create shoppable posts on your Instagram feed
so you can sell directly from your posts. And I’m going to teach
you how to set up those shoppable posts. You definitely want to get the
notification when those drop, because the holiday
season is coming, and you really want to
make more money, right? Now, something else
I want to say quickly about your Instagram account,
and if you’re selling products, and how you can show
up for that conversion is to essentially show
people what your product– if you’re selling a
physical product– would look like in person. They need to experience what
that feels like and looks like. So if you’re an artist,
and you’re taking me into your gallery, and you’re
showing me behind the scenes, and you’re showing
me your studio, show me the final
product on the wall. A great account to follow if
you’re an artist is teilart, T-E-I-L-A-R-T. So if you can work
through these four steps and focus on the areas
that you’re really going to get results,
you’ll be golden. However, like I said earlier,
there are several mistakes that I often see people making
that I don’t want you to make. Now, I want to
remind all of you– I love how active the
comments are right now. I want to remind all of
you, you rang my bell. I’m looking over here– that you definitely
want to be commenting so that you can win this swag,
this Instagram party swag box. It’s not a bag. It’s a box of goods. All of my favorite
Instagram supplies that I use to help me just bring
Instagram wherever I need to go and be creatively successful,
whether it’s my hand gloves, or I’m hydrating, because
let’s just take a sip of water from my Instagram
cup for a second. Cheers, you guys. And thanks so much
for being here. And if you’re watching
on the replay, I so appreciate you
tuning in as well. OK, so let’s go
into these mistakes, because I don’t want
you to make them. The first one I talked
about a little bit already– there are 10. You guys have your pens? I know you’re going to want
to win this Progress, Not Perfection May notebook to
write this down in next time. But grab your pen
and write these down. Number one, there’s no
keywords in your bio. And most importantly,
nine out of 10 people do not have a
subtitle in their bio. So after you’ve changed
up your bio, tag me. I want to come and look at
it and make sure that you got this right, you guys. OK? The other thing is
that I often see is if people have
random hashtags– random hashtags– in their bio. Here’s the thing
about random hashtags. If you put a random popular
hashtag in your bio– and I often see
people have several– people tap in, they bounce
off your Instagram account. You don’t want to
have a random hashtag. You can have a
community-based hashtag. Like I do hashtag #rsgcommunity
for my Ready Set Gram community. Right? You can have a community
hashtag or an event hashtag. But random hashtags actually
take people off your account And number three is I see too
many hashtags in your bio, and then I’m confused. I don’t even know which
one represents you. And then when I
tap into that #hub, the content that I’m
looking at has nothing to do with your business. The fourth mistake
I frequently see is that people that
are in business leave their account on private. It’s like shutting the
door to your store. So if you’re here for business,
take it off of private and do business, OK? The other mistake I see so
many people make on Instagram is you have random quotes. I’ve got a lot of
quotes on my shelf here. But you have random
quotes from random people all over the world. Maybe it’s Bill Gates. Maybe it’s Steve Jobs. Maybe it’s Brene Brown, Oprah. You name it, I’ve seen them. They’re not your quotes,
and you’re showing them with different type
styles in different ways, and they’re not branded. So I challenge you to use a
free app like Canva or PicMonkey and create your
own branded quotes so that the look and
feel of your feed feels like you, and
more importantly, the people that would
want to follow you. So think about
your brand colors, think about your aesthetics,
and start with that. But random quotes get
you random results, OK? Another mistake I see
so many people make is that they still post
photos that are grainy. The quality is not up to snuff. Everyone on Instagram
really loves looking at spectacular photos. And here’s a little
ninja tip for you guys. You can adjust your
photo setting right in the Instagram app by just
bumping up the brightness and tapping on the saturation. But if you do that, take notes
in a cute notebook of what you did so the next time
you do that to a photo, it’s the consistent filter. And that’s the key word here. You want to consistently
show up in a way that makes you memorable. So make sure that you’re
not posting any images that aren’t visually appealing and
do not have visual consistency. The next mistake I see
so many people make– and I touched on this
a little earlier– is that the content that
you’re posting is about you. As much as I love
you, I don’t really care that you just
were on vacation. But if you told me a tip about
packing for that vacation and you’re a travel
agent, I want to know. I want to know how you fit all
that shit into your suitcase and didn’t have to check a bag. If you’re gone for two
weeks, like, how the heck do you do that? So make sure every post, not
just the photo is fabulous, but the content, the
content, the description– you have 2,200 characters
if you want them– gives a value, additional value. Does it entertain? Does it inspire? Does it educate? Is it a resource
that I would want to save and tap on the
Save icon under the photo and save it to a category? Because that, my friends, is
how you get more engagement, when you get more people
saving your content. So be a good
resource and make it more about what
your followers would want to know about your
products or services and not what you want to share. Another mistake that
I see so many people making but you’re not
going to make, right? You’re not going to make them. Let me know in the comments if
you’re digging these mistakes and telling me did
I call any of you guys out on any
of these mistakes? You have too many
hashtags that are mixed up in the description of your post. So you have this post
that I would read or someone would read, but I
can’t read it because there are so many hashtags. And I can’t even
follow the conversation because the layout of the
post is just too convoluted. So you want people
to read that post that you’re crafting to
create additional value, and you want to make sure that
the hashtags do not distract from the actual call to action
that you want people to make to make that purchase, right? So keep the hashtags
out of the description. My preference is to use
spacers and keep them away from the description. Some people use them in
the first comment below. And we have YouTube videos
talking all about hashtags if you guys want to go
back and watch those. I want to know from each one of
you that’s tuning in live right now. Right now, let me
know it’s my party. I can be the Boston boss. Let me know what is your
biggest struggle right now on Instagram? Is there something that
I mentioned just now or something that you
want to tell me about? Tell me in the comments,
because I am definitely going to come back. If I don’t answer them here
on this live broadcast, I’m going to come back
and answer them, OK? So let me know. All right. I am loving over here. Patricia says, just did
that too many hashtags and I knew I would, but too lazy to– Jerry D says I only
have eight mistakes. Finding enough time to
engage, says Brenda. Oh my gosh. This is flying by. Visual layout, biggest struggle. You guys are awesome. I love that you’re on fire here. Wait a minute. You guys, have a macaroon on me. Macaroons on Instagram
and succulents, you want to put
them in your photos. They get a lot of engagement. These are really good. OK. You’re going to have one. You can go have a snack. All right. I just want to remind
you, have you guys all subscribed to this channel? And you’ve hit the bell, right? Because you want to know
about these two videos that we’re going to be dropping
soon about shoppable posts. They’re really good. I have a little bit
of time for questions. And I had people asking
me questions on Instagram in the direct message
that I want to answer. So I think I have time for three
questions or a little bit more. Yes. And you guys, you are
rapid fire over here. So if I can catch one of
your questions, I will. You guys like my bell? Isn’t this adorable? Christmas tree, for those
of you that want one. OK. So I am going to answer
some of your questions. One of you guys asked me– I forgot to write
your name down. One of you wonderful people
on the internet said, what do I do if I have a
service-based business and not a physical product? I have a service-based
business, you guys. I understand the struggles. What does your
client want to see? So if you’re a landscape
artist, or you’re a dentist, or you’re a nail
manicurist, what does your– and I always like to use
the dry bar as an example. I just went to the dry bar. They know that their clients
like to see fresh flowers, fashion, dogs, quotes
that are funny. They have a wild pretty
funny sense of humor. I love going in there. They know exactly what
their customer wants to see. So you need to show what
your clients want to see. And if you don’t know, survey
your audience and ask them. This is so important. Or you can go check out what
your competitors are doing and get some ideas without
stealing their ideas, but get inspired by
their ideas, right? You want to offer
exclusive tips. You want to offer tips
that people, like I said, will actually save to a
category and refer back to them. So I say “exclusive”
because here’s the thing. You don’t want to be
teaching or saying things that people can
randomly find on Google. You want to put your
spin to whatever it is you do so that you become
the go-to influencer, educator, thought leader in your space. And it’s so important
to put your spin on it. You also want to make sure that
you leverage your location. So if you have a
service-based business that is in Boston, for
example, you want to make sure that you are
geotagging that location. You want to make sure that
in your Instagram stories, you’re using that
location sticker. Because when you do, you
show up in the location hub just like you have the chance
of showing up in a hashtag hub. So location-based businesses,
honestly, you guys, you got it going on because
you have more leverage of what you can do. So make sure that you also
put your location in your bio if your business is
specifically located in a certain area, a certain
city where you do business. Maybe it’s in a 10-mile
radius or so of that area. But people search areas, just
like I searched LA makeup artist, right? So make it really clear if you
are a location-based business. Also, you want to make sure that
you have a business profile. So many business owners,
solopreneurs are here on Instagram, and you
haven’t changed over to a business account. If you don’t know
how to do that, I have a YouTube
video telling you all about how to set up
for a business account. But when you do change
over to a business account, you get to see your insights. You get to put your contact
information, and email address, and a phone number. Hello? That’s how people
can contact you to do business with you, right? We’re talking about
making money here, people. We’re here on
Instagram to make money because we love
Instagram, right? And we might as well make
money while we’re here. OK. Another question I got– Sue has videos for
everything, says Susan. Thanks, Susan. Another question I got was
how often should I be selling? OK, here’s what I want
to say about selling. No one likes to be sold to. No one. So if you are selling
on Instagram, let’s go back to what I said
about what’s in it for them? Now, with shoppable
posts, you’re going to be so excited
when those videos drop. Yes, you want to ring the
bell to get the notifications. [BELL RINGING] Definitely want
to ring the bell. It makes it easier
to sell on Instagram with the shoppable posts. I’m going to give
you two accounts that do this beautifully. One is a huge retailer, my
favorite, Anthropologie. I never feel like I’m
being sold to when I look at Anthropologie’s account. I’m looking at beautiful
photos with great captions. But if I want to buy something,
I can just tap on that image, and they’ve actually
put the shopping sticker on multiple items in
that post that they’re selling. But it doesn’t feel salesy. Another account that we recently
featured that I absolutely love that does a really good
job at this is Modern Muffins. Rachel, the owner
at Modern Muffins has this shoppable
tag thing down pat. And when I looked at her feed
before I got on this broadcast, four out of eight of her posts
had shoppable posts on them, but I didn’t feel like
I was being sold to. And I do have one muffin
left in my refrigerator. They’re so good, you guys. So if you want to
delicious protein muffin, check out Modern Muffin. And she does a really
good job at selling. So four out of
eight posts for her, she had the shoppable posts. And for Anthropologie, honestly,
it’s almost every single post. So it all depends on what
your audience is interested in and more importantly
that you’re not overselling, but you’re showing them
the things that they want. I believe that it’s a
disservice to your followers if you don’t show them,
or tell them, give a gentle call to action
of what you’re selling. It’s your job to do that. It is not their job
to figure it out. So if you do put a shoppable tag
on your post, let people know. Tap on the post to purchase. And by the way, you guys, this
video that we’re releasing, shoppable posts in your stories. I know you’re going to be
really excited for that one. So the third question I got
asked is, I just started out. I’m really not ready
to make a sale yet, but I want to build an audience. How do I build an audience? I like to call an
audience also a community. And I want you guys to remember,
behind each avatar is a person. And if you talk on
Instagram as if you’re talking one to one to
the person that you want to do business with,
it’s such a better connection. So while you’re
building your audience, make sure that you’re
building your audience with the right people, the
people that would ultimately want to do business with
you, the people that decided to follow you because they
like the content that you’re sharing, the resources
that you’re sharing, the tips that you’re giving, the
products that you’re selling, one by one, one follower
by one follower. Because if you make
a follower happy and they have a great
experience with you, they’re going to talk about you
and tag you in their stories. And they could
become a buzz agent and start buzzing
about your business. So focus on the
one-to-one relationships. I couldn’t preach and teach
this enough, especially when it comes to Instagram marketing. So you want to hang
out in communities like this on my channel that
have like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs
that are all about lifting each other higher,
that’s all about collaboration and not competition. Find those communities for your
niche markets on Instagram. And be a part of
the conversation, just like you are
right here, right? Because the truth
is, the more you actively engage in
other people’s content and leave real comments, ones
that are thought provoking, people that see the
comment thread– like, I’m glancing over here
and I’m seeing this on fire– They might like what you wrote
in the comments and say, wow. Lori looks amazing. Marie, Stefan is awesome. Yvonne is so nice. I like what she wrote. Robin is someone you
definitely need to follow. Other people will
talk about you. You just have to show up. You have to actively show up
and you have to actively engage. Now, for those of
you who are like, I don’t even know where
to go to do that, hit the Explore tab, the one that
looks like a magnifying glass, and explore. I teach all of my clients inside
of Ready Set Gram, my Instagram course, to start by spending the
most time in the Explore tab. Look at what
Instagram’s suggesting based on your engagement
for those IGTV videos to watch, for the
stories to be watching, for videos, for photos. There’s a reason that
Instagram is showing you what you would be
interested in exploring. And this is different for
every single Instagram account. What they’re showing me
is based on my activity, and what they’re going to show
you is based on your activity. So go ahead and actively
explore so that you can do the market research. Now, another reason that you
want to hang out in the Explore tab for you newbies out
there that haven’t yet embraced Instagram for
your business to make money is to do the market research. And if you’re just
starting out, go ahead. Create nine awesome posts. Keep your account
on private only for this while you have
nine awesome posts that looks like you’re in
business and you’re ready to actually be in business
when you have nine accounts. I don’t know if you
guys have ever seen an account with just one post. It kind of looks like
they’re just starting out. I’m not sure if they’re
a spam bot or not. But it just is better to have
nine good, good posts to start. So those were
questions that I got that I thought you guys would
all get some value from. Now, I want to make
sure that you guys let me know, what did you think of
this YouTube live broadcast? First time doing it. First time for everything. I busted through my fears, and
I did it, and I’m having fun. This is great. The energy over here is amazing. You guys totally rock. Let me know what you think. Should I do more
YouTube lives often? Did you like? This let me know in
the comments below. Remember, the more comments
that you have, the more likely you are to win the
giveaway, right? And be sure to ring the
bell, my emoji bell. [BELL RINGING] So that you will always
get notified every time I drop a new video here
every single Monday. So make sure that
if you’re someone that just is like, I need
more of this SueB energy, hang out on my YouTube
channel, because I have a great one that
we recently did all about hashtags, one
about IGTV, and also one about selling
during the holidays. OK? Awesome, you guys. You guys are great. Oh my gosh. The comments are coming in. So I got some
cupcakes for you guys because, you know,
what’s a party, an Insta party without cupcakes? And if anyone lives
in the Boston area and wants to come over and get
a cupcake, come on over to SueB. But hey, what about
them Red Sox, guys? Thanks so much for
tuning in, and I’ll see you guys on my next video. Have a great day.

36 thoughts on “How to Monetize Your Instagram Account (Without Using Ads)

  1. Replay. Great share. 🙂👍I support community and give crisis support for those coping with suicide related issues. I am trained in clerical and accounting. I love learning, growing and becoming the best of life. 💖💖💖 I am where I can be the best support for community.

  2. Is there a way to upload MULTIPLE photos from my pc (Windows 10) I know how to do one photo at a time, but multiples .. like the ones that we can do on the mobile app that use a colalge template. Thanks so much.

  3. Loved this!! So clear and easy to follow and understand. I changed up my bio could you please take a look? https://www.instagram.com/jaimebhaas/ I would love your thoughts. xx

  4. Great Live! Caught the first part live and watching the rest on replay now! Which lucky Instagramer won the prize? Do you have links to those items that were up for grabs? I need that tripod! 🙂
    Well done on your first YouTube live!

  5. Thank Sue. Hi everyone out there. I travel the world sourcing beautiful scarves, AND organize and lead small group travel for women. Our first adventure is to Chiang Mai Thailand this coming January.

  6. Hey 🙂 #replay! Thank you so much for sharing! Great Input Thank you Sue!
    Where can i get such a cute IG pillow???

  7. Should the content be the same in all neighborhoods. For instance if I share a recipe. It might be the same recipe but different ways to share.

  8. Sue, you always have the best information and insights about Instagram. I look forward to your next video. Thank you for all the efforts you put into this. Your video of how to post to instagram using the laptop has saved me a lot of stressful amounts of time. Thank you

  9. I just recently started a cupcake bouquet business but Im having a hard time growing my business. My business name is Jes Cakes and on IG its jescakes3

  10. I have probably been doing everything wrong….
    doing Dec Auctions on my
    Beadiful Jewelry By Linda Facebook Page. I am trying to teach an old dog new tricks…lol!

  11. Our name on Instagram is drbradandlisa. Our main focus is functional medicine, with an emphasis on Lyme Disease. Dr Brad just wrote a book on Lyme Disease. Looking for the best way to promote. Our Instagram acct til now was focused on eating the RAINBOW! Love the info that you and Sunny share. Thanks for that!

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