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How To Monetize your Facebook Videos

How To Monetize your Facebook Videos

Whatever I upload one
of my YouTube videos directly to my Video
Creators Facebook page, a question that I usually get
is, Tim, why you’re doing this? Like, why don’t you
send viewers to YouTube where you can make
some money on them? You can’t monetize your
videos on Facebook, right? And I say, wrong. I’m going to show you guys
just how you can make money off of your Facebook page. Hey guys. My name is Tim Schmoyer, and
welcome to Video Creators. This channel is all about
helping you guys grow your YouTube audience so you can
spread a message that reaches people and changes their life. But I do upload all of these
videos directly to the Video Creators Facebook page as well,
at Facebook.com/VideoCreators– sample plug there. Go check it out, like it, and
then enable notifications, if you don’t mind. One of you guys, David
Turner, actually commented on my Facebook page and
asked this question. Well, it’s not
really a question, more like pre statement. “I think Facebook has a long
way to go in attracting YouTube creators to its platform. For one, upload times
are exponentially longer. They also offer no shared
revenue for creators.” And that is actually true. As of this recording anyway,
Facebook does not currently do a revenue split
with creators who upload videos and
content or anything else to their platform. Unless you are one of the very
few high profile companies that are getting
like, bazillions of views on their
platform every month. But you certainly can
still make money off of your Facebook videos. You just need a
different business model. YouTube– a lot of
creators, they just default to AdSense, right? And they’re just
like, hey, I’m going to put my videos up on YouTube. That’s my job, and YouTube’s
job is to somehow pay me for it. So the only reason you are
getting paid from YouTube is because your viewers
are watching your videos and paying an advertiser,
who then pays YouTube, who then splits that with you. The way I look at it
is, if the viewers are going to be paying someone– the advertisers–
anyway, why don’t I just bring my own products
and sell those directly. So that’s what I do
here at Video Creators. I take AdSense, I
like it, you know. It’s good icing on top, cherry
on top, something like that. I upload my videos to
Facebook because it helps generate
like email sign ups for my free e-book called, “The
Secret to Building Your YouTube Audience”. A link to that is
in the description below this video here on
YouTube or in Facebook, if you’re watching this there. Sometimes videos also contain
a paid product placement, whether it be my own
products that I’m selling, like my ebook, “30 Days To
A Better YouTube Channel” that really goes
through a 30 day process of making
your channel is highly subscribable as possible. Or it’s a product from a
sponsor that I can go to you and say, hey, I can
put you on YouTube, but I could also put that
video on Facebook where these people will see it. And it’s an additional
plus, extra perk benefit, that makes it easier for a
sponsor to be like, yes, I want to do this deal. Or hey, I didn’t
know Facebook too, I want to pay extra for that. It really just comes down to
what your business model is around your audience and around
the content you’re developing. Now I know a lot of you
guys, like your goal is to go full time on YouTube. And if that is a
goal that you have, I actually have of course
coming out very soon. It’s called “Turn YouTube
Into Your Full Time Career”. And it will walk you
through the exact process of how to develop a business
model around your channel. That’s bigger than just AdSense. So that you’re not just
playing that, oh, I need more views and
these more subscribers, and I need to get this
brand, I need to just promote this next sponsor. That game gets tiring,
at least it does for me. And even on a relatively small
audience, you can do that. It’s coming out soon. If you want to get more
information about it when it comes out, just sign
up for my email list by getting that free ebook, “The
Secret To Building Your YouTube Audience.” There’s a link to it
down description below. Or just go to VideoCreators.com
and sign up for it there, and I’ll send you more
information very soon about that course
when it’s coming out. And if you’re paying
attention, maybe you’ve noticed that I am using those
exact principles to monetize this video, both to
my YouTube audience and the people on the Facebook
page outside of AdSense. I’m really looking forward
to hearing from you guys in the comments below
about how you monetize your content, whether it be on
Facebook, or even Instagram, or Twitter, or Facebook,
or Snapchat, whatever. How do you monetize your
content, be on AdSense. Looking forward to
reading from you guys. If this is something
you’re interested in, read the other ideas in the
comments that other people leaving down there. I learned from them every
week, as you guys know. I know you will too. So go check that out. And if this is your first
time here at Video Creators, I would love to
have you subscribe. We’re just all about helping
you guys grow your YouTube audience. You can spread a message that
reaches people and impacts their lives. Thank you for letting me
be a small part of that. Subscribe and I will see
you guys again next Thursday at 2 p.m. Eastern time for another
YouTube training videos. See you then.

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    the action or process of earning revenue from an asset, business, etc.

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