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How To MASTER Instagram Ads for Beginners in 2019 (STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL)

How To MASTER Instagram Ads for Beginners in 2019 (STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL)

hey how’s it going I couldn’t be more
excited to show you from A to Z how to start grow and automate your Instagram
ads so you can absolutely crush it for your business I’m gonna walk through the
whole process of setting everything up I’m gonna give you a ton of valuable
tips that will help help make your Instagram ads convert like crazy things
that other people are not doing right now we are doing because we always test
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let’s go let’s dive into this so the way I want to structure this video is before
I dive into actually setting up the campaign here you know you simply go to
facebook advertising if you haven’t set up your facebook ad account yet you go
to business stop facebook.com and you set up the ad account and get to this
page that’s pretty self-explanatory once you’re here
we can start saying up the campaign by clicking create campaign but like I said
before we get into that I want to drop a couple knowledge bombs on here so you
can write them down and then we can dive into the actual city nut part because I
think it’s important to learn a little the tricks of Instagram and then kind of
see how to set it up right so you know maybe you’re in the position where you
you’re just getting started with Instagram ads and you need somebody to
walk you through them well we spent millions on Instagram and I’m gonna walk
you through that right here or maybe you’ve tested some Instagram ads but
you’re looking to scale well you’ll definitely want to see these tips and
how we set up camp or maybe you just know that Instagram is
a huge opportunity to grow your business but you just need a kickstart I’m here
to show you all that today once you’re able to run Instagram ads effectively
you’ll have access to another billion people another billion people which is
amazing right a lot of the younger generation is already on Instagram a lot
of the you know the moms the women 40 plus they’re moving towards Instagram so
it’s a great little tool to have in your arsenal that you can run you know
Facebook Instagram snapchat and so on and so on watch my other videos for that
stuff we’re talking about Instagram here and these are the three four tips I want
to give you really quick but you know just to let you know where I was prior
to using this strategy here I was having some success with Instagram but not a
lot until I started using my strategy I you know I wasn’t crushing it until I
started using it and now I’m absolutely killing Instagram and I actually might
say I like Instagram better than Facebook don’t tell anybody else that
but all right so number one write this down make sure to use videos in your
Instagram ads this is even more important than on Facebook Instagram you
know you’re scrolling through Instagram there’s a lot of noise and you have to
stand out with videos you have to you will get cheaper impressions you will
get more lights you’ll get more clicks you’ll get cheaper conversions
everything then the second tip is to use Instagram newsfeed to start now newsfeed
is usually the best converting placement of instagrams so I definitely recommend
it but number three is to test Instagram stories as well
now Instagram stories you know they’re the ones where you’re you click through
and kind of like snapchat stories well those are those are very inexpensive
expensive you will have to test different creatives to get them to
convert but definitely test those as well and I’ll show you that here in this
training and then lastly tip number four before we get into the actual setup is
test new as every single day and this is the most
important tip test different audiences test different creatives test different
offers and you’ll continue to grow your account every single day and you’ll just
you know 5% 5% 5% every single day because you’re testing new audiences
you’re testing new creatives you’re testing new copy and every single day
it’s gonna get better I have a lot of clients come to me and saying hey I
can’t grow you know I can’t get my CPA down anymore and then I look at their
account and I see oh well you haven’t tested an ad in two months like
seriously test every single day and nobody will be
able to keep up with you so you know there’s been a myth that going around
that Instagram ads or like you know Vudu kind of hard to run but they’re actually
really simple I’m gonna show you exactly how to do that here don’t worry about it
but in review here are the four things I want you to remember make sure to use
videos and Instagram ads no matter what make sure to you know primarily use
Instagram newsfeed as the main placement test out stories it’s going to be a
different type of creative because it’s a different type of interaction and then
number four this is the biggest thing with Instagram ads Facebook Ads any ads
test every single day if it’s one audience you test today that’s awesome
I’m testing tens or twenties of audiences every single day but if you
just test one audience a day you’re gonna be ahead of the crowd and as long
as you keep testing audiences creatives and your offer or your copy you will
continue to grow your account now make sure to stick around here because now
I’m gonna dive in and show you step-by-step how to set up the campaign
I just wanted to make sure to give you some tips before that now all I ask is
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I’d show winners below now let’s get into the
actual setup part so you’re gonna want to go to Facebook Ads you should be able
to get to this point here you know I’ll go back if you haven’t set up your ad
account go to business stop facebook.com set it up and you should get to this
page here ads manager click create and yes Instagram ads are inside of Facebook
so I’m gonna go ahead and you can pick any of these now I can walk through a
couple of these brand awareness I verily very rarely use reach I’ve rarely used
traffic I rarely use this brand awareness and reach are pretty much just
for big brands that are trying to get a lot of views on their stuff traffic can
be good if you’re looking for link clicks to your site engagement is good
to essentially get people who want to like your posts share your posts comment
on your posts so it’s really good for building social proof a lot of people
will run engagement ads on Instagram or Facebook before they run conversion ads
conversion ads are essentially ads saying hey Facebook go find me
purchasers or go find me people who Add to Cart or go find me people who will
you know sign up for my webinar whatever it is you tell them the conversion and
they’ll do that but people like to run engagement because it will make the
social proof really good before they run the conversion ads in my opinion I go
straight to conversion ads because if I have an offer that converts I’m gonna
get plenty of social proof anyways right so at the end of the day I’m testing
different offers in order to see you know which one I can put a dollar in and
get three dollars out once I can do that you know I’m gonna get tons of likes
anyways as a byproduct you could do app installs if you have a mobile app I do a
lot of app installs this is probably one of my biggest conversions this one right
here app installs and conversions video views are also good you know if you want
to for example target a niche of people and you want to just show them a ton of
videos right you want to show them maybe one video you have
to videos whatever in the way I use this is for example I will target my
audiences with videos and just like throw so much value at them with those
videos they’ll watch you know it might be a 10 minute video if they watch 25% I
know that you’ve watched two minutes and fifty or two minutes and thirty seconds
of my video and then I use that room for retargeting so that’s how a lot of
people use video views is they simply are throwing the video out there see
they’re seeing who’s actually watching the video and then they’re retargeting
people based off of you know them watching the actual video and then lead
generation is good if you’re trying to get just like a phone number and an
email address for maybe a local business or whatever
usually this will follow up with hey you have to jump on the call and call them
so if that applies to your business I know a lot of agencies run lead
generation as well I do it sometimes but I usually go with conversions and then
you can have messages which essentially get people to message your your page or
your business whatever you want right there this can be a good one as well but
like I said let’s go back to conversion so that’s where I’m going to start today
and then catalog sales and store visits so let’s go ahead and click on
conversions that’s what I’ll make this test with and I’m just going to call
this IG test one so this right here is where you name your campaign the
campaign structure I typically use is I’ll say like cold just to know that hey
I’m sending this is cold traffic right and then I’ll make the campaign name so
I’m not quite sure what I’m gonna be selling yet I was thinking I would just
do like an Aliexpress product maybe let’s find something here about yoga something those are always
good okay this is a good one yoga mat okay so I’m gonna sell this product i’m
gonna use my Shopify just so I can show you a good example this has a good
picture and actually is a nice video too which is that works perfect this is a
good product to do this demonstration with so let’s call it yoga mat so I
usually go hey this is cold traffic yoga mat and cold traffic is pretty much
people who have not seen my ads before right so warm traffic would be people
who have seen my ads before then hot traffic will be people who have been to
like my Add to Cart page so cold yoga mat and then sometimes I’ll put the date
at the end but for this example I won’t then you can you can do split test I
don’t do that but it budget optimization you can do that as well but I don’t do
that hit continue here and then this is the where you name the ad set now I’ll
show you my specific naming scheme for my ad set in a second but we want to
scroll down here pass up dynamic creative pass up offer pass up all this
stuff this is where you’ll do the targeting but I’ll jump at that in a
second I always immediately and this is huge
the unselect expand interest and then I’m gonna go down to edit placements
because I only want to target Instagram right so right here you can target all
devices or desktop or mobile only now for Instagram you know there’s not
really a desktop so I can just deselect Facebook here I can deselect audience
Network and deselect Messenger right and then I simply have two different
placements Instagram feed or Instagram stories I personally like to target one
ad set per placement and what I mean by this is instead of having stories and
feed selected I want to see where my best conversions come from so I just
select Instagram feed so that being said I’m gonna go up here and delete all that
and call this IG feed so I know hey this ad set right here is for the Instagram
feed only now I want to go ahead and figure out my targeting so for this yoga
mat you know it’s pretty simple I want to target people who like yoga maybe
even yoga mats I’ll probably target women 25 plus 4 now I know a lot of men
do yoga as well but you know I think women will probably be the best
targeting the most efficient here so I’m gonna scroll over let’s start at the top
again so this is where you pick your conversion for this example I’m using
Add to Cart because I’m gonna run it to a Shopify store now it could be purchase
if you want this is pretty much saying hey Facebook or you know since Facebook
owns Instagram we’re running this through Facebook Ads and just selecting
Instagram as a placement so hey Facebook Instagram get people who will Add to
Cart my product so that’s good enough for me
and I could switch it to purchase later hey Facebook go find me people who will
purchase my product now the reason I start with Add to Cart is because it’s a
little less expensive Facebook’s gonna charge you a little
more for purchase conversions and they sometimes work extremely well so just
remember that but again that’s another test you have
to run everything I’m showing you here you know scribble it down on a note P
page and then start using your own common
nations of all of these different variables I mentioned the reason being
is because every combination that you do use it enables you to run another test
and the more tests that you run the more winning combinations you’re gonna find
and the better your odds are gonna be for example when I sell this mat right
off the bat if my purchases are twenty bucks it cost me twenty dollars to get
somebody to purchase if I then went and did ten more ad tests I guarantee I
could get that down to 15 then 14 and 11 then 9 and so on and so on so definitely
definitely test as much as possible all right so let’s dive on down to the next
section you can also pick you you know if you’re
I’m doing a website conversions right now but you can do app messenger and
whatsapp here as well now this right here custom audiences
you’re not gonna be here yet well you might be if you have a custom audience
for yoga stuff I don’t think I do but if you had a custom audience which is
pretty much hey Facebook all of these people have done this action let’s
target them again and what I mean by that is all of these people have liked
my page or all of these people have sent a message to my page or all of these
people have gone to my website you can make custom audiences and then target
them for this example we’re not going to do that and you can do the same thing
with look-alike audiences okay well this 1,000 people they you know went to my
website now Facebook let’s make a look-alike audience based off of those
thousand people and what Facebook’s gonna do is simply hey you know here’s a
thousand people I’m gonna make this into a million people and these million
people they look a lot alike to that 1,000 people and that’s look-alike
audiences so I think I’ve covered that plenty of times in other videos so check
that out if you are at that point it’s a really good targeting to do if you are
at that point make sure to just test one look-alike at a time so you can really
determine what does well for you now this part
right here locations I tend to do everyone in this location now this is
going to include people who have recently traveled or traveling or live
in right so it’s all three of these four different examples you might only want
to target people who live in this location for example I’m in Las Vegas
right so I’ll sometimes do this if I’m targeting Las Vegas because you know
that what 300 million people visit Vegas every single year so I don’t necessarily
want to target people who are traveling unless I’m running an offer for like a
uh you know a nightclub or something if I’m writing an offer for a nightclub
I might target people who are traveling in Las Vegas because I want to catch the
people that are here on vacation trying to have a good time right so this is a
kind of overlooked section that a lot of people don’t even you know mention or
anything but this can this can really do well for you dependent on your offer for
now I’m gonna do everyone in this location and then you know target United
States but I could you know do anything I can target Canada I can target
worldwide this is really up to you and your offer for now and when I usually
start things I just do United States because if I can crack an offer or you
know I can make my ads convert whether it’s for a Shopify store agency stuff
SAS apps or whatever if I can make it convert in the United States I know it’s
going to be the most profitable and then I can try other countries later so
that’s that pick your country right there and then you pick your age and
your gender I’m gonna target women twenty five twenty five plus for this
yoga mat because I think that’s a good demographic and then you pick your
gender here women one thing to note that a lot a lot of people do not mention
every single time that I do something like this like narrow it down it’s gonna
get a little more expensive now don’t let that scare you because at the same
time of it getting more expensive it can actually have better conversions that
are cheaper if that makes any sense and what I’m trying to say is like okay if
you’re targeting a bill people you might get really cheap
impressions and your ad costs are low but they’re not very targeted so people
aren’t buying they’re not converting at the end of the day but then if you get a
little more targeted like women 25 plus you know it’s gonna be a little more
expensive for the actual impressions but your ads are gonna convert better so
while you might be paying a little more on the CPM level which is cost per
thousand impressions they’re converting better so it’s actually cheaper at the
end of the day so don’t let that confuse you but I just wanted to mention that so
like for example when we get down to this next part you can pick languages I
usually just do English but this next part like you can target so many
different things for example I’m going to target yoga mat if they have it yoga
mat perfect now if I wanted to narrow this audience down it would be a little
more expensive because now people have to like yoga mats and yoga yoga pants
right so now it’s gonna be a little more expensive because they have to be in
both audiences and you can see my potential reaches 48,000 people because
I’m targeting people who have to like yoga mats and they have to like yoga
pants so you can do that very easily and you can see if I close this off now it’s
160,000 people so I’ll do it and for this example you know you could do this
usually for the start I’ll just target one interest and later
I’ll target two maybe three interests if you know it looks like it’s converting
better so for this example I’m just gonna do yoga mat and this is what I
like to do with yoga mat remember I’m doing women 25-plus right in the US so
I’m gonna call this US women 25 plus and your naming scheme is so so important
because later I’m gonna show you exactly how I build out this campaign and it’s
very important to have a really good naming scheme because you’ll be able to
see okay well what’s working and what’s not working so US women 25 plus yoga mat
i G feet so I know everything up here you know I’m talking in the u.s. women
25-plus that like yoga mats and on the Instagram feed and then make sure to
uncheck the expand interests you know this usually doesn’t work for me you can
test it of course this is you know it says let Facebook automatically expand
the interest so pretty much hey Facebook you know I’m targeting yoga mats but if
you think there’s something else I should be targeting and target it for me
and you can do that but I don’t like it and then one thing I like to do here is
to find other interests based off of this interest by selecting suggestions
and you can see yoga mat yoga pants meditation yoga instructor leggings yoga
journal so all of these I would write down I use a piece of software to do all
of this but I’ll show you that at the end but for now you know if you’re just
getting started I would write all of these down and then we can target them
later connections don’t really worry about this yeah I don’t really ever mess
with that like I said you don’t want to use automatic placements especially if
you’re just trying to target Instagram in this example I’m targeting only
Instagram newsfeed remember so this is kind of the first thing I do I come down
here just to make sure my targeting is correct and then this is one cool thing
you can do is you can say hey only when connected to Wi-Fi and when I the times
I use win only when connected the Wi-Fi is when I am promoting something that
has a long video right so like hey maybe my ad is a couple minutes long and it’s
nice video and it actually leads to a webinar or something and that’s even a
longer video well I’m gonna respect people’s data because I know that
they’re thinking about it not everybody right but you know these days there’s
not unlimited plans for everybody when it comes to data so you know if people
are conscious about it so if I’m promoting a long video I want them to
convert so I’m gonna say only when connected to Wi-Fi because otherwise
they’re gonna be like this is dope but you know I’m have to
watch it later because I’m you know gonna use all my data right so I you
know I think people are conscious of that and I take this box if it’s a long
video this example is not a long video and another thing here with only when
connected to Wi-Fi is you you kind of know that they’re sitting not
necessarily but like you know we all have Wi-Fi at the house right at our
home or maybe the office you know that’s where we connect to Wi-Fi automatically
so if you say only when connected to Wi-Fi and this is a testing variable for
you right you should test this and it’s just another little thing for your list
that you can test to see if it works for you for your offer but when I’m
connected to Wi-Fi I’m usually sitting down in a pretty comfortable place that
I can like make decisions like for example inside of my office or I’m at
home you know on the couch whatever it might be those are the places I’m
connected to Wi-Fi but if I’m walking around the city like going meeting the
meeting or going to lunch or whatever I’m connected to my data plan right so
think about that when you decide whether if you want to pick this or not because
if if your offers gonna take a minute and people you don’t really want to
target people on the go and definitely click only when connected with Wi-Fi
daily budget it depends on how much you want to spend but this is per ad set so
I usually do five dollar ad sets you know you can start it at I would say max
ten I don’t care if your budgets a million dollars per month you know we
run big campaigns like that we still start very very small because my
hypothesis is if I go like this and make it a hundred dollar budget well you know
Facebook’s like okay you can spend it quite a quite a bit of money right so
their eyes light up and they’ll spend that for you or even worse I put a
thousand dollar budget they’re gonna spend that money your conversions are
gonna be much higher because you’re demanding more of the auction and that’s
how Facebook works it’s just an auction for example if you and I both said an ad
the exact ad right now for yoga mat pretty much the computer
would bid against each other to see who who’s ad to show at the bottom here you
can choose a bid but I usually don’t do that optimize for ad delivery it should
be conversions if you you know we picked that earlier and then conversion window
this is like you know for the this yoga mat that I’m gonna sell the conversion
window I would say would be one day and what that means is after they click I
want them to convert into an Add to Cart within one day that’s reasonable right
some businesses it’s like seven days I do one day you can again this is another
testing variable that you know add to your test list because the more things
like this that you can write down and test later the better results you’re
gonna see because it’s always just a tad bit different for everybody but I’m
giving you my best like tips here to show you exactly how I run it how we run
it and you know how we crush it so down here I usually do lowest lowest cost
strategy but you can do other things as well you could do lowest cost with a bid
so five dollar add to carts now there’s a couple of different bidding strategies
I could tell you number one is make really low bids twenty cents and I call
this like the bottom feeder pretty much what you would have to do in this case
you’d have to make your daily budget bigger but you make your bid really
small and then essentially Facebook’s gonna give you the the bottom of the
barrel last-second impressions but they’ll be really inexpensive then you
can use the bully method as well which is pretty much bid you know something
you know almost irresponsible like if you want an add to cart for $5.00 I
would bid $25 and what this is gonna do it’s gonna say hey Facebook you know I’m
willing to spend on Add to Cart you know get me the best of the best give me the
cream of the crop and it’s not actually gonna spend $25 per add to cart but it’s
gonna put you at the head of the auction remember if
bidding on the same audience as you’re bidding on if my bid is $5 and your bid
is $25 you’re gonna get that that impression over me and the cool thing is
is you know if I bid 20 cents and you or I’ve been five dollars and you bid 25
the way Facebook works is it’s not gonna charge you that 25 it’s just gonna
charge you one penny over the highest bid so if I was the second highest bid
at five dollars then it would charge you 501 that being said this is pretty
advanced so if you’re just getting started use bid strategy lowest cost
with no set no uh no bid cap and then you can also do target cost which is
another way of bidding but again if you’re just getting started use the
lowest cost it’s the best way to do it and then all of this is good down here
and then let’s say continue so for Instagram you can set up an ad just like
it’s shown here it says create ad I usually use existing page post so if I
were to go to a page here I would just go ahead and implement the enter post ID
and how do you get your post ID you simply go over here to page posts where
is that page post and you create a page post now this might be a little advanced
but it’s really simple to do go to page post create a post and what’s good about
this is once you create a post you can reuse that same post as your ad in all
of your other ads meaning hey you run an ad on Instagram it gets a
bunch of likes well you want to use that same social proof ad right so you just
bring it over in this example I’m just gonna use create ad I’ll use this page
you know if you have an Instagram account definitely use it but if you
don’t just you selected page carousel in my opinion
is the best converting especially for Instagram I’m not gonna do it right now
because it’s gonna make me you know put three four images up and I don’t want to
make this like bajillion hours long so I’m gonna do single video and what you
want to do is you want to upload a video here and you write your text here this
will be kind of where you put your offer like you know these are 50% off today
only and then you put your website URL and then I would probably put SHOP NOW just like that and this is optional this
is pretty much like your did your actual link might be ugly and you can make it
less ugly with the display link and then everything else is kind of already set
up as long as your pixels set up and all that good stuff so that’s how you kind
of do the first part of Instagram I need to go make a video so I’m gonna go ahead
and just import this product really quick if you’re doing Shopify this is
pretty amazing because now we can import products like crazy and you know I use
over low but what I really wanted to show you is how to launch the Facebook
ads I’m just gonna do this really quickly so I can show you how to and I
mean Instagram ads when I say Facebook I am it’s funny because since Facebook
owns Instagram you know it’s all under Facebook ads but you say Facebook ads is
people are like what are you talking about I want to talk I want to run ads
on Instagram so awesome yoga mat I’m just gonna do those really quickly
variance I’m gonna put it at $39 and 79 let’s click import to store and then the
reason I’m doing this right now is just to make the video I use ad show which is
an app that you can use on Shopify and I’m actually gonna use it in
a second to to scale these up because I want to not only show you exactly how to
set up here your ads but I want to show you how to launch them to a ton of
different interests as well and really like start to scale them up okay let’s
put this as the first video and hopefully I can download this from ad
show you always want to use image with a person in it click make video ad just
make this video really quick you can use other software as well for making videos
however you want to go ahead and make the video do it I use that show because
it’s the quickest it’s the easiest makes really simple slideshow videos
nothing super like pretty or anything but that’s not you know point the point
of it you want to be able to test ads or products really really rapidly to figure
out which offer resonates and then later once you’ve proven that hey this ad
actually works then you can go in and make like super high polished video or
or whatever you want to do but it’s funny at the end of the day like I work
with big brands and like they’ll send me creatives that are very high polished
you can tell they spend like twenty five thousand dollars on the video or
something crazy like that you know how they spend money and then my ads will
outdo them because they’re like a little ghetto ads let’s see if I can save this
doesn’t look like it I can drag it off alright I got a better idea then nope you can’t do that need a way to
take this off of this one I’ve done this before well what I’ll do is I’ll just
make I’ll just go ahead and create this launch really quick so I’m actually just
gonna launch this product with add chill you can pick your targeting there and
I’m just gonna say test here and then put $1 so you can watch this in another
video but essentially you can test products with agile in like 2 seconds 2
seconds instead of you know the 10 minutes but that’s for another video and
this will actually be good that I’m showing you this because I’m gonna be
able to show you the page post now let me just pull this page post up you can
see the ads actually just already uploaded which is pretty dope because
usually it takes like an hour to do what I just showed you it’s funny but like I
said that’s for another video I want to show you the rest of this Instagram
process here okay so that should be uploaded I’m on my other screen here
because I don’t want to mess up this campaign okay perfect so this is
actually a page post what I was talking about earlier and I like to run page
post you can click create page post upload your video right here so use that
video I just uploaded and then you can select this post ID forever and just
plop it in you would just plop it in up here under use existing post and enter
post ID and click Submit and you can see boom there’s my ad that’s my video and I
just have tests right here but at the end of the day you’re gonna want to have
something much more than test right you’re gonna want to have like hey 50%
off or hey grab yours today or don’t you love this yoga mat it’s 50% off today or
hey it’s free shipping today you want to write some copy and every single single
type of copy you can think of is just some more ammunition for you to test
right because now you have a different piece of coffee and I’m gonna show you
in a second how to test different audiences and song and song so that
right there can be my ad but I think I might be able to download this video
save as no I can’t I can download it from here though so that’s good I got to
show you a little bit of how to make a page post which you know is very very
effective and I like to use that so you can just put the page post ID in here
but now I can actually show you how to use create ad as well
this is kind of the lazier way I would say and it’s not as effective seems like this video is not even
loading though okay we’ll just ride with the page post
that because this is the best way to do it anyways in your side your page post
though one thing to remember is to you know make the actual copy something good so right here you would say hey you know
don’t you love this yoga mat grab yours for 50% off today only and then you put
the link right here so I’ll just go grab my link really quickly from my Shopify
store and this can be for any product isn’t I’m just showing it Shopify
because the easiest and then you would select the video here I don’t have the
video because I uploaded with add chill but you know you click create post and
then you’d get this ID right here just to show you one more time and then you
put it in right here enter post ID so boom that’s how you set
up Instagram ads but now this is very very important I want to show you the
next part which essentially allows you to you hit confirm down there and it
should upload the ads but I want to show you how to take this to the next level it requires a creative with an external
link so I actually have to go ahead and make this again let me say don’t you
love this yoga mat it’s 50% off today only grab yours let me put that link in
one more time what’s cool about agile you can just do
this so easily so we click Launch ad and then over here I should be happy be able
to get my page post again and and don’t worry like I’m using an ad show but you
can click this create post here and make your page posts I just like to use this
software editor and the reason being is because it saves all my data
and I can look back to see what wins reverse what loses okay so I made the
pate a new page post actually has a link in it because I got this error saying
hey I need to have an external link in the page post which is fine said to
remake it and now hit confirm and there we go so cold yoga mat perfect right one
ad set though and it’s targeting yoga mats now this is where you absolutely
crush it and so many people do not do this part so you want to make a ton of
AD sets targeting different interests because in this ad set I’m targeting US
women 25 plus yoga mat Instagram feed but now I want to target you know let’s
do three new ad sets and like I’ll do 10 or 20 but I’ll show you how to do that
easier in a second I’m gonna deselect all of them except one because I’m gonna
change this one first and yoga mat I want to see suggestions based off at
yoga mat how about yoga instructor delete yoga mat and this is literally
the only thing I’m changing is the interest you can see this is only 8,000
people a little small definitely I like to be 50,000 or more but we’ll try it so
now this ad sets targeting us women 25 plus yoga instructor because I changed
out the name of yoga mat and it says IG feet perfect so now the difference
between these two ads are this one’s going to women 25 plus who like yoga mat
this is women 25 plus who like yoga instructor and let’s do another one you
really are doing this so you can figure out which interest really does well for
you how about meditation let’s delete yoga mat and then let’s pick meditation
let’s delete all of this junk at the end let’s put in meditation boom so now this
adds that you know and if this is gain a little expensive for you bring these
budgets down to two bucks or one buck three bucks whatever you just want to
see which interest does best for you and then the next one I want to do one more
and realistically I’ll do like 10 or 20 but you know it’s not a very efficient
way as I’m showing you right now so I want to show you a kind of a hack that
most people don’t know how about Yoga Journal okay
Yoga Journal boom let’s put it in here and now I’ve got four ad sets one going
to yoga journal one going towards meditation one going towards intra yoga
instructor one going towards yoga mat so now I’ll be able to really be able to
see which one does well now one thing I forgot to mention was the naming scheme
of the ad so you can see there’s campaign level ad set level an ad level
I’m gonna call this ad yoga mat perfect now you can see they all have the same
ad but different targeting so we can really hone in and see which interest
does well so you can see my ad here it’s just flying through the yoga mats and if
they click it you know it’s only on Instagram right now but what’s cool is I
can switch it on over to Facebook and some other I’m targeting it as well but
I’ll talk about that later then you just click review and publish and boom it’s
up there now I want to show you one thing that will really save a lot of
time you saw how that took like like five minutes to make those four ad sets
if I go to add chill here add chill allows you to launch different audiences
and seconds and it does a lot of other cool stuff that helps you scale you know
almost 100 million dollars was spent last year through ad show so it works
really really well let’s go ahead and go to audiences here and I can type in yoga
mat and add it to my interest list down here and I think it’s actually already
added which is neat let’s go find I have a yoga folder which is cool I can open
this yoga folder up and you can see like let’s select karma yoga and you remember
trying to find all the yoga stuff well I can just find them here because add
chill like finds all the interests for me how a Mandela yoga Raja
Chaac Shakti Shakti karma chakra hot the perfect
let’s add these to the yoga folder and I’m going to show you something that’s
gonna blow your mind so you remember how I just you know made for ad sets here
right Yoga Journal meditation yoga instructor yoga mat well now I have this
yoga folder of all these interests and you can see the audience sizes let’s go
over the dashboard and let’s find that cold yoga mat campaign right here let’s
click show all active ads ads and then all I have to do is select one of them
and I can say add Jo take this ad set like I did here and duplicate it but put
in new interests so take this ad set duplicate it and select those new
interests I just made in the yoga folder and now instead of doing it one by one I
have like what how many here twelve or someone 14 concedes gonna create 14 ad
sets I could say hey I’d show launched seven now and then the other seven in 24
hours let’s do just three dollar ad sets because it’s a lot and I click schedule
now and boom now instead of like trying to do all of that manually add chill
just does it for me and watch this if i refresh there’s gonna be a couple more
ad sets in here boom boom two more right and it’s it saves me so much time
because you know every time i refresh there’s gonna be more and they’re
scheduled 7 for today and then 7 in 24 hours so I chose gonna take a couple
minutes to actually make them but what’s neat is I can schedule this out in like
quick story here’s the reason we built ad Joe was simply because I was going to
Thailand with my girlfriend for 14 days or something and almost had a panic
attack like what am I supposed to do I need to launch my ads a free day so I
manually like scheduled them for like 14 days and they crushed it the whole trip
all I had to do was turn them off but it took like 48 hours of straight work you
know of course I slept a little bit but like to launch all these ads one by one
one targeting all these different interests so we built ad show and
there’s a ton of other stuff that does look like audiences custom audiences and
so on you can see 14 ad sets successfully uploaded and if I hit
refresh here it just did all that for me which is amazing because now I have all
of these ad sets I showed you how to set up for manually and it took like 5-10
minutes and then I just showed you how to set 14 in like 10 seconds so you can
see this is yoga journal Mandela Planet Fitness hatha yoga Karma and so on and
so on so that is a kind of a full overview of exactly how you set up
Instagram ads and if you have any more questions please do let me know all of
your questions below cuz like I said I spend millions of dollars each year on
Instagram I set up a set my ABS up uniquely compared to everybody else but
I also get extremely great conversions and I see clients come to me all the
time with you know their CPAs that are too high and I instantly bring them down
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