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How to Market Your Local Business with Facebook Ads

How to Market Your Local Business with Facebook Ads

hey folks business and marketing
consultants cinnamon McCann here and in this tutorial we are going to discuss
how to market your business using Facebook so there’s a couple mistakes
that some business owners make want to make sure you’re not making those
mistakes but I want to specifically show you how to do it with Facebook because
Facebook is really the only digital platform that we have right now that
gives you so much customer information remember when you signed up for Facebook
you told them your name where you live who your friends were how many kids you
have what school you went to you gave them all of your personal information
and you know what they did they took other companies including credit
companies and purchasing companies and a variety of other companies meshed with
Facebook and now they can they have your personal information along with all this
awesome data that’s great for marketing now maybe a little creepy as a consumer
but if you have a business you can use this information to get right in front
of your target audience so here’s how to do it show you an example with the very
new campaign I’m launching for a client and new meaning this campaign isn’t even
a week old so as you can see right here the daily cost of the daily budget is
five dollars a day the reason for this okay is if you were to put ten twenty
dollars Facebook would blow through your budget so you’re gonna start off with
five dollars day you are going to increase this in the future but right
now you have it at five dollars a day so that it gives Facebook the opportunity
to have that ad in front of your target audience and the more they interact with
the ad the cheaper your cost per clicks are going to be so this number right
here when I first started this campaign less than a week ago that was two
dollars and forty seven cents per click and the reason for that is no one had
really interacted with the ad right now you see there were about fifty five
clicks from less than a week at a $5 a day budget okay so now that there are 55
clicks Facebook has the opportunity to get more of an idea based on their
algorithms as who typically types interacts with these types of ads and
how to put those in front of those individuals I like to wait until I get
at least more than 25 clicks a hundred is a better number for me personally and
depending on what type of client I’m working with
but at least higher than 25 and at their like 25 clicks or so you want to check
and see with your cost-per-click is if your cost-per-click
is not decreasing it can be for a variety of reasons one of the reason is
the ad that you’re putting out in front of your audience is not something that
they like they continue to see it but they’re not interacting with it and
Facebook wants to kind of make the Facebook a place where people come and
they do social engagement and they don’t want to feel like this is a place where
people are inundated with ads so if your ad does not represent something like
that most likely people aren’t interacting with it and therefore it’s
going to be more expensive to create a ad in which your cost per click are
going to be decreased substantially so your ad set is important the target
audience is important but also the ad you put out is important so let’s jump
over to ad set once you get your data and your cost per click down now you can
increase your budget so that you can reach more people at a cheaper rate
determining our audience is one of the most important things when marketing
your local business so I’m going to show you an example if I have a local
business particularly if it’s a physical business that say I’m an attorney if I’m
an accountant if I am a dentist you want to make sure that you’re focusing on
people who either work at this location or they live there so right now I’m
going to show you live there so everyone in this location we’re just doing an
example of Washington DC that’s 1.2 million people if you try to do five
dollars a day – 1.2 million people your conversion is going to be really really
hard because it’s such a large large amount of people so let’s decrease this
right now in this particular ad set – people who live in this location now
we’re down to 1 million still live so what you want to do is make sure that
you get this number down substantially preferably within the forty thousand to
ten thousand range so DC has a bunch of smaller neighborhoods in Washington DC
and Facebook isn’t acknowledging it so that happens – you head on over to
Google type the small location or city or community within
Google Brooklyn Washington DC zip codes zip code and Google will tell you what
the zip code is so it’s 217 so I can go here and I can put in the address now if
you know or they acknowledge the location then of course you can just
type it in here so that’s 10,000 people so if I had a law firm or anything and I
really wanted to really go after the people who lived or who worked in that
area you can put the zip code down so if you already know the zip hold you can do
that I’ve already copied a couple zip codes I know I like to mark it too and
you can proceed and putting your zip codes in as such and as you can see this
number increases so now that we’ve narrowed down the population now you can
go even deeper down with the targeting and you can really have fun with this
but I do want you to stage strategic so depending on what industry you’re in you
might want to think about who your customer is and what are some of the
things that they may have so that you can target them accordingly so for
example maybe you want to target homeowners who live in condos versus
single-family homes you can do that if you want to target people who are
parents who are mothers you can do that if you want to target people who work
for a specific employer or they have a certain job titles you can do that as
well there are a bunch of ways you can really target your audience and think
about as your business who your customer who your ideal customer is and what are
the traits and the characteristics and the demographics of those individuals
and you can literally use a Facebook to find those people who live in your local
city or town so you can really get creative in this detailed targeting area
and really hone down to your ideal customer you can do automatic placement
which I do not recommend you can do news feeds and I don’t like to use right
column all that much but definitely news feeds I usually take out all the other
audience and here I like to do if I’m trying to
get clicks to a website I like to change impressions and move this down to link
clicks so that’s a very basic way of doing Facebook ads for your local
business and you typically if you have a smaller business you don’t have to get
as technical as a or as detailed so I hope that was helpful
if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comments
below and I’ll see you on the next tutorial hey don’t forget to subscribe
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found it helpful okay I’ll see you in the next tutorial

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