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How To Manual Bid On Facebook Ads

How To Manual Bid On Facebook Ads

What’s up everybody? So, today I’m going to be
talking about manual bidding on Facebook ads. Going to give you a full tutorial,
everything I know about manual bidding and how to
make it extremely successful. If you are new here,
make sure to subscribe. If you’re coming back,
hit that save button or save post and hit
that like button. And let’s dive right into it,
alright. So, manual bidding, what is it? Ok first and foremost,
what is it? Manual bidding, usually, when
you set up a Facebook ad, it’s automatically set to
auto-bidding. And that’s saying,
“Hey Facebook, just bid for me, “get me the most traffic at the
least cost conversion.” So, that’s great. If you can find ads that win
with auto-bidding, you’re just saving a lot
of your time. It’s just a lot easier. I do like auto-bidding because
I don’t have to do anything. I set up my ads, like you’ll
see here later with Adchill. By the way, there is
a free trial, for now, that you can grab below. You set up your ads, and then,
you’re off to the races. You find winners or
you find losers. Manual bidding is great because
if you find a winner or something close to a winner,
you can really power this in and lock it in so you turn that
close to winner or winner into a huge winner. Now, let me give you an example. If you have product that’s selling
for $50 and it’s costing you $20 to get each purchaser,
if you start manual bidding, you can, sometimes, get that
purchaser for $12 or $13, so you can see how big of
a difference it does make. Now, it is a bit more time
consuming but do this when you have a product that is
winning or is close to winning. Now, there’s two types
of manual bidding, let’s talk about
the first type, first. What you want to do is,
you want to go into Facebook ads, go down to the bidding section,
click manual bid and put max bid in there,
not average bid. Then, you want to start with
a higher budget, maybe 25, 50, $100, and don’t worry,
you’re not going to spend it all. And you want to start the bid,
so the budget, it’s higher, $50, $100, and you want to start
the bid at something low. Maybe 50 cents. And it depends on your conversion
if you’re going to do it for, add to carts, it’s going to be
lower than if you’re going to do it for purchases. So, you can choose and test,
optimize for add to carts on one ad set and optimize for
purchase on another one. So, you can really test and see
which one does better for you. Of course, purchases, the bid
has to be higher in order to get traffic. Now, the whole game is,
for example, if I am bidding $1
for add to carts, and my budget is $100 and I set
the bid and we’re good to go, it’s live, and I come back in
an hour and I see zero traffic, what I’m going to do is I’m going
to bump that bid up by 50 cents or a dollar. And I’m going to continue to
raise that bid until I start getting traffic. That’s, profitable traffic. Now, if for some reason you
bump it up a dollar and you just get a flood
of traffic, then you want to bump it back
down 50 cents. So, you do this every 30 minutes,
one hour, you bump it up, bump it up, bump it down,
bump it down. And you really just lock in
your bid that way. You’re manual bidding. It’s taking a lot more time, but
you can be a lot more profitable. So the keys here are to start
with a higher budget, make your bid small at the start, and then increase it by 50 cents
to a dollar every hour or so until you’re getting traffic. Now, one huge key for you
to remember is never raise your bid after one or 2pm,
your account time. And the reason is, if you go
ahead and have a $100 budget and then you raise your bid
after two, 3pm, Facebook’s going to be like,
“Oh, okay, cool, “you want to spend your whole
budget today.” And it might just blow
through your budget. So, make sure to do this
in the morning time. So if you every start a new
campaign or ad set with a manual bid, make sure
it’s before 1pm your account time. So, if you don’t know your
account time, it’s probably where you are right now or
wherever you set up your Facebook ad account. Now, there are two strategies
to manual bidding, there’s the bottom feeder
and the bully method. So, bottom feeder method is
bidding really, really low, say 50 cents and creeping it up
to 75, a dollar, until you get traffic. Just as low as you can go
until you’re getting traffic. But then the bully method is bidding super, super high. So, if the recommended bid is
$3 per add to cart, bid $20 per add to cart. Now, the thought behind this is
the scraper, the low, minimum bid method, you’re going
to scrape the cheapest traffic. Send me anything that’s really,
really inexpensive, but then, the bully method, you’re going to
be getting the most premium traffic. Facebook’s like, “Oh, god, these
guys want everything, “let’s send them buyers, buyers,
buyers.” Test them both, be careful
with them both or actually, be careful with
the bully method. If you have a high converting,
high cost product, it has absolutely crushed it
for us. Now, these are just more tools
for your arsenal. As you know, you need to test
everything, test auto-bid, test manual bid, test the low bid,
test the high bid, test all these things and you’re
just building a toolset that’s going to help you absolutely
crush it with Facebook ads. Make sure to check out my other
videos, all that good stuff. Now, if you don’t already have
Adchill, you’re going to want to get it because it helps you
automate and scale your ads. If you’re doing eight hours a day,
for example, we were doing eight hours a day and now we
can do our ads in five minutes. So, let me go ahead and show you
how we’re going to save some time launching this whole product
right here, this little tea defuser here. Little cute little elephant thing. And, usually, we take an hour to
make the video, make the post, do all the interest targeting,
all that good stuff. I’m going to show you how to do
that in three minutes here. So, let’s just dive right
into that. Make sure to subscribe, if you’re
not, throw the thumbs up for me. And grab Adchill before
you see it. Alright, let’s go ahead
and do this. Alright, so what we’re going to do,
we have to make the video first. Right? Now, the video usually takes
a long time. You have to make a video or you
have to pay somebody to make a video,
which is quite annoying. Right? Cost a lot of money. Cost a lot of time
and so on. So, I’m just going to take
some screenshots and turn this into a video with Adchill. Now, you can see how this is so,
so important for testing products or testing different ads. You can say, free tea diffuser. I should probably spell it right. Just one second. I’m going to call it tea,
put a white background and that looks pretty good,
let’s put a white thumbnail and click make video,
boom, video is done. Now, we’ve got to grab our page
post, or our store link. So, what I’m going to do here,
over here on my other screen, just give me one second,
need to find the… Okay, you probably want to
put it in a short link, so I’m doing that here
on the other screen. Click copy and we’re going to
make, here’s my link. There’s my link, so we can
go ahead and make the page post. Isn’t this the cutest tea diffuser you’ve ever seen? Oops. It’s free today. Just cover shipping. Grab yours. And put in the link. And who else needs this? Try to get them to tag somebody
else. See if they have a tea,
oh, yes they do, perfect. Diffuser, spell that right. Now, since the video was just
made inside of Adchill, it’s pretty cool because the page post can be made there
too, so we don’t have to go back and forth. Let’s click ad post, the video’s
already selected. You could upload a different
video, if you had one. And then, boom, just like that,
isn’t this the cutest tea diffuser you’ve ever seen; it’s free today,
just cover shipping, grab yours. So, boom, just like that,
I’m pretty much done. Now, the only thing I need to do
is go find a couple interests to target. I’m going to save this. I’m going to add it to my
new folder. And let’s go to audiences and see
what interests we can find. So, let’s just type in tea, it’s
probably the easiest one, right. And from there, it’s going to
scrape Facebook to find the best interests for you
to target. So, yerba mate, pretty good. Coffee houses, probably good. Tea classics, good. That sounds good. And canned tea; I’d could even
go deeper if I wanted to but all of the best interests are
going to be found there in seconds so I just added that to a tea folder
and now we’re pretty much done. I’m just going to pick a campaign
that is already pointing at my store and I know has the pixel
implemented. I’m going to show all there and
then pick one ad set. You’re going to duplicate that ad
set into a new campaign called Adchill tea April. And then, I’m going to pick that
page post I put under this new campaign and then I’m going
to pick those interests that are under the tea. Pick a few interests and it’s
going to take this ad set, duplicate it to this new page
post that we just created that’s going to my tea store and put it in this campaign, five
ad sets with these five interests $3 a piece and just like that,
I tested a product. So, all the ads are up, the video,
the page post, they’re all done, interest targeting and that used
to take us an hour, hour and a half. So, you know the more products
that you test with drop shipping, ecommerce, all that good stuff,
the more winners you find, right. So, what used to take an hour,
hour and a half, takes six hours to test six
products, now it takes us one hour to test sex or seven
products which is pretty amazing. Adchill, there’s a free trial
below, it will not be there long. So, make sure to go ahead and
click that to get that now. If you love Facebook ads, you love
making money with Facebook ads and growing your store or your
service, make sure to subscribe. Other than that, guys, I hope you
have a wonderful day. Throw a thumbs up on this video
and I’ll catch you in the next video. I’m just going to schedule these
ads now and Adchill does the rest. So, it’s pretty awesome. Talk to you soon, hope you
have a wonderful day. Bye.

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