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How to make your facebook ads go VIRAL (exact strategy)

How to make your facebook ads go VIRAL (exact strategy)

what’s going on in this video right here
I’m gonna show you exactly how to get your Facebook Ads to go viral so if
you’re new here make sure to subscribe if you’re coming back hit that thumbs up
button and let’s get right into it so by making your Facebook Ads go viral you’re
gonna absolutely crush Facebook all your competitors if if you know you’re going
you haven’t added this viral while your competitor has the same add this not
viral who’s gonna win who’s gonna get cheaper conversions you are so if you
need a lower CPA if you’re tired of everybody else’s ads going viral and
yours not well this is the video for you or if you’re just using Facebook ads and
you haven’t cracked the code yet well rest assured because I’m gonna show you
exactly how to do this right here so the opportunity here is that if like I said
if your ads they go viral wow your competitors or someone else’s ads don’t
well you’re gonna get cheaper conversions right and we all want
cheaper conversions we want more sales we want more clients we want more calls
we want more downloads whatever it might be if you’re running Facebook Ads if you
can get twice as many conversions for the same price well what’s gonna happen
you’re gonna win so it’s really awesome and you know before this you know I was
running multiple businesses I still am running multiple businesses working with
a ton of clients but I was that guy that was trying to find all the growth hacks
that might work for a week two weeks a month but they slowly start to dwindle
out and my businesses would go like this right I had app businesses econ
businesses b2b businesses but once I started to focus in on Facebook ads
because I realized everybody has a cell phone right facebook is connected to
everybody’s cell phone if not they have Instagram right once I started to focus
in there all of my businesses started to skyrocket
24/7 I would get leads and not only my businesses but every single clients
business that I touched would absolutely skyrocket because I figured out not only
how to run Facebook ads but how to run them extremely profitably and how to get
a ton of free leads off of viral facebook ads as well so how do you make
your Facebook ads viral that is the question so the number one thing you
need to do is to listen to your customer a lot of clients that come to me they
say you know we’ve set up some Facebook Ads I look at their ads and I see
there’s one type of copy that’s saying hey buy this buy this buy this well what
if you went and you went in and looked at your customer right you looked at
this page looked at how they talked looked at the group’s they were in
looked at the likes they have and look at how they conversation with their
friends looked at you know what questions they had inside of those
groups listened to them and asked questions for example in your first
email to them hey you know what are you struggling with you get a bunch of
emails back and they tell you exactly what they’re struggling with or you have
a free group right you ask them a question and you say hey what’s the
number-one problem you’re trying to solve well they tell you that number one
problem you screenshot it and then every couple months you go through all those
screenshots and you have all of these answers of exactly what your ideal
customer is struggling with in their words and then you can take those those
exact words and create ads pretty much from their words do you see how that’s
going to make your ads go viral because now not only are you using advertising
where you’re gonna get you know in front of people’s faces 24/7 but now you’re
actually using their words and exactly how they speak and speaking directly to
their problem what’s gonna happen your ads are gonna convert so much better
than if you’re like hey go buy my product or hey go sign up for a call or
hey download my app right people don’t like being sold – they like being taught
right they like being told like this is how you do this and that so do that and
you will get viral at not only that though there’s more so the second thing
I love to do is I like to ask questions inside of my ads number one it’s really
really hard to scroll through Facebook or Instagram and see a question and not
answer it at least in your mind now are they going to
around the post hmm maybe some well not everybody but at least in their mind
they will answer it in their mind you will build this brand recognition and
what’s gonna happen is some people are gonna answer that question on the post
on the ad do you see where I’m leaning with this right so they post on your ad
now every single person in their friend circle sees their app so if you’re
targeting a 45 year old mother right and you ask them a question and they answer
that question on their post well all their mom friends are gonna see that
that ad and them posting on that ad so it’s going to give them credibility so
boom you just opened up to a full new network of mom friends that see one mom
friend posted on this ad and they’re like what is this product boom you
actually don’t pay for those impressions either so with Facebook ads you only pay
for the person you’re targeting but if you get them to post on your ad then you
get all of that other exposure for free so you see how that makes your ad kind
of go viral and not only that there is more so once they do post on your ad and
you know they ask you a question or they make a comment whatever you have to
reply hit the thumb the thumbs up or the love button to give them a nice reaction
but then also reply you know say something nice give them a compliment
and then ask them a question what is this gonna do it’s gonna make them
respond now are they all going to respond of course not but some are gonna
respond to respond and what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna start this
conversation and if you start a conversation within your ad then just
gonna go hyper hyper viral right because now instead of just one comment from
this lady who posted on your ad you’re gonna get multiple comments from her and
now everybody in her group is gonna see it now other people are gonna start
liking it people are gonna start sharing it and so on and so on
now when I say viral I’m not talking like you know super ten billion likes
viral I’m talking about you spending a hundred dollars on ad
and getting $1,000 worth of spend out of it instead of spending $1,000 in ads and
not getting any conversions right so these are three quick ways that you can
just instantly make your Facebook Ads semi viral that will help you grow your
business like no other and just keep the conversation going inside of your ads
and you absolutely crush it so it’s when people come to me saying hey we need you
to run our Facebook ads or this or that it’s commonly kind of a myth here that
they think that you have to pay what facebook you have to pay what you have
to pay for Facebook Ads right if there’s kind of a set predetermined price but
there’s actually not you know if I’m a better marketer than you and and I run
the same offer as you and I’ve run it in a way that speaks to the end user better
I’m gonna get conversions for a tenth of the price so if if you were thinking
before like you have to pay will you to pay for Facebook guys and their set
price there is absolutely no set price it isn’t an auction and it is heavily
determined on your engagement rate and your click-through rate on your ads so
if you run better ads by watching these videos then you will crush it so
essentially three things to do is listen to your client you know listen to your
customer look at their profile see how they speak and speak back to them in the
same way ask them questions in your ad and then follow up and start a
conversation inside of your app on that post and you will absolutely crush it so
if you want to keep crushing it or take it to the next level and work with
myself and my team and use the exact software that we use which is ad show to
absolutely crush Facebook ads and spend tens of millions of dollars profitably
on Facebook ads every single year there is a link below click that link and do
yourself a favor and at least check out the free demo and when it’s a good fit
for you come to us and we will crush it other than that make sure to subscribe
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John from add chill and I it’s a pleasure to make these videos for you
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I’ll catch you in the next one all right have a great day bye hey thanks a lot
for watching that video I hope you got some golden nuggets out of it I know
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