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How to Make Your Facebook Ads Convert (2019)

How to Make Your Facebook Ads Convert (2019)

what’s going on in this video I’m gonna
show you exactly how to make Facebook ads that convert like crazy so go ahead
and like subscribe and make sure to stick around till the end where I give
you something really cool that’s gonna help you crush it with Facebook Ads so
if you’re tired of your Facebook ads that just are not converting you see
everybody else killing it with Facebook ads but yours aren’t doing what they
should be doing this video is going to help you or if you feel like you have an
amazing product app or service that you want to get into the hands of people and
it’s just you’re just having a hard time getting the people to get to your
product service in a reasonable manner without spending too much money and make
sure that they’re profitable people then watch this video so it’s a really big
opportunity because once you do get converting Facebook Ads once you start
to use the strategies I’m about to teach you and you’re as convert day after day
hour after hour whether you’re sleeping eating out with family whatever your
business is gonna go like this because before your business was relying on
email and you know SEO and stuff that’s slow and boring but Facebook Ads are
fast and make fortunes I tried to do something there but it didn’t really
work so anyways when I first started with Facebook guys you know I was in the
position where I was trying to be that growth hacker testing all these
different things they would grow my business really fast
but then not work for the next three months so it was kind of this endless
loop and then wasn’t really growing because I go right so once I finally
figured out hey if I could pay a certain amount per conversion and I could get
more money on the back end then my business would grow infinitely I should
do that so how do I do that Facebook Ads I dove in a few years ago
and I obsess over them like eight hours a day just in there cranking out
different ads testing everything and now I have a strategy that works for you
write this down a see oh a CEO audience creative offer
creative offer those are the three things within a Facebook ad that make
them convert so let me go ahead and talk to you about that and figure and show
you exactly how that works so audience that’s the first thing you want to test
ten times as many audiences go ahead and make a custom audience inside of
Facebook ads for every single thing you possibly can so everybody who’s been to
your website everybody who is you know purchased something everybody who’s
booked a call everybody who’s been to your blog everybody who’s been to your
app whatever make a custom audience for every single thing on your website
inside your app wherever your conversions are make a custom audience
for all of them and then make custom audiences for every video you’ve made
five you know ten seconds 25% 50% 75% and so on and so on
and custom audience for people who have engaged with your page people who have
sent you a message and you can see this list goes on and on and on and you’ll
have a list of like 30-plus custom audiences you can make and what is gonna
happen there is you can then start retargeting those custom audiences it’s
the lowest hanging fruit but most people are only doing retargeting if any just
to a couple custom audiences like their Add to Cart or their view contents I
want you to set up a small budget retargeting campaign going to each of
those custom audiences even if it’s a dollar per day even at $1 per day you
will see results because those people are warm they already know about your
product or service and they are interested so make sure to follow them
around the web and then remember a CEO ten ten times everything a CEO all
audiences whatever how many however many audiences you’re testing now do ten
times as many and kill the losers really really quickly and scale the winners so
if you’re thinking hey my conversions are too expensive to test that many ads
like maybe it’s a ten dollar purchase or a $20 purchase or a hundred or whatever
it might be well look at the ads that you have running that show a good
purchase amount and then scroll back to a higher lower level convert
like click right so you see okay this ad says $10 and that is a perfect ad for me
what’s the cost per click on that now take that take note to that cost per
click and then with all of these new ads you’re launching you’ll actually base
them off cost per click so for example if that cost per click of your perfect
ad was $1 then never let an ad run more than $1 if it doesn’t have a click or
two if it has a click or two now you know you can get 50 cent clicks now you
chase that and you just keep competing with yourself and you will crush it like
I said killed losers quick and scale winners use automation tools whenever
possible if you can have a tool that launches all of these look-alike
audiences and all of these different creative tests for you and then just
automatically turns off the ones that go over $1 CPC or whatever your conversion
is then you’re gonna save a ton of time you’re gonna launch way more ads and I
absolutely crush it for every single client I bring on because they’re
usually focused on their business they’re not focused on launching a ton
of ads every single day like will literally launch hundreds of ads kill
the losers really quickly and just let that 20 percent of winners go ahead and
crush it for us so we’re happy our clients are happy and it’s really fun so
test every look-alike possible and then test every video possible
it doesn’t matter if it’s a polished video or like a scrappy video I’ve
mentioned this before but we’ve had clients come to us with huge budgets you
know a million bucks per month and they have these amazing videos and then I’ll
just run like some tests of some scrappy videos that I like threw together and
they’ll be like what is this and almost kind of get mad at me until I show them
the data of how my crappy video actually outperformed their like expensive
polished video sometimes you know they’re big brands and they don’t want
it even with the great conversions but it’s amazing to see like you know we’ll
get a conversion for half the price of their conversions because people see
these polished videos and they’re like oh I don’t I don’t want any ads but then
they see my crappy video and they’re like oh this is probably my buddy
posting this or something and make like on the app so it’s just like that
and that works really well so make as many videos as possible even if you
don’t have a budget to like pay somebody to make videos make them with your phone
make them within shot and so on and so on
automate as much as possible you can use tools like add chill to launch all of
these look-alikes all these videos and then the oh so I went over audience look
like audiences creative always use the video test like 10 15 20 videos and then
your offer you can kind of whether you’re selling one product or molded
products for each product you can construe a different type of offer with
your words you know if I’m selling a water bottle for example one day I could
say you know this water bottle is going to keep you extremely hydrated list out
some features you should click here and buy it
okay the next day I could say and a different type of coffee I could say hey
this water bottle there’s only a hundred left go ahead and grab yours now okay
that’s one that’s a two totally different offers gonna like relate to
two totally different people and then I another one I could say you
know today only it’s fifty percent off and then another one I could say don’t
you feel so much better when you’re hydrated and so on and so on so you can
see there’s an endless amount of offers you can make for the same product
there’s an endless amount of videos you can make for the same product of the
same service and there’s an endless amount of look-alike audiences and
interest audiences you can test now the key is to just make sure you can do it
in a short time so you can do it every day
so use automation tools to do that and that’s really really it the last thing I
want to go over is retargeting you know I talked about it a little bit earlier
really really focused on retargeting because this is how it goes you know I’m
sorry to say it and it took it hurt me too but people don’t care at all about
your product or your service all they care about are their results and usually
they’re scrolling through Facebook or Instagram
they hate ads and they don’t care at all right so those people they don’t know
anything about your product they’re cold cold traffic they don’t know about you
they don’t care about you nothing but retargeting traffic traffic they are
already in your custom audiences they know about your product
so if you set up ads retargeting ads going towards those people they’re so
much more likely to convert because they’re aware of their problem they’re
aware of your product and then now they’re becoming aware oh you have a
solution for me okay so if you set a retargeting that’s the Lowe’s hanging
fruit and that’s where you’ll make quick money quick sales quick clients whatever
you’re doing that that that’s the easiest start to get started so so if
your retargeting set up ton of different offers for retargeting using different
videos I’m testing all of those different custom audiences and then
scale out to look-alikes and in cold traffic a lot of business owners I
talked to you know we have a ton clients that we have to turn down because you
know for whatever reasons but a lot do come to us and they say hey you know I
heard you know so-and-so down the street business owner was doing extremely well
with Facebook ads but I can’t do that because I don’t have the rights out of
business right and I’m just like what do you what do you mean does your customer
have a cell phone are they connected to Facebook or
Instagram and it’s always yes the answer is always yes then you do have the right
type of business it doesn’t matter if you’re selling to other businesses you
know if you’re selling b2b you might want to start my business but who runs
my business a person mean and what do I do
I scroll through Facebook and Instagram so it doesn’t matter if you’re doing b2b
b2c you’re selling clothes you’re selling you know contracts we have
clients that are you know selling contracts for thousands and thousands of
dollars per month and then we have clients who are selling $10 widgets
it doesn’t matter everybody is connected to Facebook or Instagram so in review
guys a CEO is the biggest thing to remember
audience creative an offer as long as you ten times you 10x everything you do
and you’re testing more audiences more creatives and more offers you will keep
dwindling down your CPA your cost per acquisition
no matter what every single day or every single day you’re testing something new
just make just like if you if you do one thing every day test one new thing on
Facebook ads and every week you’ll see 10% better 10% better 10% better then
you’ll get to this point where all of your ads are super profitable and your
business is growing like this and you will have to start turning away leads
like we do we have clients coming to us and we have to say no sometimes we have
to pick and choose who we work with simply because we have too many people
coming in the door because we have our Facebook ads on point now you know test
10 times as many of all a cos and then 80/20 things right so 80% expect them to
be losers kill them off kill them off quick don’t spend too much money look at
the CPC kill them off of quick 20% are gonna be your winners and let those ride
or scale them up let’s see what else use automation tools like add shell I’ll
talk to you about that in a second test every look like possible test different
videos test different offers and you will see better results and then set up
retargeting as soon as possible so if you want to absolutely crush it like we
are and we’re doing with our clients you remember remember audience creative an
offer well add to actually tests all those three things for you so you can do
like eight hours of work in like five minutes
launch a ton of ads if you want to work with us and use our software click the
link below it’s one I understand free to get a free demo of add chill make sure
it’s a good fit for you and then we can move on from there also there’s a should
be a free group as I promised I wanted to give you some value at the end so
check out those two resources hit the like button and subscribe and I’ll check
you out in the next video I hope you have a wonderful day
talk to you soon hey thank you for watching the video if
you enjoyed it maybe got some gold nuggets out of it check out the other
ones subscribe and hit that like button see you soon

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  2. Hey John, a newbie here. Great content, I am so excited to start applying it for real. I have a question though, not sure if it is possible or even ethical, but here it is. Is there anyway to target people who have commented under certain videos? Like, can you cherry pick those people who have expressed interest in a subject, make up a list with their names and target them? Please, excuse me if my question is irrelevant!

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