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How to Make VIRAL Facebook Ads for Dropshipping (8 Figure FB Ads for Shopify Strategy 2019)

How to Make VIRAL Facebook Ads for Dropshipping (8 Figure FB Ads for Shopify Strategy 2019)

(Facebook Ads for Dropshipping) In this video I’m gonna show you how an Eight-figure entrepreneur that I met builds his viral Facebook ads and makes his Facebook guys. Just go absolutely crazy, you know those ads that you see like they’ve been running for four days and they already have two to three million views they Have a ton of engagement a lot of clicks a lot of sales. How is it actually possible? It does come with spending some money, but it’s not Necessary how you craft the ad how you make the ad it all effects into making that ad go viral? we’re gonna go into the exact step-by-step strategy so you can start creating viral facebook at Let’s find out Hey, what is up, its rafael here? And in this video, I’m gonna show you how to create viral Facebook ads to make a ton a ton of money and how to actually create the ad what elements should it have and what makes it go viral and makes it Appeal to such a massive audience and gets shared by millions and millions of people. There’s some ads out there that like 65 million views and you look at them and they’re not that crazy. It’s a good ad, right? It’s a good video. But what actually makes it go that crazy We’re gonna go in the whole strategy right now But before we start make sure to click the first link in the description down below It’s a full Forty two thousand per month skates case study of one of my students went from zero to Forty two thousand a month if you want to check all the free strategies that I taught that student make sure to click that first link in the description if You want to schedule a call with? Me or my team the team econ secrets and find out if you are a good fit to mentor Directly with me check out the second link in the description. Also. I’m very happy to congratulate Bogdan, but you can see here in just 21 days made a hundred Thousand dollars in sales a hundred thousand dollars in less than one month. This is the og Bogdan I’ve been coaching him for over at this point and finally he made $100,000 in less than a month absolutely insane with the right strategies YouTube can get to that point if you want to learn what Bogdan learns on a Weekly basis from me Directly make sure comments secrets comments secrets down below subscribe to the channel hit that notification about for a free Consulting call directly with me now with my team not with anybody else with me for one hour Make sure comments secrets down below subscribe to a channel Congratulations to Bogdan and if you want to become a mentoring student Just like him make sure to hit that second link in the description to schedule a call Alright, so how to actually make your free Scouts go absolutely viral and get a bunch of sales We’re gonna go into how to actually create the ad what? Elements dad needs to have and what kind of things does a viral face can have how to make a viral Facebook ad? How do not make an ad that bombs and you spent 10 10 dollars on it and then you quit and you say drop shipping sucks how to actually make an ad that makes you money and really skills up to a level of making hundreds of thousands of dollars every single month as well as how to build the data because obviously an ad that has a ton of social proof a ton of views millions of views There’s a way to build the data properly and that social proof as well as well as how to scale with data and beat Saturation, how is it possible that these guys are selling a product that everybody else is testing and it doesn’t work It’s super saturated. Everybody knows about the product people are commenting below that it doesn’t work How do these guys actually stay on top of the whole competition and just wipe everybody out as well as using? retargeting with proven cold ads which almost nobody teaches everybody teaches all you got to make a flow of ads you got to make an ad for 3 day retargeting and seven-day retargeting and 15 day retargeting where you can actually just use your cold ads to retarget that warm audience that Cold at hot audience from retargeting to actually crush it This is a strategy that I talked about with an entrepreneur making 114 million dollars per year. They don’t share their face on YouTube They don’t teach it. They actually just do the drop shipping So I’m going to go to the whole strategy and the inspiration behind this video. You can see right here I’m a video about this particular video that went absolutely crazy in three weeks has 2.1 million views and a ton of Engagement down here back when I made that video it had like one week and it already had about 1 million views or four hundred thirty thousand views and it was this little Crap maker this little pancake maker. You can see right here and wants to to actually comment it Hey, what’s the strategy behind making a viral app just like this one? It doesn’t make sense like this ad I can make it at home and and I can crush it But I don’t crush it just like them. How can I actually do it? What’s the strategy? Well, I met with an eight-figure entrepreneur and that’s exactly how we’re gonna do it So let’s go back to the sideshow and let’s see how to actually create the Facebook ad So when they create ads they create very homemade and amateur ads When you go on Facebook you kind of don’t want to be an ad So when you look at other dropshipping ads that are making videos There are super high tech super well produced that they look like an ad They’re screaming that it’s an ad and hey, I would buy something from me buy something Well, you actually don’t want to be that you actually want to be the opposite of that You want to be a very homemade an amateur ad this ad doesn’t look highly produced at all Like it’s just somebody with with the crap maker cooking it poof and they put it poof and they put it and It doesn’t look highly produced at all at all Right. This video looks amateur very simple You don’t want to scream that you’re an ad and you want to sell because people aren’t immune to that Think about when you’re seeing ass about dropshipping seeing ads about Shopify and you see a bunch of gurus and a bunch of people Selling something with a Lamborghini or with a hot girl or in the beach or hey guys I’m here in Paradise and they put a video of a mountain or something. It’s just the same thing over and over again You’ve probably seen those ads a million times and they’re all the same thing They’re all hey look at my lambo look at my car Look at my this and they’re just trying to sell you a course through that or just a program through it But you’re immune to that you see it you’re like oh I don’t want to buy that it’s screaming at it’s the same thing with dropshipping people are used to seeing you need to buy this you need this buy this now this is for You if you don’t scream that and you just drop it back you show a video that is pretty much homemade amateur Anybody can make that type of video but it shows that it’s a simple video and it doesn’t scream ad and makes people sort of Curious about what they’re looking and it also looks very native to Facebook It looks like a Facebook post people go on Facebook not to buy stuff. They don’t go on Facebook to check out ads They go on Facebook to actually look at their friends post to look at baby pictures, maybe from their cousin or from their friend Whatever it is, they go to see humans and they go to see real videos So that’s what you want to create with your ads as well as using the augmented reality effect so augmented reality is essentially a type of ad that is being rolled out in a couple of months and essentially letting you Use the product or use the product right look as if you were using the product you can actually use this effect Without having to use that feature from Facebook. So for example if we look at this ad What do you feel when you look at this and let’s look at this on mobile as well? Because let’s actually look at this on mobile and see how this looks on mobile. So let’s go into a whoops Let’s go back and you can use this little application. It’s called mobile emulator or Mobile phone emulator or something like that? And you can use it and it shows you how people look at this when they’re on mobile so for example This is an iPhone 6 A lot of people have iPhones we can essentially check how it looks it covers the entire page first of all Which is great horizontal video like this one for time. I’m going to say in the next one. It’s a horizontal. That’s a Vertical video sorry vertical video it covers the entire page like that. So it covers your whole feed You’re not seeing a picture of the baby down there. You’re not seeing a picture of your cousin of your uncle. Whatever You’re only seeing the whole ad when you scroll through it So that also helps try to not make any ads or Sanko try to make them all vertical that it covers the entire thing We’ve been testing at like this one just a whole vertical Video and it’s crushing and defeating everything else because it covers the whole picture of your feet. So let’s look at it How do you feel when you’re looking at this app? For example, it looks as if you are using the product look at that, let’s see how you feel with the app And then they put it it looks as if you are using the product that is animal mental reality effect where it looks as if You are the person using the product you are the hand you are moving The product makes you feel as if you’re using it and that is key right there that is called the augmented reality Effect where it feels like you are there you are using that product right now and you can feel yourself Doing that you can feel yourself pulling putting it in the batter putting it out and then putting the crane putting it in the batter putting it out in the cramp and it feels as if You are using the product yourself. That is our mental reality And that is one thing that we’re testing a lot on our ads and I’m highly recommending It to anybody is to use that type of video or that vertical as it Looks like the whole page is covered by the ad as well as it looks like you’re using the product this sound really really viral adds a lot of them are created it feels as if you’re The one using the product in the moment not hey you need this you go go, you know buy this because you need that It’s feel as if you’re using our product and then on the top It says the best invention to make pancakes and crepes. Although the the copy is very short because the video is so good They don’t really need a better ad copy than that video and then at the bottom it says automatic portable crap maker It’s just a simple headline like that I always tell people in the headline always just put the name of the product when people see that Oh, that’s what the product is automatic portable crap maker. Perfect and in the video It makes her feel in that way as well as testing multiple hooks instead of the whole marketing angle multiple hooks means the beginning of the video So for example what he does the the a figure guy what they do is they test the first 3 Seconds to 5 seconds of the video. That’s all they change. They might have like 9 ads for the same product and they’re all just variations of the first three seconds in the first three seconds they might do that and they might pull it like taking it out or they might do another one where somebody’s Making the batter and then put it on the crap maker They might just change variations off of the first three seconds, which I highly recommend That is the hook most of the time when people watch on Facebook They’re not looking to read they’re looking to see and watch videos or watch pictures watch videos So when they see the video and the first three seconds captures them, that’s it. They’re captured into the video That’s all they need for that So make sure to test multiple hooks and try to find the best one that works for you as well at the bottom Great is better than good never lets your ad die. So if you have one particular ad that it’s doing really really well It’s absolutely crushing it. It’s getting sales. The Ratana Aspen is very high. Never let that Push you back from creating and testing new after They’re always testing you a star only testing new Variations are always testing new hooks that they can try not only leaving it too. Good like oh, yeah this work spooked Let’s just drop it and no they actually test new variations. They don’t cuz that app will ultimately die Sometimes this ad has been running for three weeks maybe in a month. It saturates. They’re testing new ads testing Yoo-hoo tasting new variations that could work better. Then this one have a slightly better profit margin help get them better of sales so also when you go ahead and build the data and social proof this their strategy that we’re also Implementing if you have a little bit of budget you can test this as well if you’re very tight on budget that you can do My low budget strategy. I’m going to leave the video down in the description You can check the full low budget strategy this one in particular what they do is they run an engagement or reach campaign You know how to create engagement campaigns to a patek country So if you want to know what Annie Paquette country is All you have to do is literally search it on google and you will find a list to it It’s called a better lemonade stand /e packet and – shipping and you will find a list of all a packet countries Right here. I will also leave a link down below. You want the clean a packing list? There’s a lot of countries in there that we’ve tested That don’t actually buy anything online and we have any clean list if you want to go ahead and get that the link it’s in The description you don’t have to put your email you’d have to buy it. This is the clean list and then let’s go back So you run? 16 variations of at through that a packet audience so it might be Variations on the first hook on the first three seconds variations on the ad copy variations on the headline You want to make sure that you run sixteen it does take a lot of budget So if you don’t have a lot of budget to test they do we do you might want to change maybe one ad And test two variations may be the two ads and test four variations They test sixteen variations Then they take the four top variations and run them on a packet for conversions first into engagement They see which one is getting more traction, which one is getting link clicks the cheapest which one is actually getting Salus It might get the sale here and there from engagement and which one is getting the most engagement For the least amount of press also run those a packet countries for conversion with four core audiences What you want to do is take audiences that you know will like the product For example, let’s go back to that little example down We have the creme maker who would like this people interested in cooking people interested in pastries Well we can do for this to find four core audiences is who? Would buy this product and in this case What I will target is people interested in the Food Network people interested in Cooking Channel people are interested in celebrity chefs people interested in things that they can watch to learn how to cook because this is something for people that are Actively cooking on a daily basis, or they just want to make cooking more fun Maybe even parents to cook for their children You can target different audiences that are the core which you think okay This particular audience of let’s say a million to 3 million people. This is the audience that’s going to sell and get this product Definitely and then you’re gonna target you’re gonna make four of those and test the four top Variations from the 16 test with those four then you’re gonna take the top two variations and test on sixteen Audiences so they take 16 ads see which one performs the best to take the top 4 take them on four top Audiences then you take the best to ads that perform on those four audiences and you test them on 16 audiences Like I said, this does take a lot of budget so you can do it on a lower scale You can test two ads and then do for audiences and then those one pouch ad you can test it on two more audiences So basically doing it against your budget. Obviously, this is making a Skov iral and crazy So this is a strategy that they use to do that You can do it on a lower scale Depending on your budget if you want to learn low-budget testing again check that link in the description Retargeting with proven cold ads which is very very important What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take your one to two top ads from cold testing and then you’re gonna run them on three Days seven day and 30 day retargeting once you go through all of this process of testing on multiple audiences testing multiple ads You’re then gonna take those ads that are best performing the once to top apps that are crushing You’re gonna re target those people cuz think about let’s say you buy something from Facebook you buy a product Maybe you Boston shoes you probably Didn’t buy it on the first ad that you saw you probably bought another targeting you maybe even went through their email list went through The store like five times then saw you too bad then saw the face you got and then but on a retargeting face together So think about how you process campaigns like that when you’re seeing an ad and then you see it again And then you see it again you will have to see the ad multiple times and if your ad is performing on cold, it makes sense to just put it on retargeting because people are gonna see it again and they’re like Oh, I wanted to buy this boom and I buy it again We’ve done tests like that and they do perform very very well You don’t have to do a whole new retargeting ad you don’t have to test multiple Retargeting hats although we do that and a lot of people do that. We have retargeting ads. We have dynamic retargeting We have different creatives different hat coffee for retargeting. It makes sense to do that You don’t have to you can run the top one That’s why you will see the same ad again and again and again and again It’s because they’re running their top one for cold into that retargeting audience when you go into that cold one They’ll put that into the the retargeting as well So three days seven day and third for view content for apt Court and then for checkout as well as engagement so you also want to target people that engage with the ad but that imbibe that Viewed the video but didn’t buy and so on before we go on I do want to congratulate some 4life sent for life for being the winner of the past video It’s consulting call If you want to want to call for this video comment secrets subscribe hit that notification about that thumbs up for the second thing that you can do is run a you reach campaign on retargeting a lot of people have been asking me Hey, how do I run a reach campaign or should I test a reach campaign against conversion campaign? Well, the thing is you run a conversion campaign But you set it to reach so you’re not actually going to create like that reach awareness campaign That usually doesn’t work out and maybe even won’t spend at all or just won’t will spend on like terrible people You don’t really want to target what you want to do is actually create a conversion campaign So in this one, we have a conversion campaign It’s going to purchase and then we go to the bottom set of 10 euros per day in this case and one little hack that we’re doing now is When you’re targeting UK, make sure to separate northern. Ireland ireland We seem that separating north island usually works a bit better I don’t know why maybe it has to do something with the demographic in northern iowa or something But it is performing a little bit better. Make sure to test it yourself. That’s just what we’ve been testing So what you want to do is do all placements for retargeting You want to make sure that you hit everybody? Everywhere cuz your ad they already saw it on the news feed. Now. You want to hit them everywhere everywhere. They go. Boom We’re there in the audience network boom were there because it’s retargeting. It’s a hot audience. I’ve already saw your app Maybe even add it to cart on your shops, but they left now, we’re gonna hit them again We’re gonna go to the bottom optimization and delivery and optimization for ad delivery We’re gonna click on other options and then go daily unique reach will deliver your ads to people up to once a day you click that and then what you want to do is Bid very high for that so you want a bit about maybe 50 80 dollars even more than $100 for that because what you want to do is reach as many people as possible if you bent by conversions You’re only going to get people likely to buy online But what you want to do is reach everybody if they add it to card on your site You want to reach everybody the Add to Cart? If they link click you want to reach everybody that clicked not just people more likely or that Facebook claims are likely to buy you Actually want to reach everybody so you put that daily in a Creech You can also leave it as big control optional or you can bid really really high like 50 or $60 for that So everybody sees it and they see it at the top of their newsfeed as well So if you bid really high there They’ll see it at the top of the newsfeed all the time toddler newsfeed top of the newsfeed top of the newsfeed It’s bidding higher than everybody else before that reach and what that will do is for example You visit one of these websites the drop shipping sites And then you see the retargeting ad on the top always top of the news be top of the newsfeed This is how they achieve that Retargeting all placements daily in a breach in the bottom conversion campaign getting really high like a hundred bucks This is how they do that And if you were wondering how they do that does exactly how so let’s go back when you get 300 plus sales Testing you ass by retargeting you previous traffic and engagement on ass So what you want to do is when you have really really sought at sales and you have a big amount of ads of cards Pick them out a link cliffs like thousands of bling clicks at this point thousands of engagement hundreds of thousands views What you want to do is new ads Instead of testing them on cold test them on retargeting Test them on the people have already added to cart already checked out your website. Are you link clicked? Because those people are you your target audience Those are the people that you’re trying to sell your a dip the work of getting them to the website Test the ad that you’re planning to test on cold. That’s it on retargeting and if it doesn’t work on retargeting It’s very unlikely that it will work for cold a little hack that I recommend you do in order to get and test more ads So say you have four apps you want to test them on cold? But you already have one ads that’s crushing Test it on retargeting test it with the people that already engage with your ad that already clicked on the ass and you can test It that way as well now that you know all that What to do next start building viral ads and you can watch this video ten times if you want just looking through all the strategies And building your at like you should implementing these viral strategies Make sure to click that first thing in the description but your 42,000 per month stood in case study Comic superstar below subscribe to that notification belt and also hit that second link in the description to schedule your own call With me or my team to see if you’re the right for mentoring That’s it for this video If you want to learn how a store went from zero to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars per month in five months make sure to check the video right here 0 to 250,000 per month we cover way more in depth into this strategy. Make sure to click that video right now Put your right there Click that video right there common secrets hit subscribe hit that notification Like the video if you like that and I will see you in the next one

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